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Christie’s whisky auction results

November 16th, 2009

Christie’s “Fine Wines & Spirits” auction was this past Saturday here in NYC. There were some whiskies auctioned off, and here are the results.

Lot   Sold Price     Whisky
164  $21,600        Bowmore Trilogy
165  $2,640          Bowmore 1957
166  $2,880          Bowmore 1964, Fino Cask
169  $240              Benrinnes 1989, Glen Garioch 24 yr old
170 $600              Highland Park 24 & 34 yr old
171  $180              Ardbeg 12 yr (OMC bottling)
172  $240              Bruichladdich 1986
173  $240              Auchentoshan 37 yr old
174  $420              Springbank 37 yr old (Dun Bheagan)
175  $360              Tomintoul 40 yr old
176  $180              Compass Box Monster & Canto Cask 46
177  $84                Redbreast 15 yr old
192  $540              Knockando 1977
193  $600              Ladyburn 1973
195  $2,280          Mortlach 50 yr old
198  $1,800          Glenlivet 1943
201  $5,040         Macallan 1946
202  $5,760         Macallan Millenium 50 yr old
203  $13,200      Macallan 55 yr old, in Lalique

My initial impression is that some of the winning bids were higher than what I felt the whiskies were worth. For example, Park Avenue Liquor is selling the Knockando 1977 right now for $215. (Let’s not tell the high bidder, okay? No use ruining his/her day.)

Still, I would be happy to pay $84 for a bottle of Redbreast 15, given how good and rare it is.

Your thoughts?

19 Responses to “Christie’s whisky auction results”

  1. Chap says:

    Thanks for this. I thought about bidding, but it seemed so…rich people. On the other hand there were some bargains in there. I’m thinking maybe I should bid next year, but now it’s popular and the prices will only go up, eh?

  2. patrick says:

    The Knockando is a surprise for me, as well as the 12 YO Ardbeg OMC (quite high price), otherwise,the prices are within expected range compared to “European” prices. Of note, the Bowmore 1957 is roughly reaching its initial selling price.

  3. David S. says:

    I can’t explain the Knockando, but I would guess the Ardbeg reached the price it did based on the rarity of independently bottled Ardbegs in the US, and possibly because this was a rum-finished cask done for Park Avenue Liquors (NYC)some years ago. That may have increased the value in a NYC-based auction.

  4. Dutch says:

    wow, I really agree with your point on the Redbreast 15! I had forgotten about the auction 🙁 and really wanted to bid on it. (dang)

  5. Bill H. says:

    I think that’s the rum-finished Ardbeg for Park Ave. that Murray rated a 97 a few Bibles back (2006 I think). I keep meaning to look it up.

  6. Bill H. says:

    Also, couldn’t someone have bought the Bowmore Trilogy retail from Park Ave. for less than the lot went for? Aren’t/weren’t they around $6000 apiece?

  7. Josh Kolchins says:

    Some of those prices seem downright reasonable! I’ll bet the Bowmore ’64 is amazing. The Mac 55 isn’t surprising since the bottle is so friggin’ expensive, to say nothing of it’s contents. I’d be happy to pay $84 for Redbreast 15. The 12 is available at my local store, and it’s about $50, so that isn’t an unreasonable number for really good Irish Pure Pot Still…

  8. Iain Russell says:

    Can anyone tell me how much the 1963 Glenmorangie fetched?

  9. Luke says:

    Re Redbreast 15 Year Old: Rumour abounds in Dublin of a re-release in February this year – hopefully for sane money!

    As it’s still a rumour at this stage please apply the usual caveats.

  10. John Hansell says:

    Hello Iain,

    This was the list of whiskies that Christie’s gave me. Maybe it was in the Bonham’s Auction? I have a bottle of the 1963 Glenmorangie, so I am curious what it is worth.

    Luke, it would certainly be nice to see more Redbreast 15. I have been holding on to my current (and only) bottle of 15.

  11. cat says:

    I was curious so I looked it up — Bonhams auction (Edinburgh, tomorrow), lot 398:
    Glenmorangie-22 year old-1963
    Estimate: £250 – 300

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  13. Amit says:


    I believe that the Macallan Lalique was pretty reasonable, I know of someone who paid a lot more for that.

    How much do you think six bottles of Laphroaig 40 would be worth? Someone wants to buy them from me but I don’t know exactly what they’re worth.


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  15. Mendy Erez says:

    dear john i hate to argue with the expert but life is short so the 1977 knockando was a square bottle and i dont think park ave has it at any price i think most bottles sold below value like 50yr macallan millenium i think is worth 8000 to10000 but any way it was fun just like whiskey fest please say hello to amy for me thanx mendy

  16. Mendy Erez says:

    dear john i think bottles went for less than value lady burn 1973 was 700 yrs ago knockando 1977 square bottle is rare & pal does not have it at any price the macallan millenium 50 yr old i think is worth eight to ten thousand it was a learning experience i had fun just like i di at whiskey fest please say hello to amy for me and i look forward to seeing you at d.b.a. thanx mendy

  17. John Hansell says:

    Mendy, I assume that the 1977 Knockando at the auction was a bottle that Park Ave donated from one of their stash of 21 year old 1977 Knockando whiskies, which they recently got. I also had a bottle of this (but drank). I saw it at WhiskyFest New York and it was ROUND! 🙂 See you soon.

  18. john says:

    you should all have a look at bonhams edinburgh auction catalogue on line now at anyone can register and leave bids for any lot listed. Some rare and some not so rare at very reasonable cost, but alas no glen ord this time.

  19. auctioneer says:

    John, I would feel guilty as sin if I drank that LOL! How does one go about securing such an auction if you aren’t from the East Coast? We are in the midwest USA and would love to do a Whisky auction but it’s not that popular of a notion around here. Anyone from Chicago want to go in with me? LEt me know

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