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“Whiskey” show on the History Channel: Tomorrow!

November 13th, 2009

For those of you who still have not seen this very informative show, it is running again tomorrow, Saturday, November 14th, at 7 pm on the History Channel’s “Modern Marvels” series.

There are some great distillery tours and interviews, along with some interesting historical discussions about whiskey. And yes, I am peppered throughout the show as the “independent expert”.

Be sure to watch it (or DVR it) if you haven’t seen it yet. I pasted the summary paragraph on the show from the History Channel’s website below.

    Modern Marvels “Whiskey” :
Known to Irish monks as “water of life”, visit some of the world’s finest distilleries to see how each country brews this thousand-year old spirit. Jack Daniels tells the secret of charcoal filtering, Jim Beam shows its premium bourbons and the art of blending is revealed at Canadian Club Whiskey. Cross the Atlantic to get the real deal at Jameson’s Distillery in Midleton, Ireland and in Scotland discover what gives Glenlivet its character. Meet some of the people who are lucky enough to sample whiskey for a living. Cheers!

8 Responses to ““Whiskey” show on the History Channel: Tomorrow!”

  1. Sam S. says:

    I saw this a while back and it was very informative and enjoyable.

  2. Thanks, John. Everytime you’ve mentioned it, it’s fallen on a tasting night. We’ll have to record it this time.

    Over the flu?

  3. Sean says:

    Thanks for posting this John. Got the Tivo set to record it.

  4. Louis says:

    Hi John,

    I just watched the show yet again. Like an extension of Whiskyfest 🙂 My wife enjoyed it as well, bringing back a few memories from our vacation in Kentucky a couple of summers ago. Although I don’t have anything from the distilleries covered in-house, I managed with wee drams of Blantons and Balvenie 17 Sherry Oak.



  5. Louis says:

    PS to previous post. I looked up the DVD on In the blurb, they mention: ‘And in Scotland discover why smoldering peat gives Glenlivet its character’ ;-( AAAAARGH

  6. Whisky Party says:

    Just watched – that was great! Though 1 hour was far too short. They barely scratched the surface on so much – wood finishes, charring levels, peating and smokey whisky, Japanese and Indian malts. There’s a lot more to be explored.

    Got to ask – what whiskies are you drinking at breakfast? 😉

  7. Texas says:

    Cool show! My wife and I enjoyed it. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. John Hansell says:

    Louis, I corrected them on that, but they never changed it.

    For those of you who watched it, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It did go fast, though, didn’t it?

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