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A few tidbits on Mackmyra whisky

January 15th, 2010

Here’s some news we recently received from Lars Lindberger at Mackmyra distillery in Sweden. Their whiskies aren’t in the U.S. yet, but soon…

We’re bottling Mackmyra Whisky – The 1st Edition in one liter bottles with US labels right now (I don’t have any photos yet), and we are just about to close a deal with an importer. We visited New York a couple of times last year and met stores, restaurants etc. There seems to be great interest for our product.

I talked to our sales manager and, according to him, it’s more likely that the bottles will get to the shelves in April or May, than in March. 

But there’s more happening at Mackmyra: We’re growing out of or current distillery and visiting facilities at Mackmyra bruk (Jim Murray wrote about it in Malt Advocate in 2002) and it’s time for something better and bigger.

In April our plans for the new distillery will be more concrete. Right now the plan is to start building June/July. The project is called Mackmyra Whiskyby (Mackmyra Whisky Village) and will contain a distillery built for visitors, other visitor facilities, warehouses, etc.


I’m looking forward to having their whiskies available here in the U.S.

6 Responses to “A few tidbits on Mackmyra whisky”

  1. Alex says:

    Any idea who will be importing this and distributing?

  2. smsmmns says:

    Will be cool to get Mackmyra over here. In 1L bottles, no less!

  3. John Hansell says:

    Alex, they didn’t say. They might still be finalizing the details.

  4. I have been waiting patiently for whiskeys from lesser known whiskey producing countries to make their way state side, so I can’t wait. Never had a chance to try Penderyn from Wales or Amrut from India & interested to taste for myself what these countries are producing.

  5. Gary says:

    Hmmm, more new whiskey to try. That can’t be a bad thing. Any idea what this will retail for?

  6. Texas says:

    From the prices I saw when I was in Sweden , I would bet somewhere around $70-90, but that’s just a WAG.

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