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Where are you?

December 20th, 2009

Keeping things on the lighter side right before Christmas–and keeping in the social theme of the holidays–I thought it might be nice to know where we’re all from so we can get to know each other a little better.

 If you have a moment, let us know where you live. Tell us what you’re currently drinking, what the weather’s like, or anything else you feel like saying.

I’ll start. I’m living in Emmaus, PA. It’s a small publishing town near Allentown, about one hour north of Philadelphia.

I just spent two hours snow-blowing the 8 inches of snow off my 1,200 foot driveway (seemingly uphill in both directions!), so I am very thirsty. Beer first, then maybe a whisky later.

Oh, one more thing:  I’m glad you’re here!

143 Responses to “Where are you?”

  1. Armin says:

    Alright then, I’ll join in. While I blog about Islay I don’t actually live there (but hopefully one day…). Instead I currently live in a nice place called Aldermaston Wharf at the Kennet and Avon Canal in southern England. London is about an hour east from here, but I work in Reading, only about 20min from here.

    Unusually for us we’re actually having a winter here at the moment, cold and even some snow. People who are used to it would laugh about it, but here even 2 inches of snow do create a few problems.

    Late afternoon is rapidly approaching (it’s almost dark now as I type this), so I’ll soon have another cup of tea. Probably a Laphroaig later this evening then.

  2. Josh Hatton (@yossiyitzak) says:

    Cool idea, John!!

    I live in Guilford, CT – about 15 minutes from New Haven (home of Yale, birthplace of the hambuger, birthplace of pizza in the US). I’m on my 2nd day of having the flu. Thank G-d our neigbor has a snowblower because we just got 16″ of snow and in no condition to shovel.

    When I feel better, think I’ll go for some Glenmo 18yr.



  3. lawschooldrunk says:

    I fluctuate between law school in the DC area and southern NY. I find I am frequently driving that corridor along the 95, 295 & NJTPK & GSPKY in jersey, and the 287 in NY. (I listen to whiskycast when I pass haddonfield, NJ!)

    The weather is on average 4 degrees warmer in the DC area than Southern NY. Sometimes it can be 12 degrees warmer! Funny, because DC received 13 inches of snow and I’m here in NY where we only received 6.5!

    John, the closest I get to you, I think, is where the 295 hits the 195 east of trenton.

    Check my signature (lawschooldrunk) on the whiskymag or whiskywhiskywhisky forums to see what I have open and, therefore, what I’m drinking.

  4. I live in Krommenie, The Netherlands. Its a ‘linoleum’ town of about 25000 people.

    Currently we are more or less snowed in, in the first real snow in years. Usually we don’t get more than wet sludge. Everything looks great!

    Drinking Karuizawa, after a couple of beers. I like a good build up!

    Good topic!

  5. Steffen Bräuner says:

    I live in Århus, Denmark, the country’s 2nd largest city after the capital Copenhagen. We are approx 300000 people here- Århus is on the east coast of Jutland and is a nice hilly area (we got the countrys highest point at around 170m 30kilometers from here)
    Also a bit unusual for us, we had snow before xmas and last night it was approaching -20 Celcius. I live in a small urban apartment so no snow-shoveling for me, but I get around the city on my bike so it’s not like the snow and cold is the most popular feature.
    I don’t think Århus is known for anything out in the big world, but it’s a good place to have whisky as a hobby. Quite a lot of people around here who I catagorize as whisky nerds, who aren’t collecters but drinkers so a lot of sample swapping, get-togethers, private and public whisky tastings going on


    PS todays december advent dram was the 15yr Tobermory @ 46.3%


  6. patrick s says:

    I live in WI but work in MN.

    Pretty nice weather today, sunny and in the 20’s.

    Recently drinking: Laphraoig 15, Caol Ila ‘unpeated’ 10, and I have a few Bruichladdichs open.

  7. WolfgangU says:

    Next one from across the big pond and first German speaker. Great idea, thanks!

    I’m from Austria and live with my wife in Arnsdorf, a small hamlet about 10 miles north of Salzburg and very close to the German border. This is the very place where Silent Night was composed in 1818.
    We just had my in-laws over for my wife’s birthday celebration (we are both in our early 50s).
    Right now I am having a Laphroaig Quarter Cask (nice and mellow). Later I might end the day with a Lagavulin 12 yo SR 2008 while watching the last part of Band of Brothers (where Easy Company ends up in Berchtesgaden, very close to my home).

    The weather today was cloudless but rather chilly. A thin blanket of snow is on the ground but there is enough powder in the mountains for a fair number of ski areas to be open. I am looking forward to go skiing myself soon.

    Prost/Cheers and good to be here!

  8. MrTH says:

    I am in Springfield, Massachusetts, home of basketball, the Springfield rifle, Indian motocycles [sic], and lots of other amazing stuff, but not the Simpsons (d’oh!). We got about three inches of fluffy powder last night–the storm just grazed us. The folks in ski country north of us must really hate these coastal storms–they got nothing. I’m just glad it all waited until I got home from NYC last night.

    My open bottles right now include a couple of Cadenheads, picked up in Edinburgh, a couple of SMWS bottles, and sundry odds and ends. I’m trying to empty a few so I can open a few. Contemplating opening this year’s hand-filled Aberlour for Christmas–I note the ones from two years past still have a few drams each in them, and should be polished off. It’s on my to-do list.

    Every time I pick up MA, I thank Pennsylvania for its weird alcohol laws, without which this would not exist.

  9. Scott says:

    I hail from Chicago IL and I work “In the Industry”. It’s snowy and cold here in Chicago, about 25F and it’s not going to get any better. I have spent 8 years in Germany (about 2 hours north of our friend Wolfgang from the above post).

    Currently I have just aquired a bottle of the Glenfiddich Distillery Edition which I plan on opening tonight. For Christmas and my birthday I think I’ll be hitting up my William L Weller 2009.



  10. paolo says:

    I’m in Rapallo near(Genoa)!
    (It’s 8 km far from Portofino so maybe someone knows it:) )At the moment I’m drinking :

    Ardbeg Corryvreckan,arygh nam baist,
    mortlach full proof sherry cask (wilson and morgan bottling), blasda…

    well Merry Christmas!

  11. I live in Oberschleissheim which is situated just at the northern border of Munich. It was awfully cold last night (-16°C) but we will see a snow front coming that will bring the temperatures up above freezing.

    I am just enjoying a simple Kilbeggan from Ireland which I find amazingly good for its cheap price

  12. bozzy says:


    I live in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, NY… I started with my two weeks off yesterday and spent today morning shoveling snow, cleaning my house and preparing breakfast for myself.

