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Free preview of the new issue of Malt Advocate!

September 11th, 2009

2009-Q3-Cover jpgThe new issue of Malt Advocate is out. And guess what? We put it up on our website for you to look at.

I know it’s possible that some of you haven’t seen Malt Advocate before. Well, we’re  kind of proud of it. In fact, we think it’s the best whisky magazine out there. (It’s also the oldest–we are in our 19th year!)

Okay, so maybe we’re a little biased. We’ll let you decided for yourself. Here’s the link to our website.

Just click on the “free preview” banner. You’ll be able to page through a portion of the magazine without having do to anything. It will then prompt you for your email address. This will do two things:

  1. Allow you to see the rest of the magazine
  2. Send you an email alerting you when the next online issue is posted up, so you can look at that one too! How’s that for being generous?

Have a look. Enjoy! (Oh, and if you like what you see, you might even want to subscribe to the paper version…)

6 Responses to “Free preview of the new issue of Malt Advocate!”

  1. sam k says:

    Well, I’m intrigued! I’m wondering why you’d publish the entire issue without a subscription fee. What do you hope to accomplish in the bigger picture with this gesture? Seems pretty magnanimous, actually, since the printed version would seem to be a revenue generator.

    Sure looks good online, though!

  2. H.Diaz says:

    As a pioneering publication in this field, and nearly 50 issues under my belt, all nearby and as used a reference, there is no better way to spend your hard earned $18 a year! Do yourself a favor, put your feet up and come on in.

  3. John Hansell says:

    Thanks guys. We’re hoping that people will have a look, like what they see, and subscribe.

  4. H.Diaz says:

    John, really like the look and feel of the new issue, especially the cover. It’s not so super glossy and slick, if you know what I mean. It has a nice feel, a little rough texture to it. Nice job.

  5. John Hansell says:

    H. Diaz: Thanks. That was the plan. We’re not pretentious, and don’t want to come across that way with all the gloss…

  6. John Abbott says:

    How do you get your “free issue”?

    John Abbott

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