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Help me pick which whisky to open Christmas Eve

December 18th, 2009

Every Christmas Eve, I open up a special bottle of whisky. It’s never an easy decision, but one that is always cherished–until the bottle is gone.

I’m having a difficult time deciding this year, so I thought I would enlist your help. I have narrowed it down to three, and I though we could have a little fun with it. I’m asking each one of you to vote for which one I should open. I’ll open the one that gets the most votes.

I gave careful consideration to the three whiskies that would make my “short list.” Like I said above, they need to be special. Plus, I wanted there to be a common thread to the whiskies.

With this in mind, I dug deep into the Hansell stash and picked three Gordon & Macphail “Connoisseurs Choice” whiskies. And all three were bottled more than 20 years ago, and all were bottled at 16 years of age. Now that’s special.

003Here are the details on each bottle, from left to right in the picture (all bottled at 40% abv):

Dallas Dhu, distilled 1971, 16 yr. old

Caol Ila, distilled 1972, 16 yr. old

Ledaig, distilled 1973, 16 yr. old



Some additional comments on these whiskies. First, Dallas Dhu has been closed since the mid ’80s, so that one is pretty rare. That Caol Ila might be from a sherry cask (not sure), and that doesn’t happen that often. And some of those old Ledaigs can be really peaty, smoky bruisers, which is also pretty cool.

002We go to my mother-in-law’s on Christmas Eve for dinner. When I return, I’ll tally up the votes and open up the whisky with the most votes. Then, I’ll toast to all of you, while admiring the lights on the Christmas tree and the presents underneath it.

So, which bottle should I open? And why?

93 Responses to “Help me pick which whisky to open Christmas Eve”

  1. Peter Benkoczki says:

    As the first voter, i would choose the Caol Ila. Islay is perfect for winter. 🙂

  2. brian mac gregor says:

    I have to agree with the caol ila, especially if it is coming from the sherry cask, i just had the gordon mac phail single barrel from coal ila last night and it was an amazing 12 year old.

  3. Brian says:

    Caol Ila gets my vote too.

  4. Matthew says:

    I think you should open all 3 and send samples out to all your loyal readers 😉

    No? Shame. I’d have to vote for the Ledaig then.

  5. I must be the first dissenter.

    Christmas Eve. Chilly outside, maybe snowy. Fireplace (if you have one). Go for the smoke everytime: Ledaig.

  6. G Llaguno says:

    I agree with all of you guys… Caol Illa will have my vote, it seems pretty special and it’s the perfect dram for winter (at least for me!).
    I think I’ll be joining John in his Islay savour, but with the commercial but yummy Caoil Ila 12Yo after dinner… but right before dinner a High Land Park

  7. David Staab says:

    You’ve got a full day of food and merriment…..go with the bold Ledaigs, it’ll put a snap back in your palate.
    enjoy your holidays,
    Dave Staab

  8. Kevin says:

    Caol Ila for me as well…

  9. Lance Hower says:

    That is a tough choice, If the Caol Ila is from a Sherry cask it would have my vote (Gotta love sherry and smoke). But I think I will cast a vote for the Dallas Dhu, First because I have never tried that distilllery and want to here what they are like. And second it look’s nice and dark (spicy maybe).
    But like I said tough choice.
    Enjoy, Lance

  10. Matt Chivian says:

    All great choices but I vote for Ledaig for the following reason:

    The current bottling is also 16 yr although bottled at 43% and it would be interesting to compare. Much has changed in the world from 1973 to now (global warming, pollution, etc.) and I wonder how the taste profile has been effected.

    Also i love the spicy, pepperiness of Ledaig.

    Have a great holiday!

  11. Amit says:

    Caol Ila would be my choice too John, especially if it’s from a sherry cask. May I recommend the Cain Habano 6 X 60 (with the white band) to go with it. It is a very strong but very enjoyable cigar.

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Paul says:

    I’d have to go with the Caol Ila as well. However, I would not turn away from any of them!

    Happy Holidays!