    Sun is shining beautifully right now and I am sipping my lapsang souchong tea and thinking of having an Ardbeg night after I got back home from a dinner with my girlfriend’s family.

    Happy Holidays everybody..! 🙂

  13. Scott Mansfield says:

    Hell from the bayside suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. We’ve had a spot of rain, but its still been very dry and the garden is suffering. The sun’s about to come up (another nappy {diaper} changed) and we’re also in the twenties, centigrade that is.

    I’ve been enjoying an independent bottling of 11 y/o Springbank and have been impressed with Bruichladdich 2001. Stumbled upon Lark LD76 when we were down in Tasmania. Getting quite excited about the quality of our homegrown drams. Think I’ll have one by the pool on Christmas morning. 😉

  14. Michael Dietsch, in Providence, RI. I have a cocktail blog that should be linked to my name. Also digging us out of heavy snow. I just had a bloody mary with brunch. Later, we’ll probably have a little scotch because this seems like great weather for it, but I don’t know which one yet.

  15. MrTH says:

    Scott Mansfield says:
    Hell from the bayside suburbs of Brisbane, Australia…we’re also in the twenties, centigrade that is.
    Yeah, that sure sounds like hell!

  16. bgulien says:

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    Right now, it’s snowing and its about 8 in the evening.
    About to watch a new Mythbusters episode while indulging in a Glenmorangie Astar. It’s on it’s last legs, so I wille put it out of it’s misery tonight.

  17. bgulien says:

    John, 1200ft driveway? That’s 400 meters.
    You have a gas-station on that driveway, in case you run out of petrol?

  18. Thomas W says:

    Another Austrian says hi!

    I live in Linz, which is the third largest city in Austria, which, by American standards means it’s more of a large village… but a pretty one!

    Also very cold here, I checked the temperature several times during the day, and minus 12 degrees Celsius was the warmest the mercury column could offer.

    Warm greetings to everyone, though!

  19. brian mac gregor says:

    I live in san francisco and am the bar manager of a fine dinning establishment. I have made it my focus and passion to carry as many independent bottelings as possible. I think the murray mc david line is amazing as well as malt trust. I have to admit the most amazing “young” whiskey that I have had of late is the Coal Ila distillers edition. on the flip side of that my favorite “old whiskey” is the Coal Ila by black adder. Only one bar in town has it and they only have one bottle. It will be a sad day when that bottle goes empty.

    the weather here is mild as usual.

  20. Rick Duff says:

    I live in Columbus, Ohio USA.
    We are bordered by (going east to south to west to north): Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, and Ontario Canada (Lake Erie).
    My family immigrated here from Canada, and from around Speyside Scotland before that. I am a relative of the Duff who named Dufftown in Speyside. Our common grandfather had a farm just a short distance from the Mortlach distillery.

    It’s cold here.. around freezing.. but very little snow. Just after lunch.. so beer is likely my next drink.. then to whisky after dinner.. and a nice red wine with dinner.

  21. Paul says:

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Have finished digging our townhouse out here in Alexandria, VA just outside of Washington, DC. 16+ inches of snow. Sun’s finally out but that will just mean sheets of ice later for everyone to spin out on.

    Have been sipping from a very nice bottle of Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23 year old Bourbon but thinking of having a nice glass of Jura Superstition or a Balvine Single Barrel 15 year old Scotch tonight.


  22. Sean says:

    I live in Phoenix, Arizona where it is a warm 73 out right now. Don’t have to worry about snow out here just the heat. I am not drinking yet, but I will probably start with some bourbon (GTS 07, 08, 09, and WT Rare Breed and Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2000 Barrel 40) after dinner.


  23. Gal says:

    My name is Gal, i live in Israel in a town called Kfar-Saba, 20 min. from Tel aviv.
    our winter is much warmer than US/Europe, and we get only rain here. “cold” nights are like 12 degrees now. i know, i know… it’s warmer than day time where u live. not much of a winter…
    i am a jew, so we dont realy get Xmas atmosphere here in the holy land.
    right now drinking Ardbeg, enjoying the “cold” weather, since in summer it is reallt hard drinking peated malts when temp is over 30 most of the time.

    Happy Xmas, and Josh – get better. sorry to hear u got the flu.

    Armin-keep up the amazing pics from Islay.

    @olikli and @mcdeffe, keep twitting.


  24. jburlowski says:

    Northern Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati and the Ohio River…. in bourbon country!

  25. Craig says:

    I live in Santa Cruz, CA, but am currently snowed in in my hometown, the DC area. I’ve been mainly drinking beer, but nothing too special until I’ve fully recovered from a cold (but I’ve got plenty of east coast treats stockpiled for then!). Whiskey-wise, my host has a bottle of Hudson Baby Bourbon that I’ve been dying to try a nip of.

  26. Mr Manhattan says:

    I live in the San Franciso Bay area—ascendant cocktail mecca of the west coast. I write a cocktail blog and am publishing a book about west coast bartenders along with recipes for 102 cocktails. (P.S. I’m also looking for bartending work, in case someone has a lead.)

    I love goods brown but especially rye. I am currently having an affair with the Van Winkle Family rye (don’t tell Thomas Handy). I’m forced to enjoy it while out at my local bar Flora as it just doesn’t seem to be available retail anywhere.

    Best to everyone on this list!


  27. G Llaguno says:

    Hello everyone, I live in Monterrey, MX (2hr drive from the border with TX). Guillermo is my name and right now the weather is very clear, no clouds but rather cold… 57.2F and at night 46.4F, this year winter is cold! last year the temp didn’t drop below 71. Right now I’m drinking a Laphroaig 10yo, and I’m about to open a Talisker 10yo to warm up this night. Oh, and I have also opened a Highland Park 12, so as many of you can imagine, I have a great task for myself in front of me! thank goodness my girl drink whisky too and I have a couple of friends that wont let me down with my task.
    I wish for all of you a Merry Xmas and a lot of successful projects for this new year

  28. BigMac says:

    Hi, I live in Aalborg, Denmark
    It’s a city of about 150.000 people in the northern part of the Jutland Peninsula – and about 75miles further north than Macdeffe in post no. 5 – needless to say we know each other and sometimes drink whisky together 🙂
    Aalborg is a bustling city with a good size University with many foreign students. Aalborg is also know for it’s excellent nightlife and the ‘Rebild Fest’ each year on the 4th of July – The only other place in the world celebrating 4th July.

    The weather here is currently -5c (23f) with about of snow still lying around from Tuesday…hopefully more to come – been a while since we’ve had a white Xmas.

