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Review: Glen Grant 10 and 16 yr. old single malts

February 22nd, 2010

Glen Grant, 10 year old, 43%, $45
Light (for a Speysider), floral, fresh and elegant, showing honeyed vanilla, lively fruit, along with a hint of marshmallow and hay. Soft, dry finish. Pleasant, straight-forward and uncomplicated. A good, clean, introductory malt that’s easy to embrace.

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 81








Glen Grant, 16 year old, 43%, $80
Thicker and fruitier than the entry level 10 year old, with greater mouth-feel and a drier finish. Orchard fruit (especially pear), kiwi, lime, and creamy vanilla, with a suggestions of toasted coconut, hay and marshmallow. Dry, gently spicy finish. A bit more involved than the 10 yr old, but still with the same DNA. Very pleasant. (This is a new expression that made its debut in the U.S. last month.)

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 85

9 Responses to “Review: Glen Grant 10 and 16 yr. old single malts”

  1. Red_Arremer says:

    These reviews are filled with notes often used to describe lowland whiskies, notes which I like very much. I’m looking forward to getting a taste of the 10.

  2. Neil Fusillo says:

    I’ve a 5 year old Glen Grant that I picked up in Italy when there last. It was dirt cheap (15 euro or so), but it’s not terribly good. I’m eager to try these to see how they fare.

  3. Seth Nadel says:

    These scores are low, which doesn’t surprise me. I tried them about a month ago and wasn’t overly impressed. Of course, I was more turned off to the price. I think they are too expensive.

    • John Hansell says:

      I like the whiskies–particularly the 16 Year old. They are nice and straightforward.

      • Seth Nadel says:

        NIce and straightforward is a good way to put it. In my opinion, they are good. For the money, I would like it to be better than good. I wouldn’t turn it down if someone bought it for me, but it’s not the first thing I would pick.

  4. Shaun Farrier says:

    Hello John,

    Thanks again for very informative reviews (as always). I’m not familiar with Glen Grant, although I’ve had a bottle of Caperdonich from Signatory. Are these distilleries similar in profile? I’ve also read comparisons between Gen Moray & Glen Grant. Do you find these at all similar?


  5. B.J. Reed says:

    Everything I have of Glen Grant is pretty old – G&M 37 YO, DT 34 YO and just aquired a 34 YO special bottling (Brett has it at Binny’s) – Not sure what a young Glen Grant tastes like 🙂

  6. Robinski says:

    I tried Glen Grant 10 and 16YO recently and was surprised how good they were. Probably one of the most approachable single malts I’ve ever tasted and definately worth the price…
    10YO – light yet very fruity. Vanilla doesn’t totally dominate as it does with many young whiskies these days
    16YO – complex yet mellow and again lots of fruit.

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