  13. Todd says:

    John I think your choices are win-win-win, but I’d go with the Dallas Dhu, which often have a chocolaty sweet character. I think of the bunch, the Dallas Dhu would be most consistent with the other flavors of the table. And Dallas Dhu is appropriate for toasting ghosts of Christmas-past as this distillery is no longer operating. It’s a tough call though, the Caol Ila is intriguing. The Caol Ila in fact is also from a long gone Bulloch Lade distillery. 1972 was the last year of distillation, then it was completely demolished. Production in the re-built distillery did not resume until 1974 under the stewardship of Evan Cattanach, one of the grand old gentlemen of Diageo.

    PS. Interesting historical note: the temporary shut down of Caol Ila was a factor leading to the production starting in 1972 of the legendary highly peated Brora SMSWs which are now prized. This was necessary because of the need for peated components in popular blends.

  14. Rick Duff says:

    Dallas Dhu unless you’re having smoked turkey for dinner (or a cigar.)

  15. ioeverga says:

    Difficult choice, a Dallas Dhu (a malt of heavenly proportions with tons of fruit and a spicy complexity), a caol ila from the old distillery (which may also be from a sherry cask) or a Ledaig from the legendary 1973-year.

    I would guess that all three may be exceptional, but that the Ledaig migth be a bit better. The caol ila may be all over the place, but the Dallas Dhu is the safe bet (as one said, it is probably the most consistent).

    My choice would the Ledaig, never been too fond of Caol Ila – and I´ve had a few CI.

  16. Tough choise, I wouldn’t be able to contain myself and would have gone for all three at one time or another. I would be cuorious of the sherried Caol Isla, but would have ended with the peaty smoky one I don’t know from before at all.
    The Ledaig. Reason: unknown distillery and peat and smoke

  17. Ingo (WhiskySponge) says:

    Such an old ConnChoice brown label is (almost) always a good choice. Almost because I once tasted one or two samples that tasted dull. But that shouldnt be the problem with these three fine examples!
    Good choice, John.
    I would prefer the Ledaig for it should be the most complex of the three. With a slight hint of iodine, like some of the old Ardbegs coming from that period had? Please, tell me if I was right in the end.
    Dont forget to open the Caol Ila next Xmas… The Dallas dhu alas, I consider a bit risky – can be a real treat, or not!
    Wish You a merry christmas,
    and happy dramming…
    greetings, Ingo from Berlin

  18. BigMac says:

    I’d have to go with the Ledaig
    reason: Seems like 72-74 were fantastic years at Tobermory, only had a couple from those years, but they have been fantastic drams. This one, being 16yo, should also have more destillery character left in it, than some of it’s older brothers – quite interesting IMO…and again it’s the odd choice among these 3 – and I like that 🙂

    Dram on, Claus – Denmark

  19. Jimi says:

    I’ll vote for the Ledaig, but it would be truly special to open all three now.

  20. JC Skinner says:

    I’d like to see you open the Dallas Dhu, since I have an Old Malt Cask from the same year but not bottled until 36 yo, and I’d love to compare my notes on it to your notes on its earlier bottled brother.
    Personally, it’ll be some of the 2008 single cask Midleton for me too, and if I’ve been a good boy, Santa (or my father on this occasion, as on all of them!) may graciously extend me a dram of his Old Comber.
    After that, no point in wasting the great stuff, so we’ll drop back to the merely good – Locke’s Grand Crew of course, Black Bush, and some goji-berry infused Antrim poitin.

  21. bozzy says:

    caol ila for me…

  22. sam k says:

    I think it may be time to give Dallas its “Dhu.”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  23. John Hansell says:

    Todd, BigMac: good insight as to the history of the distilleries at that time.

    Sam: bad pun. You’ve been hanging around me too long!

    I’ll do a tally on Saturday morning and see where the scores are at that time.

    I am not sure if the Caol Ila is sherried–I think all those bottles were caramel colored. They look pretty much the same in color.

  24. Thomas says:

    Islay for the winter! Caol Ila!

  25. Luke says:

    I’ll join the crowd (who have excellent taste):

    Winter = Islay = Caol Ila

  26. nicolas vaughn says:

    The Dallas Dhu definitely! Looks like a sherry cask and you know the gordon macphail bottlings of dallas dhu are incredibly good(1981 and 82) Go with something really special!