    Right now I’m drinking a Bruichladdich 1988 18yo bottled by Berry Bros. – the old wine merchant from London. Another cracking bourbon matured ‘Laddie with loooaaads of malty notes, lots of vanillas and a light layer of spices and just that tiny bit of oak on the finish. An excellent dram!

    Merry Xmas to all 🙂

  29. Mark says:

    What an extraordinary set of folks!

    I live in Chicago, eight blocks south of Binny’s Ivanhoe Castle and about the same northeast of the former Sam’s that is now Binny’s Lincoln Park branch. So, Delilah’s is just up the street a few blocks. Jeez, I rarely think of it in those terms.

    I’m about to go to Laschet’s Inn for the Bears probable loss to the Ravens, made more endurable by excellent German beer, well-poured, and the company of friends.

    I concluded this morning that it’s time to open the bottle of Aberlour I poured from the sherry cask at the distillery a few years ago. Cask No. 1948, first fill; filled in July of ’92, aged 14 yrs, 58%

    So, that’s added to the holiday list.

  30. WHISKYhost says:

    Nice to see so many familiar names here.

    I’m originally from Ayr (across the Firth of Clyde from Arran) but I’ve lived in the US since 2001. I currently live in Pullman, WA (four hours east of Seattle) with my wife and son. It’s been grey and wet here all week although we normally have snow this time of year.

    I’m one of the editors of the WHISKYhost blog and am currently writing up a tasting of six Lagavulins. Might pour a little bit of the 2009 release 12 Year Old to get me to the end of the post!

    Merry Xmas to you, if that’s your thing. Happy Holidays and all the best for 2010, to all.

    Jason @ WHISKYhost

  31. Leorin says:

    Hi everyone!
    I live in Emden in the north of germany.
    It’s snowing and freezing cold outside, so it’s the perfect time to enjoy a good malt.
    Tonight I first drank a Laphroaig QC and now I have a SMWS Highland Park called “Orcadian Reverie” in by glas.
    Merry xmas and a happy 2010 to everyone!

  32. Texas says:

    Suburbs of Houston, halfway between Houston and Galveston (on the Gulf of Mexico). 64F today here, but back in the first week of December we had our earliest ever recorded snowfall.

  33. Texas says:

    ..oh yeah enjoying the Evan William SB 2000 version tonight. Found that if I add just a tad bit of cool water and let it sit a’s just amazing. With that change even better than the 1999.

  34. I’m from Oslo Norway, where we have a white Xmas this year.
    At the moment I’m drinking water cause yesterday I had to much beer and Caol Ila 12YO.

  35. WhiskyNotes says:

    Currently living in Madrid (for 2 years now) but moving back to my home country Belgium in a couple of weeks.

    The difference between those two countries is huge when it comes to whisky. Spain has a culture of blends with coca-cola and very limited supply of interesting malts. Belgium is a real paradise if you’re a whisky lover.

  36. Tanguy says:

    Originally from France and I migrated 40 years ago to Michigan. Fell in love with Buffalos(bisons) and Bourbon. I am mostly a bottle collector and have over 600 of them unopened and many are signed by Master Distillers. Love to search for rareties and limited editions. Today is cold with some snow. Perfect weather for an Old Rip Van Winkle 23y in crystal decanter and glasses! Basically I don’t drink much but enjoy watching my collectables as much as you would enjoy drinking them.

  37. Eric Falardeau says:

    Living in Montreal, Canada.

    Here it’s minus 20. Cold, but fun. Perfect for a Islay dram. Which I’ll do right now!

  38. Scott Adams says:

    Well John, I am in the great State of Vermont. Just outside Burlington in a the Town of Essex. Watching football with some Ten Penny beer and probably moving to Yamazaki whiskey in a little bit. I hope everyone has a great holiday season and keeps it between the ditches.

  39. sleepingwarrior says:

    Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland. Was snowing here as well today, for only the second time in 8 years, but melted already…
    Took a small sample bottle of Glen Scotia 1992 with me today when Christmas shopping in Glasgow with family; kids not impressed but the perfect winter warmer in between shops, rain, queues and train home. Also my son is getting me hipflask for Christmas now…
    Had a wheat beer when home and enjoying an IB single cask Springbank 1997 now; watching football.
    I know Malt Advocate is a US publication but sad to note that no one else from Scotland is above.

  40. Howdy all.

    Atlantic City, Wyoming. Elevation: 7,675′. Population: about 30. A.C. is an almost-abandoned, 1868 gold mining ghost town at the southeastern tip of the Wind River Range.

    Our high temperature for 2009 was 84 (F), and our low so far this month was -29 (F). We average 200-plus inches of snow a year, and moose up the wintertime population.

    The road to get here from the highway is three miles of dirt. A.C. offers three businesses: a mom ‘n’ pop cafe, a steak house that grills over an aspen fire, and our place–a bed & breakfast in one of the town’s old hotels. All three of us have liquor licenses.

    We hosted a Christmas party for a nearby town’s construction company last night so I was on the non-drinking side of the bar. Tonight it’ll be Ballechin #4.

    Thanks to all here for the education you offer, and happy holidays everywhere you are.

  41. mbradley says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I’m currently working and residing in New Haven, CT. I recently finished grad school in St. Louis, MO and am originally from Duluth, MN. I work in a research lab at Yale and have been enjoying East Coast living for a little less than a month. My whisky stash made the trip with me and my current special occasion drams include Lagavulin 16 year, George T. Stagg ’08 and ’09, and William Larue Weller ’09. Sometimes getting home from a long day at work is a special occasion.

    Tonight I’m enjoying some Old Weller Antique en route to a Jefferson’s Presidential Select finish to the evening.

    Happy Holidays, safe travels, and good health to you!

  42. brian bradley says:

    I live in Key West Florida. It’s the last island in a chain southwest of Florida, 90 miles away from Cuba. A population of 23,000 who seemly does not like scotch. Everything I drink is ordered from a local liquor store or from the internet.

    Tonight its a very chilly 69 degrees. We have started a cold snap that will last at least a few days.

  43. JWC says:

    Houston, TX. I had some port (LBV) earlier after dinner and will probably finish off my bottle of ER 17 2009 tonight. You’re right John, the ER 17 was “off” this year.

  44. JWC says:

    Tanguy, if you are a bottle collector and you don’t mind your bottles being open and empty, I think I can help you out! LOL

  45. sam k says:

    I’m writing from Bellefonte (say BELL-font) Pennsylvania, USA, directly in the middle of the state. Some have suggested a name change to “Dead Center, PA!”

    26 degrees F and about six inches of snow outside, which kept me on a tractor plowing for a few hours today in preparation for an outdoor New Year’s Eve party (featuring large fires) in two weeks. If any of you are interested in coming, let me know…seriously!

