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Round three of Diageo’s “Manager’s Choice” whiskies is being release

April 7th, 2010

I’ve written about the first and second releases here. Below you’ll find the info on the third release, taken from their press release.


Following the first batch launched in September, and a second collection released in January, Diageo are now launching the third batch of their single-cask collection of Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, The Managers’ Choice.

Among the seven expressions that feature in this third release are several single malts familiar to many malt whisky drinkers – Caol Ila™, Glenkinchie™, Glen Ord™ and Royal Lochnagar™.

But Dailuaine™, Inchgower™ and Mannochmore™ normally enjoy only very limited availability.

Each of the whiskies is drawn from one single oak cask, picked after a careful examination of distillery stocks, and bottled at its natural cask strength. The number of bottles obtained from the chosen casks can vary between approximately 640 and as little as 200.

So these are rare and distinctive whiskies. Aimed at collectors and connoisseurs, prices range from £200 to £300 per bottle.

The fourth and final release is scheduled for May.

Contact for further information: Patrick Roberts at

20 Responses to “Round three of Diageo’s “Manager’s Choice” whiskies is being release”

  1. RodionS says:

    Should we start another discussion about if you should review them? 🙂

  2. brian bradley (brian47126) says:

    I am expecting some serious vitriol regarding this release; however, I guess the “shock and awe” of these ridiculous products has come to pass. It’s Diageo–this is how they roll. Charge as much as possible wile milking the concept of “limited” until the dead horse is beaten thoroughly–then beat again.

    • JWC says:

      “It’s Diageo–this is how they roll.”

      SPOT ON.

      as for whether or not john should be reviewing them or even mentioning them – OF COURSE HE SHOULD. the job/role of a critic/reviewer is to inform ALL of us what ALL is coming out/happening. the reader can decide what he/she will purchase.

      • brian bradley (brian47126) says:

        I absolutely agree he should review them–I should have mentioned that in my post. I am curious of the quality for this price point.

  3. bgulien says:

    i am not going to spew vitriolic (is that a good word) comments about this.
    There is a market for this, otherwise they wouldn’t bring them to market.
    So be it, I will not buy them. I ‘m not even excited.
    I can be excited about a new whisky coming onto the market, but this I rank as a news bulletin for very rich Russian thug’s, sorry entrepeneurs.

  4. Michael says:

    I would very much like to see John’s review of these whiskies (especially Caol Ila).
    I am not certain what is wrong with some uniqueness and exclusivity. I do not think that there is anything wrong with collecting unique whisky releases and expressions either.
    I would suggest checking recent prices of Lagavulin 21YO Lagavulin 30YO and Laphroaig 27YO (just to mention the most well known distilleries). By the way, Ontario, Canada, with its Liquor Control Board monopoly (no whisky can be sold to Ontario from outside the province), would be a perfect place to experience uniformity of choice.

    • MrTH says:

      I suppose if you live in Ontario, the prices on these don’t seem so out of whack….

      • Michael says:

        I have almost completely given up on buying whisky in Canada 🙂 Lagavulin 16YO is C$125 and Ardbeg Uigeadail is C$165, just to mention the most common ones (C$ is near parity with US$)

        • You should check out the selection and prices in Alberta. Some things like Lagavulin 16 are still relatively pricey, but much better value.

          Macallan 18Yr for example:
          AB – $180
          ON – $290

          Ardbeg Uigeadail:
          AB – $101.99
          ON – $164.95

          We also get a lot of things never seen in Ontario because the government only regulates the liquor industry out here. It doesn’t own it. Check out our website:

          Or give me a call 888-283-9004.



          • Michael says:

            Thank you. I will give you a call. I have actually called a few times already (I have been aware of Kensington Wine Market) but I am not sure how to overcome “import” restrictions to Ontario. When are you getting new Kilchoman?

  5. John Hansell says:

    I would love to review the Caol Ila too. I asked for review samples, but no response yet. Given that I haven’t formally reviewed Round 2 yet, they might be reluctant to send me Round 3, but I DO plan on going through all of them.

  6. Patrick says:

    and the second release is far from being sold out.
    I was not so keen about the offer for the second release, but I will invest some money in attending one of Master Class presenting their 3rd serie.

  7. I would really like to know how well these are selling. $400-500 is a lot for an 8 -10 year old whisky.

    And are they going to do the same thing again next year? At the same inflated prices?

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