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Dave Broom: Malt Advocate’s new Scotch whisky columnist

January 21st, 2010

Last year we were thrilled when Dave Broom agreed to start writing feature stories for us. He’s one of the best in the business.

I am proud to say that Dave has now agreed to write a Scotch whisky column in ever issue of Malt Advocate. His first column will appear in our Summer issue, which mails late May. (It’s too late to get him in our Spring issue, which  is already designed.)

If anybody knows what’s going on in Scotch whisky, Dave does. He’ll be our “eyes and ears” and report back with his insights and findings.

This Scotch whisky column, combined with Lew Bryson’s American whiskey column, means that we’ll have the two largest whisky markets thoroughly covered.

I can honestly say that we have the the finest group of writers we’ve every had since the inception of Malt Advocate 19 years ago.

16 Responses to “Dave Broom: Malt Advocate’s new Scotch whisky columnist”

  1. Red_Arremer says:

    That’s very good news, John. There’s no professional whisky writer who it would please me more to see in MA.

    Years ago MA used to review rums as well as scotches. I thought that was great because it’s hard to find good mainstream reviews and literature on rum and. It would be awesome if between you and Dave, who I know likes his rum, MA did a little bit on rum now and then. I figure that anyone who can appreciate good whisky can appreciate and would be interested in good rum.

  2. John Hansell says:

    Red, the possibilities are endless…

  3. Marc says:

    Congratulations MA!

  4. David says:

    Very cool, got my first hard issue of MA in December, loved it.

  5. bgulien says:

    Can I do a column on the Dutch whisky market?
    Just 2 brands and 2 hobby initiatives, but hey its a growing market. ;-p

  6. bgulien says:

    Anyway, good to see Dave in a magazine, that is by all critical acclaim one of the best around.

  7. Great to hear. This is very cool.

  8. B.J. Reed says:

    Great news!!!

    Welcome to MA David!

  9. butephoto says:

    Excellent news. I look forward to reading Dave’s column in the summer.

  10. Congratulations, quite a coup.

  11. Gary says:

    Congrats to Dave. I look forward to reading his stuff.

  12. H.Diaz says:

    Have enjoyed David’s column in Whisky Magazine for years.

  13. John Hansell says:

    H.Diaz, now you can enjoy his column in MA too!

  14. Patrick says:

    Good news indeed, and maybe some columns about the Japanese whiskies too?

  15. […] time whisky writer Dave Broom is joining the staff at Malt […]

  16. Mike Dereszynski says:

    Hi John,
    Just one more enthusiast,adding to the chimes for Dave Broom.
    I agree with Patrick and Red.
    Dave knows his way around the hills be they in Scotland,Japan or the Rhum soaked Isles.
    I dont expect Dave and Lew to replace Richard Paterson and Fred Noe in the “famous debates” at Whiskyfest,but is there any chance of our seeing Dave or Lew in seminars in New York,Chicago,San Francisco?
    I know Dave was just at the Victoria B.C. Festival and that he has attended others in Edinburgh and around the world.
    Just a question I thought I’d ask ,while I keep trying to scrape some extra coin for my Chicago ticket.

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