    I’m also the copy editor for Malt Advocate, a fact that I still find hard to grasp. Grew up in western PA near the Monongahela River and many silent rye distilleries. I’ve been a rye fan since the 70s, and even have a friend who makes rye moonshine!

    Tonight it’s some Wild Turkey Rare Breed as I contemplate how this blog has joined us with the passion of others from across the globe.

    May peace and health find their way to you in 2010,and may a glass of your favorite whiskey always be by your side.

    And hey, Scott Adams, that Ten Penny Ale is awesome stuff!

  46. Red_Arremer says:

    Live in Boston. It’s pretty cold out and windy now. Snowed about 8 inches today.

    Drinking with a friend right now. He’s washing some clothes in the machines in the basement of my apartment.

    We just had some Springbank 11 Madeira casked and now we’re having some Black Bottle 10.

    My girlfriend’s out with some of her friends.

  47. MrTH says:

    What a great thread…. Who knew there was an Atlantic City, Wyoming?

  48. Derek Stewart says:

    Enjoying your blog here in Burnaby, Canada (just east of Vancouver).

    It’s a rainy and windy night at about 9 Celsius ( 48 F). I’m working on a Laphroaig 10 year old to fend off the rain.

    Happy dramming to everyone around the world!

  49. Glenn says:

    Finger Lakes Region of NY (live in Middlesex; work in Rochester).

    The snow missed us for a change (went *south* of us!), but it’s cold.

    Also sipping a bit of 10 yr Laphroaig as we “speak” (not usually up for it, but sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered!).

  50. John Hansell says:

    A long day, and I’m finally checking in on all the comments here. Wow, how special to have such a great group of fellow whisky enthusiasts from around the globe participating here! Thank you!

    I was feeling a little Irish, so I am sipping a Tyrconnell 10 yr. old single malt finished in a sherry cask as I am typing.

    Mr. TH (#8), yes, it’s Pennsylvania’s crazy laws that started Malt Advocate, WhiskyFest, and (now) WDJK. I sort of turned lemons into Lemonade.

    Scott (#13), sean (#22) and Brian (#42): Jealous!! I’ve already seen enought snow, and winter doesn’t start officially until tomorrow.

    bgulien, (#17), no gas station on the driveway, but I make sure I fill up the tank in the snowblower before I go out.

    gal (#23) great to have you join us all the way from Isreal).

    Tanguy (#36)I think you will get many volunteers helping you drink the bottles.

    Eric (#37), brrr!!

  51. John Hansell says:

    Red, I love Black Bottle 10. still am savoring a bottle.

  52. JWC says:

    hey Texas, where’d you get the Evan Williams 2000SB? i’ve only seen the 2009 (w/flask) at Spec’s in DT Houston.

  53. Neil Fusillo says:

    I currently live in (well… just outside the city limits, technically) Atlanta, Georgia. The wife lives in Toronto, though, so I often find myself a man of two countries.

    No snow here. While we used to get a good, heavy snow once every five years or so, in the last two decades, it has snowed more than 1″ MAYBE once. And even then, it melted and vanished within a day. It’s a shame, really. I grew up in England, and we routinely had enough snow to build genuine snowmen (and, living on a farm in a rural area, the snow didn’t really all go to slush and become misery the way it does in an urban location).

    Since living in Atlanta, that’s one of the things I REALLY miss about the holiday season.

    Atlanta has never, not once in recorded history, had a white Christmas.

    I’m, at this moment, drinking a Longrow 14. It’s rather nice.

  54. John Hansell says:

    Neil, come up to PA. We have all the snow you want. And then some.

  55. lawschooldrunk says:

    Tattie (#47), I second that!

  56. Marc says:

    Greatings whisky appreciators and WDJK readers. I’m from Johannesburg, South Africa, population 5 million. Whisky industry is booming here with our WhiskyLive fest attracting 18,000 people. Our prices are quite good, but our selection is rather basic.

    Summer now so temp has been around low 30s. Drinking Glenfidddich 18yr.

    Great to be able to share our passion from all over the globe. Hope everyone has a wonderful festive season.

  57. Jeff H. says:

    I live in a Phoenix, AZ suburb. Like Sean (#22), I’m enjoying highs in the low 70s. I did get to experience a snow day last weekend, though…just a 2 hour drive, but when we get cold and wet, we head back down to the valley. 🙂

    Drinking Chivas 18, JW Blue, Balvenie FR 10 and Longmorn 16 tonight for a blog post on Chivas 18. I’m also fortunate to be able to easily trade samples with Sean.


  58. Rene Looper says:

    Great list! Message for all but especially for Rick Duff, who has ties with Dufftown, the 1000th anniversary of the battlle of Mortlach will be celebrated the first weekend of July 2010 which might be of interest to you. More info nearer the date on and

    Love your blog! Merry Christmas everyone!

  59. Leither says:

    I live and work in Leith, Edinburgh which one whisky critic rightly named as being the ‘cradle of blended whisky’. I have lived in Edinburgh for 20 years but I hail from SW Scotland (near to Bladnoch, my first whisky love).

    Currently at work, I work in tourism, but having a coffee break just now. My office looks out across Leith and Edinburgh from a high-rise block, and the city and landscape is currently a spectacular winter wonderland. Only a light dusting of snow here but a few miles inland and most areas of Scotland have had a good few inches of snow.

    Looks like its going to be a white Xmas, the first in many years. My festive whisky of choice tends to Aberlour A’bunadh and similar.

  60. Michael says:

    Hello, Aston, PA here. About 20 minutes south of Philadelphia. I was lucky enough to get to snow blow our driveway twice this weekend. We received about 24″ of snow.

    With that being said, on Saturday I enjoyed a Weyerbacher Heresy that has been aged for a year followed by some Evan Williams Single Barrel. Yesterday after clearing the snow, I enjoyed a couple of Troeg’s Mad Elf and some more Evan Williams.

  61. William Gaunce says:

    From the heart of Bourbon country! I am a tour guide at Woodford Reserve Distillery in Versailles, Kentucky. Want to wish you, John, and all here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Woodford Reserve Seasoned Oak Finish!!

  62. DeanSheen says:

    I reside in Cleveland, OH. At present I am in the UK and hoping to get my hands on some Amarut or Nikka from the barrel for holiday celebrations.

    I left all my beloved bourbon and Rye at home. Man I miss that stuff!

  63. Vince says:

    Hello Everyone. I am from NJ but moved to Owensboro, KY about two years ago. Owensboro is 2 hours west of Louisville and two hours north of Nashville.

