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A new Ardbeg, called “Rollercoaster”?

February 5th, 2010

A little bird told me this is coming out. Called Rollercoaster. Bottled at 57.3%. It’s already up on Twitter. Twitterland says it contains whiskies no older than 1997. I emailed the powers that be for confirmation, but no response yet.

Stay tuned…

40 Responses to “A new Ardbeg, called “Rollercoaster”?”

  1. B.J. Reed says:

    Man, hard to keep up with this stuff – As always, if its an Ardbeg its likely to be good – Hope to hear what you find out.

  2. brian bradley (brian47126) says:

    It will be good… I just hope it’s not too insane to procure a bottle. I also hope the price is a hundred or less…

  3. […] According to John Hansell, it’s bottled at 57,3% and not older than 1997. Tags: Ardbeg, islay, […]

  4. Jeff H says:

    So…potentially a Committee bottling to go along with the 10th anniversary celebration?

    My latest Ardbeg Committee email is titled “Roll up…Roll up…”, and it talks about the Committee 10th Anniversary event in Chicago being “a scream.”

  5. Texas says:

    I am going to bet the U.S. won’t see it. Hard to figure Ardbeg, I think for what you get Uigeadail is reasonably priced, Supernova though is just nuts for such a young whisky.

  6. T. Ho says:

    Selling at Federal in Boston for $90. Got an email today.

  7. John Hansell says:

    Yeah, here’s the link on the Ardbeg website.

  8. Mike Dereszynski says:

    Hi John,
    I don’t know about Tweedie Bird or is it called Twitter Bird now,but a little Terrior told me I was lucky to have a ticket to Chicago Whiskyfest and to keep my calander open for the day after the Fest.
    When it comes to digging up dirt on Whisky (along with you and Richard P.),this dogs nose knows.

  9. Whisky Party says:

    I just got an Ardbeg Committee mailer today and it says they won’t ship any to the US (at least themselves). It also says “check with your local stockist” so maybe a few lucky stores will get some bottles.

  10. Tim P says:

    “Ardbeg Rollercoaster” is licensed to “MOET HENNESSY USA INC” so I’m pretty sure this will be just as easy to obtain in the US as the Supernova Committee was last year. Licensing link is here:

    I haven’t seen a bottle so I can’t confirm the numbers I was told, but we’ll find out soon enough. I was under the impression this was a Committee bottle, but I heard rumblings it could be a Limited Release. Time will tell!

  11. Anon says:

    I can confirm that it is in fact 57.3 abv, and contains whisky from each year 97 to 06… since i’ve got a bottle (as of yet unopened) sitting on my shelf next to my committee bottling of supernova.

  12. BFishback says:

    I received an email about the party but not about any limited release. I imagine they will have it for release in the US if they are having a party for it, in the US.

  13. Mark says:

    Got the post(card-thingy) today. A Committee bottling to celebrate the tenth, with word of a Chicago (and loads of other sites) celebratory party. Those folks get marks for creative marketing! As for availability, they are allowing Committee members to purchases two bottles rather than one.

    • Mark says:

      Oh, and, Drink Ardbeg!

      • Alex says:

        Mark, see you’re performing your committee ambassador duties nicely 🙂

        • Mark says:

          Here, with a grin and raised eyebrow…Last week, though, I did introduce four people to it who had never tried it before. I did it for the people not the Committee, but still…The reward, I guess, is that I can purchase Rollercoaster for 70 pounds (20 of it shipping). Ah yes, marketing…

  14. two-bit cowboy says:

    Hey, Mark, how’s this for creativity?

    On 2nd January 2010 Ian Macleod Distillers distributed a press release to announce the launch of a “brand new Scotch whisky into the USA….” The new single malt whisky, Smokehead, is from an unidentified distillery on Islay. Many who have tasted Smokehead believe Ardbeg could be that unidentified distillery. Toward the end of the press release, Ian Macleod Distillers tell us the sort of initial impression of the whisky is “A rollercoaster of peat and spice….”

    Is it just me? Or ….

    • Mark says:

      Coincidence or cleverness? Where does Macleod get their copy?

      For Ardbeg marketing, I find those movies they make pretty weird/funny/distinctive. It’s advantageous, I think, and in keeping with the spirit somehow, that they do what they do so well and have a sense of humor.

