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Mackmyra, the United States, this Spring!

April 14th, 2010

We just heard from our contact at Mackmyra, the impressive distillery from Sweden. Although they have been delayed by governmental red tape here in the U.S., they are still planning on launching their whisky in New York this Spring. This is great news! Representatives from the distillery will be in New York in early May.

I will also have some good news very soon on Kilchoman, the newest Islay distillery, and their launch here in the U.S.  Stay tuned.

14 Responses to “Mackmyra, the United States, this Spring!”

  1. Gary says:

    I am really interested in giving this whiskey a try. That is good news that they are launching this summer! Can’t wait.

  2. Red_Arremer says:

    What’s the deal with the production details on this whisky?

  3. They have some swedish twists in their production line. Have a look at their website, wich is really good, for more elaborate info.
    I have tasted it and it tastes whisky, but not like any other whisky I’ve tasted, if that makes sence.
    I should probably get arounf to visiting them, as they are only a few hourd drive away.

  4. Mark Davis says:

    What will they be doing in New York?
    Will I have a chance to try it out?

  5. brian bradley (brian47126) says:

    Kilchoman and Mackmyra coming to the us–John, you have just made my day.

  6. Adam Yusko says:

    Really excited about this, I had a chance to bring a bottle home from Duty free, last summer. It is quite a treat.

  7. Robin Robinson says:

    John, I previewed this whisky last Saturday night for a whisky tasting class in NY: really lovely and unique, a soft peatiness and spice flavors. This will make a great addition to the realm of world malts available in the US.

  8. @yossiyitzak says:

    I’ve been waiting with baited breath for Mackmyra to come to the US – very exciting news!!

  9. It will be available in Canada this spring too. Believe it is on the way!

  10. John Q. says:

    Any word on the US release date? Wine-searcher shows no results in a US search for Mackmyra.

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