    I am currently attempting to finish some bottles of bourbon so I can open more. Last night I had a PVW 15 year old, a Noahs Mill and a EW 2000 single barrel. Over the holidays I plan to open the WT Tradition, GTS 09 and WLW 09
    We do not have any snow here and it is in the low 40’s.

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  64. jazz lover says:

    Hello Everyone! My name is steve,I’m a
    big lover of Jazz and Scotch and have a
    very large collection of both.I also live
    halfway between Houston and Galveston TX.
    (on the gulf of Mexico).Lots of Springbank
    for me.Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe

  65. Jon W says:

    I’m currently living in Philadelphia, PA right in the midst of the land of weird alcohol laws. Ironically, given the vast majority of my whisky is purchased when travelling outside of PA, living in Philadelphia is a major reason why I have become a little more than a casual drinker. It was one of John’s tasting at Monk’s cafe that really opened my eyes to the intriguing world of Scotch.

    I do make fairly frequent trips to the Hartford area and try to meet up with the illustrious MrT when I’m there.

    What am I drinking? Lots of different stuff. At some point in the last month I decided I had too many closed bottles and went on a little opening spree. I make an effort to try as many different whiskies as possible, although looking back at what I’ve gone through over the past couple of years I have been very Ardbeg & Highland Park centric.

  66. B.J. Reed says:

    Sorry I am so late posting – Still recovering from Avatar in 3-D 🙂

    I live in Omaha, Nebraska(USA)with my Scotchwatch Friends here who tend to have a second home at the Dundee Dell.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  67. bgulien says:

    Hi B.J. Reed, are you per chance the Omaha DellRod from the IslayBlog?
    If so, nice to see you here!

  68. John Hansell says:

    Hey, I just wanted to interject here that my last three blog postings are #2,#3 and #4 with regards to the most comments. I don’t know if you’re all just extra chatty this holiday season or if it was my topic selection. Perhaps a little bit of both?

    Regardless, it’s nice to have you around.

  69. Hi all

    My name is Jean-Luc, I live in London, UK. It’s cold and sleety here right now, hoping for something a bit crisper over Christmas period.

    I’m really enjoying Glenfarclas 15 year old at the moment. Its not like anything else I’ve ever tasted, but its perfect for the festive period.

    I’m a website developer by day and I run a small whisky social network called which is a labour of love.

    Happy holidays.

  70. John: topic selection, to be sure.

    Jean-Luc: is terrific, too.

  71. Jimi says:

    Another whisk(e)y fan from the U.S. deep south. Originally born and raised in northern Indiana, so I know what the folks in snow country are going through. Today will probably be in the mid 60’s here. I live in a dry county, but have managed to amass a good collection of whisk(e)y. Mostly single malts, but I also like Bourbon and Irish, hence the (e). Hope everyone is enjoying the season.

  72. Texas says:

    Hey JWC,

    I bought the 2000 version at the Spec’s in Friendswood..corner of Bay Area Boulevard and FM 528 (NASA Road One). They had it alongside the 1999. I bought it last Friday.

  73. Texas says:

    JWC..I guess technically the store is in Webster, but anyway it’s the one on the west side of I-45 where Bay Area intersects 528.

  74. B.J. Reed says:


    Yep that’s me 🙂

    We have to connect – Will be in Islay around the 11th or 12th of March visiting all our friends – Your blog is terrific – Just don’t go on to it as often as a should.

  75. MrTH says:

    John, you asked us to talk about ourselves in this thread–the one thing we know more about, and are more pleased to talk about, than whisky!

    Nice to see a lot of old friends from other forums here (although some of the names are confusing!). And of course to meet new ones.

  76. Count me third for San Francisco. I live in the inner sunset, near Golden Gate Park, and just discovered on Saturday night that a dive bar near my house stocks Glenfarclas 12 and Royal Lochnagar. I’d love to know which fine dining establishment is Brian’s as I love me some Malt Trust.

    I’m currently enjoying Ardbeg’s Airigh Nam Beist as I find that the sweet gingerbread nose with the delicious peaty taste goes perfect with the cold weather (it might not snow in SF, but it does get cold…).

    I’ll raise a glass to everyone tonight.

  77. Sam S. says:

    In the 70’s again today, sorry guys.
    HP 18 when I get a chance.
    Happy Holidays everyone, whatever you celebrate.

  78. Dutch says:

    Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the 20’s here lately, so we are headed to Yuma for a couple months.
    Drinking EWSB 1999, and have packed for Yuma – Black Bush, Zeppelin Bend (from New Holland brewery) Buffalo Trace, more Evan Williams SB and Jameson 18yo. Hope to find a gem or two in Arizona.

  79. Steve says:

    I’m back home again in Atlanta, Georgia where, as noted by Neil, we have no snow. I was in east Tennessee and southeastern Kentucky visiting family this past weekend where I got my fill as there was enough snow to close Interstate 75 over Jellico Mountain at the Kentucky/Tennessee border.

    Saturday I was worried I might not get home in time to get to work this morning, so I decided to lay in some provisions just in case I needed to stay warm. Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel, Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10yo BIB, and Very Old Barton 6yo BIB.

    (Un)fortunately I was able to make it back home last night so I could be at work today with nary a bottle cracked open, but I now have something else to look forward to this weekend.


  80. Francesca says:

    Native New Yorker now living in sunny Los Angeles. We do an open house style celebration for our family and friends starting Christmas Eve until Christmas Night. I selected from my bar the following items for my friends and family to enjoy. Ardbeg Supernova, 1991 Glenlivet Triumph “Nadurra” 18 year old, Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 20 yr Bourbon, 1991 Jefferson’s Reserve Presidential Select 17 year Bourbon and George T. Stagg 141.8 proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon. For the red wine lovers 2006 Julia’s Vineyard Estate pinot Noir, Talley 2004 Rosemary Vineyard, and Tablas Creek Vineyard Esprit de Beaucastel 2005.

  81. I am at home in Mo i Rana, close to the Arctic Circle i Nothern part of Norway, and am having a nice, peaceful moment just doing nothing after a full day of Christmas preparation. Sit her together with my wife Eva, our daugther Elise, her Espen and theyr 1,5 years old son Adrian (in bed) – can it be better..?

    The weather if very nice: It will be a white Christmas, temp minus 8 degrees Celsius, star bright.

    And I have opened a bottle of Ardbeg Almost There… Ummmmmm – this is life 🙂

  82. Scott T says:

    Finger Lakes region of NY (Ithaca to be specific). Hoping to pour some of that tasty local McKenzie Rye while putting together a dollhouse before christmas gets here!

  83. JWC says:

    Texas, thanks for the response. That’s very interesting – the Spec’s in downtown Houston (their flagship) only has the 1999 (with flask) out and when I asked them when they would get the 2000 in, I got a “we don’t know response”. This was last week.