  27. bgulien says:

    Sounds boring, but Caol Ila would be the winner for me.
    Save the Dallas for another special moment.
    Ledaig was never a favorite of mine, but obviously can’t comment on that particular bottle.
    Me, I have acquired a Bruichladdich Blacker Still, so I will slowly sip this bottle empty. Wonderful sherry.

  28. John Hopkins says:

    Caol Ila please.

  29. patrick says:

    All 3 whiskies are interesting and if you can’t decide opening the 3 bottles at the same time, I would be interested in knowing your appreciation of the Ledaig distilled in its greatest year. A big suprise to end up this surprising year?

    Alternatively, throw a dice: 1-2: Dallas Dhu, 3-4: Caol Ila, 5-6 Ledaig.

  30. Scott says:

    Caol Ila ’72. I was born that year.

  31. maltakias says:

    Caol Ila,a sure winner

  32. Tim McCann says:


    Dallas Dhu. What time should I be over to help?

  33. Nancy says:

    Oh, that’s a hard one, but I think I would choose the Caol Ila, especially if there is a possibility it had rested in a sherry cask.
    CAVEAT: however, if it is snowy or cold on Christmas eve, then those smoky,peaty notes from the Ledaig should be savored instead!

  34. Holysinner says:

    I’d be most interested in hearing about the Dallas Dhu, so that gets my vote.

    Whichever you choose, I hope you enjoy the bottle and the holidays John!

  35. John Hansell says:

    Holysinner, thanks!

    And let me say to everyone: I wish you all lived nearby, because I would share this with you and we would empty the bottle.

  36. Mark says:


    The Dallas Dhu seems appropriate only if this particular Christmas Eve is especially important, because of its (increasing) rarity.

    My vote is conditional: Ledaig (robust peat) if you need to mellow out after getting home; Coal Ila (with sherry further softening its north coast subtlety) if you come home already mellow.

    I wouldn’t have made it conditional except that you’re considering the votes after getting back from dinner. Either way, happy holidays to you and yours!

  37. Mark says:

    Clarity: In the Ledaig case, there are times when we need a cathartic dram.

  38. John Hansell says:

    Patrick, I would have thrown a dice, but thankfully, I have you and the rest of the gang here. The whisky with the biggest vote gets it.

    Mark, yes, Dallas Dhu is becoming very rare and expensive. And try to find one this young. In this case, young might be a good thing.

  39. JWC says:

    Caol Ila – if it’s from a sherry cask. Otherwise, I’d go with the Dallas Dhu. Choices, choices, choices. I PITY you John 😉

  40. bookman says:

    Hello John, I haven’t raised my voice here before, I usually just listen, but in the spirit of the holidays I’d like to wish all here a Happy Holidays & A Merry New Year!, and cast my vote for the G&M Ledaig,

    The Dallas Dhu I’d save for the 4th of July, fruity and spicy malt to go with the fireworks. The Caol Ila (pre-1972-4), I’m hard pressed to find one that I can’t say something good about. (Its one of my top favorite distilleries as is the 72-3 Ledaigs, but (there’s always a “but” in there somewhere isn’t there.)) I’ve yet to have a 1972-3 Ledaig G&M bottling I haven’t Loved and would recommend whole-heartedly, and I do so here.

    P.S. my nom-de-plume “bookman”, before you ask to put a tenner down on a pony in the next race, let me say, I’m an accountant and my ”hobbies” are bookbinding and whisky, so I got saddled with the nickname long ago.

  41. Steffen Bräuner says:

    I vote for the Dallas Dhu

    This is probably screw capped whisky, I wish they become posh again


  42. Markus says:

    Hy John,
    Drink the Coal Ila
    Sell the Dallas Dhu

    and give me the Ledaig ! 🙂

    Have a nice christmas

  43. WolfgangU says:

    Hmmm…difficult choice. I’d go for the Ledaig. Reason? I like my wintry drams peaty and oily, that rules out Dallas Dhu (open that on Easter Sunday perhaps – as resurrection dram!). Caol Ila would fit perfectly, but Ledaig sounds more intriguing (only had a sample of the 10yo once at the distillery, so-so quality).
    As to your parents: tell them it’s medicine for your sinuses (like Laphroaig during Prohibition)!
    Blessed Christmas, Wolfgang

  44. Fabio says:

    Even if now I’ve got somewhat tired of peated whiskies, I’d open the Caol Ila: I remember one of the first single malt I savoured was a G&M Caol Ila (not the Connoisseur Choice, but a “white label with brown lettering” bottling), and I was really pleased with it, I still fondly remember that bottle!

