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Review: Benromach 10 year old

October 10th, 2009

Benromach 10 compressedBenromach, 10 year old, 43%, $50
The first 10 year old release containing whisky produced entirely by the new owners. I love the interplay here between the malt, sherry and smoke, with all getting a chance to shine. A rich vanilla-tinged malty foundation, deep caramel, rhum agricole, an array of lush fruit, dark chocolate, along with grassy/hay note, honeysuckle, subtle spice (cinnamon, anise) and lingering earthy smoke. A vast improvement from the “Origins” release last year. I would only make two changes to make this whisky even better (and elevate to 90+ status): a couple more years on oak, and bottling at 46% and not chill-filtered. Still, this one of the best efforts from this distillery. Well done!

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 88

9 Responses to “Review: Benromach 10 year old”

  1. Wow, John, you make this sound wonderful. I just tasted the Organic last week and thought it better than your low 70’s rating so I can’t wait to try this one. And this at a great price, too.

  2. Red_Arremer says:

    Can’t wait to taste this.

  3. John Hansell says:

    Red, Two-bit, it’s a treat, that’s for sure.

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  5. Martin says:

    I really liked the “Traditional”. Amazingly fresh, malty and with a good,long,peppery finish. If a 5,5 year-old could be this good i really was looking forward to a fully matured 10-12 yo. So, now it´s here. And even avilable at “Systembolaget”(where you by your whisky in Sweden) at a fair price.

  6. Gurm says:

    This is delightful. I’m really keen to try the Benromach 9yo Sherry as well. Your review is spot on, although I’d put this around 90 myself. But my tastes run less to more oak… really this was a fantastic find, and it’s LESS than $50 at my local scotchmonger!

  7. Mike says:

    The LCBO has brought this in to Ontario but the price is $75. Worth checking out or just save a few more bucks and go for Springbank Cask Strength for $99.95?

  8. reuben says:

    i bought this one in ontario for $75.00 aswell. i bought the 3-5 yr in alberta a year ago, and upon seeing this on the shelf at an LCBO i had to have it. as i was happy with the 3-5 yr. it was deffinetly worth the money, i’d be content paying a little over a hundred for this. i’ve also recently bought bowmore 15. although it is a horse of a completely different color, the benromach is up there with it for flavour in my books

  9. Christian says:

    Just returned from England with the 10 year old, bought as a present. This is a really refreshing whisky with a nice mellow peat after taste. A little milder than my Ardbeg favorite but a great whisky

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