  84. jazz lover says:

    JWC Ask for Dan peters at the
    DT Specs,he will help you.

  85. J.D. says:

    I’m in Chicago, home of Delilah’s, Binny’s, and the spring Whiskyfest. Like my fellow Chicagoan Scott (upthread), I lived in Germany for several years, up in the Taunus Mountains near Frankfurt a.M.

    Originally, I come from Cincinnati, just across the river from bourbon country (and the Party Source!).

    And I’m spending Christmas in New Hampshire, where the state stores sell the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection for just $52 a bottle. Can’t wait!

  86. Brian says:

    Looks like I’m the only one from the great state of Iowa. I’m just a few miles north of Des Moines in the city of Ankeny. I’m still learning what I like, but right now my favorite is Talisker 10.

    Weather here is fantastic. 28F with 12 inches of snow on the ground, and more coming this week in time for Christmas.

    Happy Holidays!

  87. Texas says:

    JWC, yes I was a bit surprised as well to see it there as I did not see it in the DT Specs back a week earlier(we go therte on Saturdays to get hamburgers and look around!). I have noticed that my local Specs sometimes carries a different bottle than the DT store..e.g. it carries the Highland Park Lone Star Cask 1st edition, whereas the DT store only carries the 2nd edition.

    They had 4 bottles left of the 2000 on the shelf at the local store

  88. BFishback says:

    Annapolis, Md here. We have between 12 and 24in of snow and the area turned into one huge traffic jam. After an hour trip that normally takes 10 mins I had a dram of Ardbeg 10 yr old.

  89. JWC says:

    Texas and jazz lover, thanks for the info and responses. I’ve spent a mini-fortune at the DT Specs (mostly bourbon and port) the past 2 months. When I saw the 1999 EV SB w the flask out, I assumed that they were trying to clear their inventory. I’ll have to stop by this week or next since I have to work anyway. Everyone is saying the 2000 is noticeably better.

  90. OudErnest says:

    I live in New Haven CT which, as mentioned above, is the home of American Pizza, or as we call it her Apizza (“Ah-beets”) and also the hamburger. Modern Apizza is my favorite with Sally’s Apizza a close second. Make sure to try some when visiting the Elm City. Pretty cold and snowy here at the moment–we had about 18″ of snow this past weekend. Drinking a Yakima Twilight from Victory Brewing Company from your home state John. Delightful winter IPA. Will most likely have an Ardbeg Uggie before bed.

  91. RK says:

    Vancouver BC, Canada. Drinking the last of my Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Yr. Looking forward to the return of the Redbrest 15 yr. (soon?) and the 2010 Winter Olymics.

    Love the blog.

    Happy Holidays Everyone.

  92. Texas says:

    Hey JWC..

    If you like burgers and haven’t had one at the DT Spec’s Deli then you MUST get the triple cheese burger (3 meat).

  93. JWC says:

    Texas, I’ll definitely have to try that burger. I normally get my burgers when I have them in the DT area at Christian’s. Much appreciated.

  94. Willy says:

    I enjoy all of your comments from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. I feel bad for all of you people from the eastern states/provinces. Our weather is lovely; running in shorts and sitting by the fireplace at night with a wee dram. Tonight it’s an 8 yr old Laphroaig (Douglas Laing) Single Cask in a period porcelain flask. I read in todays Advocate issue about the grief whisky drinkers are experiencing (economy/dwindling whisky stocks, etc. John, you are obviously right, but clearly all is not lost. Enjoy the Ledaig (16) at Christmas. Thanks for your contribution to the whisky world.

  95. John Hansell says:

    Nice to see so many of you commenting here. I think we have a good chunk of the globe represented. Anyone else out there lurking care to introduce yourself?

  96. H.Diaz says:


    My name is Homero Diaz from Austin, TX. I have been imbibing and reading Malt Advocate magazine for nearly 10 years now. I never fail to re-subscribe.

    I currently have open Black Bottle 10y/o, Aberlour a’bunadh batch No.7, Talisker 18, Ardbeg Supernova and Old Forester.

    One day I hope to attend one of the three annual Whisky Fest’s. Or, maybe someday a Fest could find its way south, say Dallas or Houston. John, maybe you can consider taking your Fest on the road one year. For those of us who can’t seem to make it up north.


  97. Michael Shoshani says:

    I live in Chicago, home to famed Bourbonian Charles Cowdery.

    There is a middling amount of snow here, which I’m keeping at bay with my own vatting of three rye whiskeys – nearly equal proportions of Wild Turkey Rye and Sazerac (leaning toward more Turkey) with a smaller amount of Rittenhouse BIB.

    Not sure why, but I love rye whiskey in the snow, bourbon in the summer, and a good dram of Springbank or Balvenie when the weather is misty or foggy. I’m very weather-specific with my whisk(e)y!

    Great blog, Mr. Hansell. Thanks for not only keeping us informed but also inviting us to participate.

  98. John Hansell says:

    Michael, I wonder what you drink during hurricanes and Tornado warnings? George T. Stagg right out of the bottle? Or Laphroaig Cask Strength, perhaps?

    H Diaz, there just might be a WhiskyFest in Texas someday. Fingers crossed.

  99. Daron McKee says:

    Sippin some Lagavulin in the ‘burbs of Rochester, NY less than 10 minutes from the Great Lake Ontario. Love the Mag and blog and it has been a great asset on my adventures exploring whisky, albeit usually affordable whisky. Season Greetings to everyone out there! May you holiday be a Merry one!

  100. Texas says:

    When we evacuated due to Hurricane Ike, Glenfiddich and JWB was all I could get at the hotel. Since our house was spared any significant damage those will become part of my hurricane preparedness kit for good luck!

    H an Aggie it pains me to wish the t-sips good luck, but for Lone Star Pride, I will do that.

  101. Peter Benkoczki says:

    I live in Soltvadkert, Hungary. We have nice snow here at the moment, but it will melt till Christmas, sadly…

  102. PeteR says:

    I’m from a southern suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Love both drinking and brewing beer and typically keep 40-50 bottles of Scotch at home so I can have just the right dram. Last one to open was the 18YO Laphroaig last week. A very nice dram indeed.

    While we have had a couple of winter storms come through already in the fall, another is just starting to make its way through and we’re expected to get the most during Christmas eve and Christmas day.

    John, I really enjoy reading your blog and visit it during most of my lunch breaks.

    During a business trip to Allentown, PA a couple of years ago my hotel was next to a Diageo plant entrance. Do you know if they do distilling or brewing there or is it distribution?

  103. John Hansell says:

    PeteR, Boston Beer Co. bought the plant and now (happily) Sam Adams beers are being made there.