  45. Ellie says:

    I had a taste of a Dallas Dhu once and I’ve stayed away since…though nice museum distillery. I haven’t had a lot of Ledaig, but I know I like it, but I have to go with Caol Ila! It always makes my day better.

  46. B.J. Reed says:

    Ledaig and then toast Michael, Derek and all the fine folks at G&M for aging and bottling such great whisky!

  47. Ronald says:

    I would like to vote for the Caol Ila.
    This is like a good Christmas whisky should taste.



  48. Caol Ila; at that age and possible sherry cask, that’s a treat!

  49. Jon W says:

    I vote for the Dallas Dhu for no other reason than I am most curious to read your impressions of it (not sure why that is).

  50. Ddavid says:

    Ledaig, woodstove and peat go hand in hand.

  51. John Hansell says:

    The tally so far (assuming I did my math correctly) is

    Caol Ila: 21
    Ledaig: 14
    Dallas Dhu: 11

    Caol Ila is out to an early lead, but there’s still plenty of time left.

  52. John, I’ve already voted so won’t double up, but I’m still awed that you have saved three 16 yos for 10 years (and many more than that I’m sure). Such restraint. I couldn’t do it. Merry Christmas.

  53. Red_Arremer says:

    Another vote for Ledaig, here.

    Something everyone’s saying, which I happen to know is true is that the new 15 year old was not so hot. Perhaps your notes on a venerable bottling from Tobermory will inspire us to give some of their recent Ledaig bottles a second chance. I’ve always believed in that distillery.

  54. Texas says:

    Never had Ledaig, but in reading up I’d have to go with it.

  55. Serge says:

    Hi John – I’d say the Ledaig, simply because it’s got the lowest level.
    Also because it’s an utterly brilliant bottling in my opinion and it would be a shame to let it go into the shoulder!

  56. Josh Kolchins says:


    The Caol Ila is perfect for a cold, winter night by the fire but my sentimental pick would be the Dallas Dhu. Tough choices, for sure! If you want me to come over and help you drink the winner (or the other two), just let me know!

    – Josh

  57. John Hansell says:

    Serge, I’m also concerned about the level of the Ledaig. And to be honest, one of the reasons I picked these three G&M CC whiskies was because of the declining level and low abv (40%).

    I don’t want to be one of those guys who dies and his whiskies end up at some auction with levels into the shoulder. I keep an eye on my whisky levels and open them up if I see them getting towards the shoulder. In fact, that’s why I opened and drank my bottle of Black Bowmore about a decade ago–the level was getting down towards the shoulder. I did the same recently with a 21 year old Springbank.

    Two-bit, I actually have had them for 20 years. It’s not as much restraint as it is the good fortune of having plenty to drink. (And not just whisky. I also love beer, wine, rum, armagnac, tequila, etc.) I don’t have too many of these old bottlings anymore because I use them a lot at the whisky tastings I host. (Todd @comment#13 can vouch for this.)

  58. brian bradley says:

    My vote is for the Caol Ila.

    I ordered every IB of CI under 10 years old from Binnys last week for my christmas drinking. I plan on popping one open each day from monday till i run out. It’s a little christmas present to “add joy” to my holiday.

    I am also making some Ardbeg Uigeadail chocolate walnut cookies tonight to try add a little something extra Christmas. If they are worth wile I will let ya know.

    Other than that, Seasons Greetings John, from Key West.


  59. John Hansell says:

    Key West? I’ll trade you. The whisky for Key West.

  60. brian bradley says:

    Well John we have a guest room, so it’s a deal. It’s 79 today, so bring the bottle and I will meet you at the airport.


  61. John Hansell says:

    Brian, next time you go to Key West, give me some advance notice. I have some very protective luggage, if you know what I mean. But for now, enjoy Key West. I will think of you tomorrow morning when I snow blow my 1200 foot driveway!

  62. brian bradley says:

    I live in Key West full time, all year round, and my door is always open.

    Anytime you would like to pop on down, just let me know


  63. John Hansell says:

    Key West full time? Very nice! Thanks Brian. Hopefully, some day.

