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If you’re bored…

January 17th, 2010

Okay, Post #5 on this cold rainy day. Does that mean I can take tomorrow off from blogging?

I didn’t know this was published until a reader told me about it. A few months ago, I was asked a few questions about new trends in whisky for Delta’s Sky magazine. Someone flying last week read it and told me about it. They got most of it right…

If you want to see it (and you’re bored), there’s a digital edition of Sky. Here’s a link to the page with the whisky info on it. Of course, you know most of this stuff already.

15 Responses to “If you’re bored…”

  1. Neil Fusillo says:

    Sure, John. Take a day off. 🙂

    I’m flying Delta to Jersey next month (my brother’s in the Broadway show, Fela, so I’m headed up to see him in his moment of glory). Let’s hope it won’t be cold and rainy.

  2. Louis says:

    Hey, the Jets won, and I’ve just finished watcing the the 24 two hour season opener. Rain or not, it doesn’t get too much better than this. Closing the day out with a dram of Thomas Handy rye.



  3. MrTH says:

    I saw it last week on my way to/from Portland/Seattle. I know how hard it is to come across well in those things, given that they are a) very brief, b) aimed at a general audience, and c) edited by someone who doesn’t understand a thing about the subject matter. You did very well under the circumstances, John.

  4. MrTH says:

    “Though whiskey is often served in a tumbler [which is the only way we could think of to photograph it], Hansell prefers a whiskey glass[which we don’t have a clue what it is].” 😆

  5. JWC says:

    i also saw the 2 hr 24 series premiere tonight and looking forward to the 2 hr 24 shows tomorrow (particularly agent walker coming back – redheads 😉

    not that i expect airline magazines to be all that great but maybe they should have shown what some examples of whiskey glasses?

    you should have gotten them to put your website url on the article john.

    i still can’t get over how someone was able to buy 3 pvw 23 yo’s for $49 and another has seen a talisker 25 yo for $80 – i should march into spec’s and DEMAND that they price match! oh wait, they sold out of the pvw 23yo months ago and as for the talisker, they’d laugh their butts off at me (probably not laugh but grin, esp. after all the money i forked over last year and the beginning of this year).

  6. bgulien says:

    That’s it??? Half a page?
    And a model gets a full page to explain the garbage in her bag?
    Noway I am flying with an airline who gets their priorities mixed up! 😉

  7. John Hansell says:

    Mr TH: Yes, I think they probably had the artwork laid out and then they read my recommendation on using a whisky glass, and this is how they resolved the issue.

    JWC: They had my URL. Didn’t use it (unfortunately).

    bgulien, yes, I hear ya. But at least they put SOMETHING in there on whisky.

  8. B.J. Reed says:

    Well, my day of rest was cut short by my Son hosting a Beer and Cheesecake tasting at the Dell- Paired different flavored beers with cheesecakes made with some of those beers – The favorite – Rogue Chocolate Stout and cheesecake made with half a cup of the beer. Fantastic!!!

  9. Louis says:

    I can see it now, flight attendants pouring the miniatures into plastic Glencairn glasses 🙂

  10. lawschooldrunk says:

    🙂 on the tumbler.

  11. John Hansell says:

    Plastic Glencairn glasses…that’s a good one. Maybe someday?

  12. sam k says:

    Tumbler be damned…:-) on the ice!

  13. lawschooldrunk says:

    As this is the most recent thread, I want to congratulate the new look!

  14. Texas says:

    Looks fine, although I did not mind the old one at all. I am curious as to why the posts I made over the last two days are gone…not that they were particularly good posts. Not get copied over when the new html was uploaded?

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