  104. John Hansell says:

    Great job, everyone, breaking the 100 comment barrier. That’s only been done once before.

  105. Matt says:

    I’m also from a Philadelphia suburb, West Chester, PA. Being relatively new to the whiskey scene do any of the other Philly suburbians have any recommended spots for drams or bottles? So far I found a couple places in Delaware that have OK selections (Kreston) and one in Maryland (State Line Liquors) any help would be great as PA Wine & Spirits isn’t quite cutting it.

  106. John Hansell says:

    Matt, up here in the Lehigh Valley, you will want to check out the Farmhouse, with probably 100 whiskies–many of the off the market now.

  107. WhiskyOClock says:

    Checking in from the suburbs north of Dallas Texas where it is currently overcast and 64F. Getting ready to cut out of work and head to S.W. Kansas for Christmas. Will be toting along a Laphroaig Quarter Cask to fight off the snow and ice we shall encounter.

  108. WhiskyOClock says:

    By the way John, I’ll be keeping an eye out for a Texaplex WhiskyFest!

  109. Whisky Party says:

    Brooklyn here and just opened a new bottle of Macallan 18 a couple days ago. Heading down to New Orleans for the holidays, so probably be switching over to whatever bourbons the in-laws have.

  110. Tim McCann says:

    Present and accounted for here in Greenville, RI; here on the ‘wrong side’ of the snow line about 15 NW of Providence. ‘Celebrated’ cleaning off 14″ of new powder on Sunday afternoon with a new bottle: Glenmorangie Nectar D’or.
    Hope the lights or sounds of Dorney Park don’t keep you up in the summer, John!

    A happy and healthy holiday to you and yours – Cheers!

  111. Kevin K says:

    Just opened a bottle of Parker’s Heritage 27 Year Bourbon tonight while visiting with family in snowy Delafield, Wisconsin. Also just found a bottle of the most recent William Larue Weller at a great local store. Left the big colection at home in the San Francisco Bay area.
    John, thanks for the great blog. I check in daily, but hold my comments as I work in the industry.
    Enjoy the holidays!

  112. @ # 107, WhiskyOClock:

    If you make it to Salina, check out Phil’s Liquor across from the mall. Nice selection; wonderful folks.

  113. Lew Bryson says:

    Hey! I’m in Langhorne, PA, in the far northern suburbs of Philly, about 75 minutes from the Malt Advocate offices…where I’m headed this morning. See you shortly, John!

  114. John Hansell says:

    Looking forward to it, Lew!

    Kevin K, Just because you’re in the industry, don’t let that stop you from commenting. Your imput is very important to us. (Don’t worry. We don’t bite. But we do bark a lot at times.)

    Tim McCann: No worries, I am far away enough from Dorney. I live up on “South Mountain” in the woods. Nothing but deer and turkey here.

  115. Monique at the Dell says:

    Good Morning all!
    What a great and fascinating idea… It’s so cool to be linked all over the world by something that we all love so much.
    I’m the GM of the Dundee Dell in Omaha. Omaha is also the home of Warren Buffett and the College World Series of Baseball.

    Freezing rain fell all night, but I “slipped” into work unharmed.

    We will be enjoying our Glenfarclas “Reverence” botting (thanks Filthy Boys!), on Christmas Eve.
    Can’t wait to see what we try at BJ’s annual potluck on Saturday night. This is the life!

  116. jazz lover says:

    Monique,I just read a nice article on your
    establishment.You inspired me to start my
    own “Wall of Whisky” around 900.I love
    your passion,well done.

  117. C.F. says:

    I’m a writer living at the Jersey shore. Hey John, I too spent hours on Sunday digging out from the blizzard.
    Don’t think this time of year rocks? I like to think of it as a two week excuse proviso to indulge in the fine and rare. Check out this list:
    Uigeadail, Corryvreckan, PC 6 + 7, Ben Riach 21 Yr. Authenticus, Bowmore 16, 17, 18, and 25, Balvenie 17 Yr. Islay, Madeira and 25, George Stagg, Thomas Handy Sazerac, and the Sazerac 18 Yr. Rye.
    Between that and walking the frigid beach, I shall be sleeping VERY well this coming fortnight.

  118. Tony Menechella says:

    Cheers everybody! This was an outstanding idea john!!

    I live in Frankfort, KY; originally from the Finger Lakes region in NY.

    The weather here is mild now, 30’s – 40’s with rain coming.

    I’ll be having Glenfarclas 1959 Family Cask for Christmas, and them maybe some Serendipity and Lagavulin when it gets cool.

    Cheers everybody, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  119. Kevin says:

    Another SF Bay Area guy here (and friend of Kevin K). Live about 40 miles east of one of the greatest whisk(e)y cities in the U.S. Headed another 40 miles east to visit the parents for Christmas. Have a great holiday everyone!

  120. B.J. Reed says:

    Oh, Serendipity is a good idea – I may have to break open my bottle sometime…What a great mistake that one was… 🙂

  121. Monique at the Dell says:

    Hey Steve (jazz lover)! I can only imagine what the jazz collection is like. The whisky certainly keeps us warmer!

  122. MrTH says:

    John Hansell says:
    Nothing but deer and turkey here.
    Wild turkey, one assumes….

  123. John Hansell says:

    CF, where at the Jersey Shore?

    Mr TH, Yes, Wild Turkey. You funny man, you…

    Tony, Frankfort, KY? You probably can walk to Buffalo Trace. And BTW, I have a Family Cask from my birthyear: 1960. Might open it up next year, on my 50th birthday.

  124. JWC says:

    Texas, since your recommendation,I tried the triple cheese burger at the Spec’s deli – TWICE =). It is GOOOOOD! I’m a life long UT fan – surprised that an Aggie would use a handle like “Texas” ;). Thanks for wishing the horns luck – we’re going to need it big time. Man I miss Vince Young. I was at Specs’ today picking up the WT Tradition when they told me that they had the BTAC Sazerac (2 bottles) so I got them. I’ll have to see if Hansell or Murray got it right with the Saz 😉 Hansell definitely nailed the review with the ER 17 (BIG disappointment). I regret buying 2 bottles of that.

  125. John Hansell says:

    JWC, don’t get me wrong. The newest release Saz 18 is a nice whiskey, but if you line it up with previous great years (the pre-stainles steel aging years of 2005 and earlier), you will see that the 2009 release was not their best effort.

    Either way, enjoy!

  126. EMalt says:


    I’m from Holland, the weather is better than around the time the other Dutchies posted ;).

