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Kilchoman whisky, The U.S., this September

April 19th, 2010

I was waiting for a press release before reporting. It’s short and sweet. This is exciting news. I’m told it will be the Summer release. They should be toasting with a bottle of Kilchoman. I guess that’s one more bottle for the rest of us. 🙂

Kilchoman Distillery Appoints Importer for the USA

Kilchoman Distillery is delighted to announce it has appointed Impex Beverages at it’s importer for the USA.   The first bottles will be available from September 2010.

Anthony Wills (Managing Director of Kilchoman Islay single malt Scotch whisky) said, ‘I’m delighted to be working with Impex Beverages.   They have similar views on the best ways of marketing premium, single malt and I’m looking forward to working with them over the coming years in the USA’.

The picture shows (L to R) Anthony , and Sam Filmus and Ed Kohl of Impex Beverages celebrating their new business relationship.

15 Responses to “Kilchoman whisky, The U.S., this September”

  1. Congrats! I recently tasted the inaugural release of last autumn and I really like it. It is a three year old whisky that shows incredibly surprising depth and flavor. It is way past the usual barley and alcohol taste you would expect.

  2. bookman says:

    Good News!! last year I found a mini and tasted the inaugural release and it was a very pleasant surprise. A whisky I am looking forward to adding to my bar. has there been any whispers about what range the price will be?

  3. George Jetson says:

    Great news for the US! I was lucky enough to score a bottle of the inaugural release whilst traveling in Europe last year. For a very young whisky, I was seriously impressed. The small independent owner market on Islay has some stiff competition if the older whisky from Kilchoman lives up to the potential of the inaugural release.

    • bgulien says:

      I think there will not be a stiff competition, because the output of Kilchoman is very low.
      But very good. And that is what they envision for themselves. A small, but excellent output, which will command (for a 3 year old) a high price.
      Next week I will receive their Spring Release.

  4. B.J. Reed says:

    Great news – Have first and second edition – Its well worth it – Wonderful peaty chewy 3 YO

  5. Ed Kohl says:

    John- I wanted to let you know that we did celebrate the signing with wee dram toasts of Kilchoman Inaugural Edition. The original bottle brought over by Anthony was quickly absconded by the Rascals and Patrons of the BBC in Menlo Park, California-Cheers -Ed

  6. Brian Bradley (Brian47126) says:

    Saints be praised–I am really excited as I love Kilchoman. I will hope they bottle more of the one month as that was quite a fun little dram.

    The only question now is what will it cost?

  7. GREAT NEWS! Cheers, Bill

  8. Hey John,

    We’ve been fortunate in Alberta, Canada to receive both the Inaugural bottlings, as well as the Autumn 2009 2nd Release. Here’s a little FYI to our American brothers who can’t wait until September to get their hands on some Kilchoman. They may want to consider making a trip to Calgary in June or July…

    I agree with previous comments. The first two bottlings were excellent for such young whiskies.


    Andrew Ferguson

  9. Alex says:

    Exciting – just ordered my Spring release!

  10. Mike Dereszynski says:

    I thought Ed Kohl was working with Signatory and the other “smallest distillery in Scotland” Edradour.
    What do you know?
    Also ,my Kilchoman Autumn release was fresh and refill bourbon casks with a 2.5 month finish in Olorosso. Any info on the woodwork on the U.S. selection?

  11. Kyle Nadeau says:

    Congratulations to Sam and Ed, looking forward to getting the whiskys in this fall.

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