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Review: Four Roses 100th Anniversary, 17 year old bourbon

March 23rd, 2010

Four Roses 100th Anniversary bottling, 17 year old, 55.0%, $75
I was concerned this whiskey would be woody and dry, but it isn’t. (By comparison, the 2009 “Mariage Collection” release which is a combination of 10 and 19 year old whiskeys comes across much more tannic and dry—especially on the finish.) The grain influence is less prominent (as might be expected), but it is replaced by some nicely dovetailed oak sugars and spices—and prominent fruit. It’s gentle on the nose and palate, with creamy vanilla, caramel custard, apricot, nectarine, glazed citrus, cherry pie, and graham cracker, spiked with subtle mint, clove and cinnamon. Smooth, soothing finish. Therapeutic even.

If you like your bourbons bold, stimulating and challenging, then this one isn’t for you. But if you want bourbon to comfort you like a warm blanket in cold weather, then give this a try.

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 87

17 Responses to “Review: Four Roses 100th Anniversary, 17 year old bourbon”

  1. Red_Arremer says:

    I would never turn down a therapeutic drink. The question is, is it therapeutic even at 55% or does it only get there after you add some water?

  2. sam k says:

    Sounds like a perfect post-surgery candidate!

  3. Vince says:

    Another Superior Bourbon by Four Roses. Great job Jim Rutledge. I cant wait to try it. My wife says I could use some Therapy!

  4. lucky says:

    This following on the heels of the basic recipes bottled at barrel strength shows that 4 Roses is on a roll to be sure. Years of work by Jim Rutledge are paying off — and not a moment too soon for us Bourbon geeks.
    It’s gratifying to witness the creative efforts of a talented individual come good. And such a pleasure to taste the fruits of his labors.

  5. two-bit cowboy says:

    ” … to comfort you like a warm blanket in cold weather …”

    Through today’s snow I can almost make out the hills west of town. You make this whiskey sound wonderful, even to a non-bourbon guy. I don’t see a Marker’s Mark review in your list, can you offer a quick compare/contrast between the two?

  6. Joe Riley says:

    Mr. Hansell,
    A longtime wine importer friend of mine once said something that sounds appropriate here. He said, “Sometimes, I don’t want to be overwhelmed (by a wine), I like my whelm just fine the way that it is.”
    That sounds like this bottling of Four Roses, and there’s something to be said for such products. Not ever specialty bottling has to be a rollercoaster ride for me, as long as it is satisfying and I want another glass.

  7. Gary says:

    I have enjoyed the previous Four Roses releases and will definitely try this one. When is it going to be available?

    • Chris Riesbeck says:

      Gary- I sell Four Roses bourbon in the CT market and we are getting our allocation in May. That said we are relatively early for that. I would expect to see it very early summer/late spring.

    • MrTH says:

      I thought I saw this at Federal in Boston the other day…could be mistaken.

  8. Chris Riesbeck says:

    Congrats to the folks at Four Roses! Priced fairly for such a monumental occasion. Its great to see Four Roses Bourbons back at the top of the bourbon category after a length absence.

  9. BourbonBreath says:

    I heart four roses. Its the only true competitor of Buff Trace in regard to bourbon creativity and ultimately taste….

  10. John B says:

    This stuff is GREAT, it ruined me. None of my other bourbon’s , and I have quite a collection, taste the same. Let this stuff roll on your tongue for 30 seconds, wow. Talk about flavors ! The day after I bought it, I went back and bought 2 more.

  11. Goldie says:

    i just found this bourbon for $22 a bottle in SC. i saw it and knew what it was. i bought 5 bottles. and they are all numbered in secession.

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