  64. Tim D says:

    I’m voting Caol Ila.

    The others are enticing, to say the least, but at worst indy bottlings of CI are really good – at best, they’re MAGICAL.

    @ Brian Bradley – happily I’ve picked up a number of those young CI’s myself, and the Binny’s selected ~6 year old is among the finest drams I’ve savored. I kid you not… Amazing stuff those zippy young Caol Ilas.

    Merry Christmas to John and all!

  65. Marc says:

    Wow, I don’t think any post I’ve seen on WDJK has received this many responses! We are all no doubt living vicariously through you John! And as such I must vote for Dallas Dhu. Although all three bottles are incredibly rare, CI is avialable in many different forms, but Dallas Dhu is hard to come by and I’d like to know your thoughts on it. Either way, enjoy!

  66. John Hansell says:

    Marc, actually it’s #5 on the all-time comment list. But, with three more comments, it will be #3, behind my last post (“What are you drinking over the holidays,” with 79 comments at this moment) and the infamous Diageo Manager’s Choice post with a whopping 175 comments! I don’t think we’ll ever beat that one!

    And if there was a way for me to share the bottle with all of you, I would.

  67. paolo says:

    uhm, nice bottles, all worth! 😉
    But If I were you I would try or Ledaig or Caol ila and thinking about 1972 Caol il, that one is pre-closing(caol ila shut down durin1972-1974 for refurbishment)so is very rare to taste such a caol ila.
    Neck level look good so also the phenols should be there 🙂
    My vote is for Caol ila!

  68. patrick s says:

    my vote is Ledaig.

    but I’m fairly new to whisky so maybe mine can be a half-vote or something. enjoy!

  69. Red_Arremer says:

    Patrick– Half a vote because you’re new to whisky? Modesty can be a good thing, but on the other hand… If votes were weighted according to whisky-experience, Serge could just tell John what to have 🙂

  70. nicolas vaughn says:

    Can I vote twice? Dallas Dhu!

  71. John Hansell says:

    Patrick, your vote is is worth as much as anyone else’s here. Thanks for voting!

  72. Neil Fusillo says:

    My vote is soundly for the Caol Ila. While the Ledaig might be nice, I think the Caol Ila will be lovely on a wintry evening to ring in Christmas.

    And seeing as how I was born in 1972, I declare that only good things can come from that year. 😉

  73. BourbonBreath says:


  74. John, you should most definitely go for the Ledaig – it’s Christmas, it’s cold and you needs to spice things up with one of Scotland’s rare beauties.

    To be honest, all three are beauties but this one adds a little extra Christmas cheer with those additional notes which are so compatible for this time of the year. But you must share it, after all is Christmas not a time for giving? So sip and savour every drop.

    And to John, his team here and everyone who reads and posts a comment, have a fantastic Christmas and an even better New Year.

  75. John Hansell says:

    Richard, I will open the bottle with Amy, but then I will be bringing the whisky with me to several parties over the holidays, beginning with Christmas.

    Truly, the only way to really enjoy a special whisky is with like-minded friends. Thanks for posting, and Merry Christmas to you too!

  76. John Hansell says:

    The Tally, as of Monday Morning:

    Caol Ila: 25
    Ledaig: 20
    Dallas Dhu: 13

    It looks like it’s between the Caol Ila and the Ledaig. I’ll be happy to drink either of them. We’ve still got three more days to go, so we aren’t done yet.

  77. B.J. Reed says:

    For those wanting a little more description of Legaig – This is from Royal Mile Whisky website:

    The only whisky distillery on the island of Mull and one of the few Island malts, Tobermory, or Ledaig as it was once known is found in the village of the same name. Owned by Burn Stewart now, Tobermory, like other distilleries, has had a tough past, with extended periods of closure and financial difficulties. The most remarkable whisky produced here has been certain casks of Ledaig from the early 1970’s which are now like gold dust. Today, the distillery switches between producing the lightly peated Tobermory and the more stiffly peated Ledaig.

  78. John Hansell says:

    Gold dust indeed, BJ. I dug a bunch of whiskies out of my collection for a tasting in Philly a few years back and one of the whiskies I chose was a 1974 vintage, 20 year old Ledaig (OB) and it was stunning.

