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Review: The Glenrothes, 1998 Vintage

April 6th, 2010

This will be released in the US in June.

The Glenrothes, 1998 Vintage, 43%, $55
One thing I enjoy about these vintage releases is the differences in personality from one vintage to the next. This 1998 vintage follows shortly after the 1994 vintage. (I reviewed it here in March.) And while the 1994 vintage was elegant and bright in personality, this 1998 is more viscous and heavier in weight. It shows bright fruit (lemon, caramelized pineapple, tangerine), honeyed vanilla, and marzipan with a peppering of cinnamon and ginger. Perhaps the 1994 as an aperitif, and the 1998 as a digestif

(The 1998 is not nearly as post-prandial as, say, the 1972 vintage, but it has more weight than the 1994 vintage. Still, if I had to choose between the 1994 and 1998, my nod goes to the 1994 for its elegance and drinkability.)

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 85

15 Responses to “Review: The Glenrothes, 1998 Vintage”

  1. Gal says:

    best thing i can say about the Glenrothes is i like their bottles. tasted the 1994 and the select reserve, and ok. but not worth th money.

  2. Red_Arremer says:

    See, the price is not too crazy on this one and the notes are nice. I can really imagine caramalized pineaple and tangerine shading into ginger. So far, it could be competitve– for my whisky dollar that is.

    I hope I can taste it and give it a fair chance against the other whiskies, which I am considering in the 40-80$ price range– Benromach 10, Conoisseur’s Choice Ledaig 15, and An Cnoc 16 (btw John, you should review this one– great stuff).

  3. I quite liked the 1998, and wouldn’t put it above or below the 1994. Sweeter with more vanilla notes? Yes. Worse? No. That was my impression anyways.

    • John Hansell says:

      My ratings for the two were within two points of each other. Bottom line: it really comes down to personal preference.

      • two-bit cowboy says:

        I appreciate the comparative review here, John. Keep these coming.

        In this one, especially, you give us your thoughts on “when to drink” each expression, a huge additional delineator of not so much one being better than the other, but a clear distinction of when one might work better.

        Great stuff, this. Thanks.

        • John Hansell says:

          I will keep that in mind.

        • Whisky Girl says:

          I agree with two-bit. I really like the occasion suggestions. I’ve tried both the 1998 and 1994 and I do agree that the lemon notes on the 1994 is perfect after a long day at the office before dinner to re-awaken the senses. The 1998 is more in-line with how I came to know Glenrothes, a bit lighter. A good dram nonetheless.

  4. Seth Nadel says:

    I think the ’72 Vintage was one of the best whiskies I’ve ever had.

  5. Sean says:

    Nice review John. The 1998 sounds interesting and the price is somewhat reasonable.

  6. WhiskyNotes says:

    I really enjoyed the 1998 and I think it’s better than 1994 (which has big lemon notes, almost like a kitchen cleaning cream, and lacks the spicy depth I expect from The Glenrothes).

  7. mongo says:

    i really enjoy the 1991, which is available at minneapolis’ insane-price mart, chicago-lake liquors in the low $40s. i think glenrothes gets the sherry balance right unlike many of its neighbours in the speyside, and the 1991 is a wonderful reading whisky. that said, i wouldn’t pay in the $70s or even high $60s for these whiskies–which is why i have not restocked the 1985, which is very good but is now selling for close to $100. and so am glad to see that the newest is starting lower.

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