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Drinking anything Irish on St. Patrick’s Day?

March 12th, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day is on Wednesday. Is Irish whiskey on your agenda? If so, what?

Or perhaps you’re drinking some other type of whiskey, or just sticking with Guinness?

Do tell! (But please…no green beer.)

48 Responses to “Drinking anything Irish on St. Patrick’s Day?”

  1. JC Skinner says:

    I’ll be working, more’s the pity. So I’ll be subjected to the horrors of drunk Dublin on St Patrick’s Day, which really aren’t pretty.
    If I make it home alive, I intend to celebrate with a Bushmills single sherry cask, some Tyrconnell 10 year old Port Finish, some Connemara Cask Strength, and some Jameson Gold
    They’re my open Irish bottles at the mo.

    • Willie says:

      JC I’ll be surprised if you can manage the others after you have drunk a sherry cask of Bushmills 😉

      I have a pile of samples of Irish whiskies sent by kind folks so maybe wednesday is the time to dig them out again. Mmmm Pot still.

      • JC Skinner says:

        It’s my recurring fantasy to have a sherry butt full of tasty Bushmills all to my greedy self!
        But sadly, we’re just talking one (half-finished) bottle here!
        +1 on the Mmmmmm Potstill!

  2. mv says:

    I don’t drink anything irish since they said “yes” to lisbon treaty in ireland…

  3. Tucker says:

    Irish is always on my agenda! I’m particularly fond of the Knappogue Castle 15 yr, but I believe on Wednesday I’ll be sticking with the Redbreast 15 yr.

  4. Gal Gtanov says:

    i only have Bushmills 10… so thats what i am gonna drink!
    happy P’s day

  5. Luke says:

    Let’s see…

    A good few pints of “Vitamin G” in a civil pub I frequent in Dublin followed by a party at a friend’s house where we’ll open a bottle of Green Spot and some Connemara 13 YO Sherry-Finished.

    Alas, it’ll have to be an early night – work on Thursday!

  6. Gary says:

    I bought a bottle of the Knappogue Castle Master Distillers Selection 1994, and I will be opening that on St. Patrick’s Day!

  7. Texas says:

    Only Irish whiskey I have seen here in Alice Springs is Jameson which I am not fond of, so will be looking for some Guiness.

  8. JC Skinner says:

    MV? You’re bizarre. You know that Ireland also voted NO to Lisbon?

  9. mv says:

    2 JC Skinner: Yes, of course I know. This makes it even worse.

  10. Soko says:

    The lads and I are going to be doing a Powers, Bushmill, and Jameson tasting; however, the beer shall follow afterword.

  11. JC Skinner says:

    Don’t want to prolong the off-topic, but there is no logic whatsoever for boycotting Irish whiskey because the Irish people were bullied into holding a second referendum on an obscure EU treaty.
    If the treaty upsets you, you should take it up with Brussels, not the Irish whiskey industry. Incidentally, Donegal voted no on both occasions, and since Tyrconnell is an historical Donegal whiskey, presumably you could make an exception for that?
    Or indeed Bushmills, which being located in the North, is administered by the UK and didn’t vote on Lisbon at all?

  12. Murrell Kinkade says:

    If I find Beamish or Murphys stout on tap, I will drink that on St. Patricks day. If not I may break open that bottle of 18 year old Jameson that I have been hoarding.

  13. Mark says:

    I regularly have Black Bush and Red Breast at my neighborhood pub, which I’ll avoid like the plague on St. Patrick’s Day. Folks, there are nine bars on my block; I won’t want to go out the front way until they’ve cleaned the sidewalks. Instead, I’ll get a bottle of Powers 12 and fill a flask to accompany beer drinking at my other regular place, a German bar. So, I’ll be having the Powers 12 with, say, Ayinger Jahrhundret (on tap), Konig pils or whatever is freshest that day.

    • MrTH says:

      I hear that…. Actually, I think St Patrick’s Day is, along with New Year’s Eve, one of the two best nights of the year to stay home. Amateur hour.

  14. MrTH says:

    I have a bottle of Tullamore Dew 10yo blend which I will open, if it turns out to be a whiskey night. (Very irregular work schedule.)

    Worst St Paddy’s Day ever: I was in Lynchburg, Virginia, home of Liberty University. Jerry Falwell himself said hello to me earlier in the day. After searching high and low, I found the one bar in town that had a passable beer selection, and ordered a Guinness. They had it on CO2! Yuck. That’s like a crime against nature or something.

    • Mark says:

      Falwell, Lynchburg, a crime against nature in how Guinness is served…there’s a skit in there somewhere.

  15. JohnM says:

    MC, you might want to boycott what I’m writing because I voted Yes twice. Bono and Boyzone are better reasons to abstain from Irish whiskey.

    I take it you boycott products from China because of their human rights record, Japanese products because of their whaling, French products for nuclear testing in the pacific, British products for their colonial past, and so on and so on. You’ll soon run out of things to eat or do.

    Anyway, I’ll raise a toast to St Patrick and the Lisbon Treaty with a Jameson Gold and maybe a few Guinness.


  16. JC Skinner says:

    Guinness with CO2 is the way it was meant to be!
    Back when it was served only in bottles, that’s the way it was made, and I have to say it was better for it than the nitro, superchilled stuff they sell on draught.
    Thankfully in Ireland you can still get the proper stuff. Watch old men in a Dublin pub – they’ll order a Guinness Extra and a chaser, usually a Powers whiskey. That Guinness Extra is the old-fashioned bottle of Guinness that they’re used to.

