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New Buffalo Trace Experimenatal Whiskeys: “Double Barreled”

October 9th, 2009

I gave you a preview of these whiskeys here during my visit to the distillery back in September. The releases are now official. I was just sent this press release. I’ll post up my formal review shortly after I get my review samples.

Buffalo Trace releases new round
of Experimental Whiskeys

FRANKLIN COUNTY, KY— It’s time for the next round! After more than twenty years of experimentation, Buffalo Trace Distillery is rolling out more of their sought after Experimental Collection. The release explores what effect “double barreling” has on bourbon whiskey. In these two experiments the bourbon was aged in new, charred oak barrels and then removed after several years, only to fill more new, charred oak barrels.  The full flavor from each of these new barrels was extracted by the whiskey, creating a very powerful result.

Here are some of this experiment’s details:

1. 1993 Double Barreled: These barrels were filled April 4, 1993 and bottled September 15, 2009. Buffalo Trace Rye Bourbon Mash Bill #2 was used and the product entered the barrel at 125 proof. The bourbon was removed from its original barrel and re-barreled December 12, 2001. At 16 years and five months of age the finished product has a deep, rich flavor that fully expresses the oak character. The re-barreling has taken it far beyond its 16 years. It has a very strong, powerful finish.

2. 1997 Double Barreled: These barrels were filled November 18, 1997 and bottled September 16, 2009. Buffalo Trace Rye Bourbon Mash Bill #2 was used and the product entered the barrel at 125 proof. The bourbon was removed from its original barrel and re-barreled December 12, 2001. At 11 years and ten months of age the finished product has a complex barrel flavor. It possesses a deep caramel color making it pleasing to the eye as well as the palette. It has a very robust start and finishes smooth.

 “I really love the variety in these experimental releases,” commented Harlen Wheatley, master distiller. “The end product is so different from one release to the next. I look forward to the new information we garner from each round.”

There are more than 1,500 experimental barrels of whiskey now aging in the warehouses of Buffalo Trace. Each of the barrels has unique characteristics making it different from all others. Some examples of these experiments include unique mash bills, types of wood and barrel toasts.  In order to further increase the scope, flexibility and range of the experimental program an entire micro distillery, complete with cookers, fermenting tanks and a state of the art micro still has been constructed within the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

The Experimental Collection will be packaged in 375ml bottles. Each label will include all the pertinent information unique to that barrel of whiskey. These whiskies will be released in late October of 2009 and retail for approximately $46.35 each. Each experiment is rare and very limited. For more information on the Experimental Collection or the other products of Buffalo Trace Distillery, please contact Kris Comstock at

7 Responses to “New Buffalo Trace Experimenatal Whiskeys: “Double Barreled””

  1. Texas says:

    Once reason I am going more and more to bourbon as an everyday dram..$46 for such carefully crafted unique whiskies. Single Malt Scotch producers are going to price themselves out of business. At least I can still get Laphroaig 10 CS for about $48…for now.

    So is the 1993 Double Barrel a rye whiskey or does that just mean it is a bourbon with rye as the second grain instead of what?

  2. Texas says:

    oops, well maybe the pricing is a bit high..I see now that those are 375ml bottles. Well still not outrageous but a bit too high for me to justify for that small an amount.

  3. Kevin says:

    Texan – its a bourbon with Rye as the second grain… and yeah $46 is a little high, but if you can find them for that “inexpensive” pick them up… they are impossible to find (at least where I live). I’m lucky to have a few connections and have gotten bottles of the Rum release and the Fine/Course Grain release, and have enjoyed every sip I’ve taken…

  4. Louis says:

    Hi John,

    Has BT told you how they plan on applying the results on these experiements into the standard product line?


  5. Ed says:

    They are impossible to find – for the last batch – in PA – you could only buy them if you had a restaurant license, and even then they sold out within 48 hours. You can sometimes find them on ebay for over $100 a bottle. I called around the “Specialty Retailers” on the Malt Advocate web site and struck out – within a week of the last release. I don’t think anyone without connections is meant to taste this stuff.

  6. […] just older than the other (11-plus years versus 16-plus years). Full details on each bottling are here. I love these experiments! They push the extremes, open our eyes, and create […]

  7. Dan says:

    I feel pretty lucky now since I just picked up a 2 pack at my local store (Binny’s in Chicago – the one that was formerly Sam’s). They had 3 more 2-packs sitting on the shelf in a non-descript cardboard box. A little pricey at $130 for the pair… but at least available.

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