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New GlenDronach “Grandeur”

March 25th, 2010

This just came in, so I thought I would post it up before I get on with the rest of my day. Sounds very exciting. The press release doesn’t list price or availability, but I’ll get it for you. Excerpts of the release are below.



When the BenRiach Distillery Company purchased GlenDronach two years ago, it signalled a re-birth for this the grandest of East Highland malts.

At the time MD Billy Walker said: “We hope our acquisition of GlenDronach will intrigue, surprise and delight whisky connoisseurs around the world.”

It’s set to gladden the hearts of connoisseurs around the world.

Endearing and enduring, the GlenDronach style is that of a big, smooth, sherried whisky – and Grandeur preserves and perpetuates that great tradition.

Marketing Manager Kerry White:  “”This superb expression, a thirty-one-year-old at 45.8 vol. cask strength, is a classical representation of the smooth, complex and full-bodied style that the GlenDronach Distillery is famous for. Individually numbered by hand, each bottle is a one-off and truly unique.”

Billy Walker’s tasting notes reveal the remarkable subtleties of Grandeur:

Nose – A tremendous concentration of fruits, nuts and berries enveloped in a coffee and mocha glaze. Subtle sweet sherry notes interact beautifully with sticky date pudding aromas.

Palate– Very big and gusty flavours adorn each mouthful, yet with perfect balance and refinement. Initial spiced orange flavours and rich old Oloroso sherry are met mid-palate with roasted almonds, coffee and treacle. The dry concentrated flavours from the almonds and the oloroso sherry are balanced in perfect harmony with sultanas, chocolate and honey.

Conclusions– This is a rewarding, memorable and captivating GlenDronach expression for a very special occasion.

For more information on availability and pricing, please contact

18 Responses to “New GlenDronach “Grandeur””

  1. Looks tasty, but pricey. Sounds like GlenDronach is really moving in the right direction with this one.

  2. Steffen Bräuner says:

    The right direction for me is when whisky is getting cheaper 🙂


  3. brian bradley (brian47126) says:

    So, what is the price on this bad boy?

  4. two-bit cowboy says:

    Congrats to Billy and the gangs at both BenRiach and GlenDronach. It’s fun to watch them work their magic on seemingling forgotten icons.

  5. Chris Riesbeck says:

    Sounds fantastic….its great to see the stuff back in production with a fantastic crew from BenRiach leading the way!

  6. jazz lover says:

    Will this see the U.S ?

  7. Andrea says:

    Well…Grandeur must have a price ! Clearly this is one of those cases…if you have to ask the price, you cannot afford it.
    my bet ? around 1500-2000 dollars/botlle (not per case (!!)

    • Andrea says:

      Now, that is a surprise ! A fair price indeed in today’s single malt market ! I feel less bad for having missed on last year’s 1972 (at about 200 pounds !)

      • Patrick says:

        The 1972 was a 37 YO whisky, while the new one is “only” 31 YO and not from a single cask. Comparatively, it is almost twice as expensive as the 1972.
        The bottle is really nice, but I would have preferred a normal box and paying £50 less

        • Andrea says:

          I agree with all your comments…but the key question remains, how will the new one taste ? If it is better…well…of course, if less exceptionl…bad buy !

  8. Tony Menechella says:

    Given the recent trend in pricing, I don’t find this price to be too unreasonable. It is limited and at Cask Strength, and only a bit more than the 33YR bottling, which is tremendous! Kudos to Billy and GlenDronach!

  9. Douglas says:

    It may not be a completely crazy price compared to some distilleries, but I just can’t see myself buying a £300/$500 whisky with a view to drinking it. There are always other more affordable temptations.

  10. John Hansell says:

    Alistair Walker from GlenDronach just emailed me with some information:

    “Of the 1000 or so bottles from the 1st run we have set aside 120 bottles for the US. As regards US retail price, it would be better to contact Preiss Imports (the U.S. importer) for that info. It should be in the US sometime between June and August.”

    I am awaiting a price from Preiss Imports and will relay it to you when I get it.

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