    • Steve says:

      Yes, the Guinness Extra is great stuff. I got hooked on it back in college and then again on a trip to Jamaica where I found that, shandy, and Red Stripe everywhere. I found a source here in Atlanta so I’ll be opening a couple of bottles on the 17th.

    • MrTH says:

      The bottled stuff is fine, but they’re apples and oranges. I don’t drink it often, but there’s nothing like a proper pint of Guinness. It has many times saved me from an evening of beer hell in some backwater (but not Lynchburg VA). It’s a great session beer, being low in alcohol and calories (unlike the bottle). Yes, they serve it too cold–my mind boggles when I see the “Extra Cold” tap in UK pubs!–but if you can wait for it to be poured, you can wait for it to warm up a bit. Have a dram or two in the meantime.

  17. JC Skinner says:

    On the Irish stout issue, I’d heartily encourage people to diversify away from nitro Guinness and have a look at Beamish or Murphy’s from Cork, both of which are, to my palate, tastier beers.
    Or if you can find them, try some of the wonderful artisan stouts made in Ireland.
    I’d especially recommend the Porterhouse’s Wrasslers XXXX stout (brewed to the original Wrassler recipe that rebel leader Michael Collins declared was the best stout in Ireland) or their oyster stout.
    Or Whitewater’s Belfast Black Dry Stout, which is a great example of the old-fashioned dry stout style, and of course O’Hara’s Stout from Carlow, which is a lighter tasty brew.
    And there’s even a stout with a good whiskey connection:

  18. Sean says:

    I will probably grab some Guinness and maybe a bottle of Black Bush as I have been meaning to give it a try.

  19. BFishback says:

    I worked in an Irish pub in the US for 8 years, so I cannot stand St Patricks day. Instead I’m going to the Dogfish head brewery for a tour.

  20. Chef! says:

    I’m out of Red Breast 12 and Black Bush and in the process of taking a new job so buying anything new is out of the question. For me I’ll be drinking Laphroaig CS… it’s just a jump, hop and a skip across the water, right? 🙂

  21. BourbonBreath says:

    Great Lakes Conway’s Irish Ale, absolutely love it!

    Followed by a bit of Black Bush and Redbreast 12.

    We were so lucky that my daughter was born on St Patrick’s Day…It ensures a good party every year!

  22. Mike Dereszynski says:

    I agree on the Porterhouse.And a few coins tossed their way might speed the day we can raise a glass of Dingle. Ive heard they are trying to bring out some Dingle Cream Liqueur and Dingle Dew Liqueur to help funds untill the whiskey shows up.Untill then we will have to imagine.As an aid to that ,their promo material actually shows photos of a bottle of Dingle being shared by to suited men as weel as a bottle sitting on the bar shelf next to Connemara,Red Breast and Jameson.

  23. Black Bush for me and some friends. Thinking about also having some Clontarf Single Malt. No green beer!

  24. The best bar drink anytime is Powers with a Guiness back On St.Paddy’s Day it is mandatory

  25. PeteR says:

    Definitely some Bushmills 10yr I got a week ago. But I’m searching for some Irish craft beers as well. JCSkinner, thanks for your posting. I’ll search for some of those.

  26. bozzy says:

    Hmmm, I was planning Jameson 18yr or Bushmills 21yr… They are both great stuff.

  27. Cayman Unterborn says:

    3 Floyds Brian Boru for me out of a ram’s horn of course. Delicious!

  28. Mark Davis says:

    probably red breast at home with friends and moving on to clontarf reserve (which I was able to get for $15 a litter) if I feel like getting a touch inebriated.

  29. glenn Vanbellingen says:

    i can’t choose. I’m from Belgium and Irish whisky is my favorite kind of whisky at the moment . Maybe a Tyrconnell port or Madaira or a redbreast 12y or 15 y or maybe the jameson 12y. But my main favorit is the Tyrconnell Ambasador speciale made for the Belgium market. There are 260 bottle made off.

  30. Geoff K says:

    After tasting 22 Irish whiskies for our site I’m going with Black Bush or Michael Collins Single Malt. Both excellent.

  31. Seth Nadel says:

    Paddy’s Irish Whiskey and then some McSorley’s Ale

  32. Whisk(e)yGirl says:

    Jameson 18 YO Master Selection. And I’ve a bottle of Midleton Very Rare 1997 that I opened up in January for my birthday 🙂

  33. Brian McHenry says:

    Bushmills 12yo Distillery Reserve and Guninness surger pints at my brother’s house. Who needs a pub? Slainte Mhor!

  34. sam k says:

    I’m headed to a party today where everything must be made with whiskey…all the food, drinks, and desserts. Some of the booze served will be home distilled, too! I bet there’ll be a bottle or two of Irish strewn about on the table, and I know for a fact that the ice cream will be made with Irish whiskey.

    A good diversion on a very rainy day!

  35. jazz lover says:

    Redbreast 15 yr.

  36. DonH says:

    My neighbors and I will open a bottle of “PADDY” Irish whisky, being that it will be the first time in Chicago for this great occasion.

  37. Ivica says:

    Redbreast 12 and Guinness of course 🙂

  38. lawschooldrunk says:

    Jameson 12. all I have where I am right now.

  39. Neil Fusillo says:

    I’ve a collection of Irish whiskeys I’ll be sharing with friends. A good way to spend the evening.

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