    I don’t want to be one of those guys who dies with a bunch of whiskies still unopened, so I use them at the whisky tastings I conduct. I am happy to share them with others. But, I must admit, it was tough letting that one go. I still miss it.

  79. MrTH says:

    If it was for myself, I’d say DD. But that looks like a lost cause, and Serge’s logic is hard to refute; so Ledaig it is.

  80. Brian Bradley says:

    @ Tim D – Tim I totally Agree. That Binny’s CI-6 was one of the best drams I have ever had myself. The fun factor of such a hot and smokey dram was off the chart. I bought a case of the stuff but It’s getting too low for comfort-I shall cry when its gone.

    The massive punch and incredible nose on that beast made me realize that my passion in scotch lies in the younger vibrant drams.

  81. Louis says:

    Hi John,

    Way back in 1998, I got a great raise, and decided to splurge on a couple of more espensive bottles than I was used to. D&M Liquors (in SF) had a early 70’s Ledaig in their catalog (those were the days), but it was sold out when I called to order. The tasting notes were similar to what has been described here. So I vote for the Ledaig, one of the drams I never got to ry.



  82. Tim D says:

    @ Brian Bradley: my friends and I collectively picked up a about a case, and I have 1.5 left in my house. I had a LARGE helping this evening, in fact – with only a small splash of water to “attempt” to tame it. WOW. I, too, will cry when it’s gone.

    This expression firmly cemented the fact that older isn’t always better (at least to me) and has opened my eyes to many younger and NAS bottlings I might have otherwise missed. Makes my wife happy, too, because they don’t cost nearly as much!

    Don’t get me wrong – I’d still give an appendage or two to share that ’72 CI with John, however…

  83. Monique at the Dell says:

    I’m in for the Ledaig as well. You’ll still get that mild smoke that they weather is calling for, plus it’s robust and spicy enough to stand up to food. Or so I hope, have never actually tried this one! It’s also got the lowest fill, it’s just begging for it.
    Happy Holidays all!

  84. Hi John

    Well you are spolit for choice here, but as they say, variety is the spice of life.

    These whiskies all spent their 16 years quietly maturing in the finest of sherry casks. Each will display an exciting and complex variety of flavours and aromas which, whoever you decide to share any of these beauties with, is sure to enjoy. From the elegant sweetness of Speyside to the smokey fruitiness of Islay and floral spicyness of Mull…….

    If I was voting for me it would be Dallas Dhu, voting for myself it would be Caol Ila and for voting I it would be Ledaig! I know that doesn’t help (and no doubt disqualify any vote I have) so I’d plump for Dallas Dhu, a great Speysider alas slient now. That doesn’t mean you have to be silent about it – please tell everyone about it if that is the one untimetly chosen.

    To you John, Amy and everyone else at Malt Advocate and all you participants in this blog and readers of Malt Advocate may I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


    (now where is that repeat button to press and increase the number of comments to 176!)

    • John Hansell says:

      Thank you Michael. Two things are for certain:

      1) Whichever whisky wins, I am sure it will taste great.

      2) I WILL drink all three–with friends. Eventually.

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too, Michael.

  85. EMalt says:

    I vote: Ledaig

  86. John Hansell says:

    Well, one day to go and the voting is very close:

    Caol Ila: 25

    Ledaig: 24

    Dallas Dhu: 13


  87. Paul M says:

    I vote for the Ledaig for two reasons: 1) you seem a little unsure if it’s one of those old peaty ones, and you should have a Christmas surprise and 2) if it’s a tie with the Caol Ila then you’d have to have both!

    Either way, have a safe, Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year!

  88. Paul M says:

    If you end up opening up both, then you should go for the trifecta and open the Dallas Dhu, too!

  89. Rene Looper says:

    It has to be Dallas Dhu for me as Speyside whisky lover. Used to live close to the distillery and have toured their visitor centre many times.

    If you decide to go for the Dallas Dhu make sure you take a picture of it on Christmas Eve and post it to the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival FB page to have a chance to win a bottle of the unique Spirit of Speyside Festival whisky.

    Merry Christmas from a white Inverness, Scotland!

  90. John Hansell says:

    See my new post for the winner here

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