    Just bought a bottle of 5 y/o Dutch Pot Distilled Rye (zuidam distillers). Looking forward to taste it the coming days and am curious if it can stand up to Baby Saz. Tomas Handy 2009, and/or vintage 21 yr, unfortunately it´s watered down to 40%.


  127. Texas says:

    Hey JWC..Glad you enjoyed the burger! That’s so cool to go in there, get a burger and go eat it at the front, the go back into the store and get some samples and then shop for some whisk(e)y. BTW, all Aggies refer to the Horns’ school as t.u. (texas university lower case) since they don’t really represent Texas with a capital “T”! LOL.

  128. My name is Jason Cretacci. I live in West Seneca, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. I teach high school chemistry during the day & work in a local wine & spirits store by night. I am currently drinking Unibroue Trois Pistoles Beer & Compass Box Oak Cross Scotch and hoping that Santa brings me a bottle of Compass Box Lady Luck! The weather here, suprisingly, has seen unseasonably less snowy than usual (we have had only had one snow day so far!).

    Oh, one more thing: I’m glad to be here! Thanks John!

  129. C.F. says:

    Hi, John. I’m in Sea Girt. It’s cold, but nice when you’re the only one in sight. A far cry from Summer.
    Merry Christmas to you and all.

  130. Eric says:

    Hey Matt (#105) I’m also in West Chester, PA. Best place around for a dram is The Drafting Room in Exton – decent selection. And then of course there’s Monk’s Cafe in Philly – and John – just saw you’re lined up for a tasting there in March. woo hoo! Love your tastings there. Hope to see you then.

    I’m about to log off and have a J & B as w/o it, we’d have ingle ells 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  131. John Hansell says:

    Eric, yes, I haven’t been to the Drafting Room in a while. But, the last time I was there, they had an excellent selection of single malts. And they have a couple of locations too, as I recall.

  132. JWC says:

    Texas, I have quite a few Aggie friends (as a matter of fact, I was at the game where TAMU beat OU at Kyle Field as a guest during Reggie’s Freshman year yelling my voice out to BTHO of OU – I think Texas was playing Baylor at Waco at the time). Notice the winky face? Anyway, my 10 year old daughter had a regular hamburger (she doesn’t like cheese) and she said it was the best burger she’s ever had. Thanks again for telling me to try it out.

    John, the last time I had the BTAC Saz was in 1999 (or 1998 – can’t remember) but back then, the ER was 15 YO (and significantly better than this year’s 17 YO I might add) and I thought the Saz was very good that year. Course back then, the BTAC was a lot less expensive and not as well known so much more accessible (I could just pick up a bottle and go back to the store for another when I was finished). I read your review and found out for the first time about the storage in the stainless steel – I stopped drinking for a few years (!) and had no idea. Anyway, way back then, I thought the Saz was good/great but preferred the ER 15. We’ll see. Since I’ve discovered your site, I’ve come to trust your judgment.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  133. Texas says:

    Hey JWC! Now I see the winky…doh! Glad your daughter loved the burger! My kids love them as well!

    My wife gave me three Spec’s gift cards, so I have some tough choices to make!

    Hope everyone had a great Xmas!

  134. Dateline — Atlantic City, Wyo.

    At our annual gathering yesterday, with a third of the town’s population in attendance, another Atlantican and I got around to talking about saxophones. He had one for sale: a Buescher True Tone Alto. His dad bought it new. When we got home I looked up the serial number; built in 1921. Not often I buy myself a present, but this treasure I couldn’t pass up. The Arran 10 year offered a fine, smooth toast to celebrate.

  135. Gary says:

    Wow, I am late to this party! Away for the holidays. But let me check in. I currently live in New Milford, CT in the northwest part of the state. We have missed just about every snow storm so far this year. I am sure we will get bombed eventually, Right now I am enjoying a Van Winkle 12 yo and watching “The Hangover” on DVD, Cheers every one and Happy New Year.

    Oh and to Scott Mansfield from Australia. My brother is Scott Mansfield…but he lives in Florida. 😉

  136. Rob says:

    I’m a bit late to this party as well. We spent the holiday week in the mountains of Colorado away from the internet so I am now getting caught up on my reading.

    We live in Monument, CO and I am enjoying a spot of Colorado’s first Bourbon from Peach Street Distillers in Palisade. Very tasty stuff. Lots of good things being distilled here in our beautiful state.

  137. Ralph Erenzo says:

    Happy New Year John! All at TUTHILLTOWN are enjoying our whiskey and looking forward to new and interesting whiskey in 2010. Hope to see you soon at the distillery. Ralph

  138. @ Paul (post 22) You should post what you thought of the Jura over on their Facebook page – – as they are offering free stays at the Jura Lodge in return for reviews on their wall.

  139. NCNELZ says:

    I live in Hickory NC. I’ve been only been developing a taste for whiskey for the past 2 years, but I have made up for lost time. I love Stagg Eagle rare 17 when I can get it and love Glenmorangie, very interesting how my pallate has developed it that short time. I always enjoy reading reviews & malt advocate very much.
    But the best to enjoy , is on the deck of my mountain cabin with a crackling fire & a little Blue grass music, it don’t get any better than that!
    Have a great year John!!

  140. John Hansell says:

    NCNELZ, I have a pleasant imaginary vision of your mountain cabin. Sounds like fun. Glad you see you are enjoying both scotch and bourbon!

  141. Marc says:

    Just checked back to see if there were any other South Africans that posted… alas not. If any other fellow WDJK readers and whisky enthusiasts do visit SA, drop me a line!

  142. Lavinia Turnbull says:

    I am from Cupar in Scotland. It is close to St Andrews, where I work and study. When I was 29 I decided to book my first trip abroad..WhiskyFest 03..met a lot of good friends and had a really good time..well apart from falling asleep in the foyer of the Marriot Marquis and being awoken by 2 NYPD officers and being told ‘excuse me ma’ can’t sleep here..move along now’…fun times haha!

  143. Oiler_Kiwi99 aka Erik Burgess says:

    Blantyre, Scotland originally from Tauranga, New Zealand. Currently drinking/opened:-

    Highland Park 18yo
    Aberfeldy 12yo
    An Cnoc 12yo
    Caol Ila 29yo Cask Strength 55.1% Bladnoch bottling Hogshead 4938, 1 of 251 btls Distilled 21st May 1980, bottled 15th June, 2009
    Glenburgie Cask Strength 15yo 58.8% bottled 2007
    Chivas Regal Linn House Reserve35yo Blended cask strength 51.6%
    Adelphi Linkwood 18yo cask strength 55.6% 1 of 590 btls Distilled 1989, bottles 2008 cask no. 7323
    Adelphi Dalmore 17yo cask strength 59.7% 1 of 590 btls

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