      Do you think Smokehead is a bottling of Ardbeg? At least it’s a single malt. I had that Isle of Skye at a tasting. It went right into the bucket (it was the 8, admittedly), and I walked around wondering, Why? Why do that? (I sincerely hope that comment does not offend anyone.)

      • Sam Filmus says:

        “Do you think Smokehead is a bottling of Ardbeg? At least it’s a single malt. I had that Isle of Skye at a tasting. It went right into the bucket (it was the 8, admittedly), and I walked around wondering, Why? Why do that? (I sincerely hope that comment does not offend anyone.)”

        Mark, actually, it does offend us, as importers of Isle of Skye in the U.S. as well as people like Jim Murray: “One of the most enormous yet brilliantly balanced Scotch whiskies in the world”, John Hansell:”Great balance with the island aggressiveness tamed by a rich, malty elegance”, and many other respected whisky critics, but most importantly, the Isle of Skye connoisseurs throughout the country.

        Mark, you must have tasted it right after you had your favorite Ardbeg. Or is it that you just aren’t a fan of blended whiskies? I strongly suggest that you revisit Isle of Skye. Where do you reside? I will buy you a dram.

    • John Hansell says:

      two-bit: Oh, the irony of it all.

  15. Mark says:

    Just saw more information on the new Ardbeg on the Whisky Guild website.
    Seems they got there hands on a bottle. Looks pretty cool

  16. butephoto says:

    Coming to an internet auction site near you in 12 days, no doubt.

  17. Peter Benkoczki says:

    Wow, with the 2010 Supernova … so many choices. 🙂
    Every Commitee member gets a mail about this?

  18. Alex says:

    What about committee members in NY? I’m feeling slighted 😉

    I hope this pricing is closer to the Corryvreckan general release – I still haven’t pulled the trigger on the Supernova because of the price tag.

  19. bgulien says:

    Yep, the postcard with funfair tickets came today.
    We’ll have to wait till 15th of February to put in our orders. (Europe, that is)
    No idea what they are planning all over the world…travelling funfair?

  20. Looking forward to trying it. I just hope the market is not getting flooded with too many peated whiskys and a bubble occurs that bursts.

  21. Finnegan says:

    ‘Supernova’ ‘Rollercoaster’, sheesh! Who is coming up with these corny names?

  22. tim d says:

    Sounds intriguing, but hope it’s reasonably priced once it’s out in “general release” considering the mix of 3, 4, 5, & 6 year olds in it… Dropping $90 for something with a fair shake of 3/4/5 year old whisky doesn’t excite me – when the 10 yr, Uiggy, Cory, & Beast are ALL available for significantly less these days. Sure, Supernova is also fairly young – but it’s very unique and has a limited appeal/market.

    Or, maybe it’s just a high-priced novelty?

    John – do you know if it’s going to be poured in Chicago?

  23. Tharkis says:

    To add to the info on whiskyguild about the bottling, which describes the various casks used to make it, here are the percentages for the content from each of the listed casks

    1997 – 9.5%
    1998 – 12.2%
    1999 – 14.2%
    2000 – 10.9%
    2001 – 6.2%
    2002 – 8.9%
    2003 – 11.7%
    2004 – 10.6%
    2005 – 10.4%
    2006 – 5.4%

  24. MaltMartyr says:

    I thought that Rollercoaster was relatively old news for Committee Members. And the answer is yes, it will be poured in Chicago. Now, if a few of us, who are quite familiar with Ardbeg could just get that invite to Las Vegas! I keep forgetting to logon on Thursdays. If this appears cryptic, I apologize.

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  26. Another whisky released from Moet Hennessy. I like the fact that they are doing more limited releases. The only problem is it’s a “limited release” until it becomes popular and they make it available year round.

  27. […] first mentioned this new release here back on February 5th, and if you follow the thread you can read about all the details. Basically […]

  28. Dave says:

    I am in the US and now have my hands on two bottles of Rollercoaster. One of them is the US bottling and a store on the official distributor list obtained it for me. They only had a handful of bottles and are not advertising them, but after a phone call I had it reserved in my name! Hell yeah!

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