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Drinking anything special for the Kentucky Derby?

April 30th, 2010

The “run for the roses” is tomorrow. Will you be watching?

If so, will you be drinking bourbon? What will you be drinking? And how will you be drinking it?

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  1. sam k says:

    You know, I’ve never had a mint julep, but Chuck Cowdery just posted a simple recipe on his blog, and I might give it a whirl for the Derby, always one of my most anticipated sporting events of the year. I’ve got some Elijah Craig 12 year that would probably do the trick quite nicely.

  2. Alex says:

    Juleps with Bulleit and Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve neat.

  3. Ralph Biscuits says:

    Has anyone tried the Maker’s Mark pre-made mint julep? I’m wondering if it’s close to a freshly made mint julep. I’m tempted to buy a bottle just for the Derby. If I don’t I will probably be drinking Four Roses Mariage 2008.

    • Red_Arremer says:

      Generally I don’t trust premade cocktails. I would buy some mint and simple syrup– Juleps aren’t thoroughbred jockying– they’re easy. On the other hand, popping the cork on a bottle of Mariage would automaticaly put you on the right track– no mixing required 🙂

  4. Chad says:

    A classic Woodford Reserve Julep – I will be making the simple syrup with mint today.

  5. Gary says:

    I don’t need an excuse to pour myself a bourbon. But, I think I could be persuaded to have a glass of FR Mariage 2009.

  6. Vince says:

    I will be making Mint Juleps with Elijah Craig 12 year Old. I just purchased two 2010 Derby Glasses so I will serve the Juleps in them. Looking forward to the DERBY!!

    • sam k says:

      Vince, I AM WITH YA! EC 12 is one of the best values in the entire world of whiskey. Plenty of character to stand on its own against anyone else’s favorite, an age statement that makes Diageo’s Manager’s Choice selection blush with embarrassment, and affordable enough to not regret mixing it with a bit of mint and sugar to celebrate the majesty that is thoroughbred racing. I’ll raise one to you tomorrow, my friend!

      • Mike M says:

        I have a bottle of EC 18 and I must say it is excellent. I will be starting the party with Makers Mark Mint Juleps (I will be using the premix green wax stuff) and then we will be moving into a tasting of the other 18 bourbons that I have gathered up over the past few weeks. We are planning a fun party. Already a friend has volunteer to come and take away any leftovers….

  7. Matt says:

    I’m not a big fan of bourbon, but I used last week’s whisky fest to explore a few burbons. I’ve decided on Buffalo Trace, but will be using a recipie given to me by the woodford reserve folks.

  8. Sean says:

    I am doing a small Single Barrel boubon tasting. It will include Evan Williams SB vintage 2000, Elmer T Lee SB for Hi Time, Four Roses SB and Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit SB. Should be fun.

  9. sam k says:

    Off topic: John, I’m grateful for the consistency I find here at WDJK. I can be sure that, five days a week, I’m going to find at least one brand new posting that might be informational, thought-provoking, humorous, or otherwise. The considered responses you receive, worldwide, provide a perspective that’s not available elsewhere, and it’s even better that it’s not necessarily the same eight guys chiming in, like can be found on other blogs and discussion boards.

    Many more of us than you might realize appreciate the time and effort you put into this endeavor. I’m thinking with the volume of feedback you receive, and the inordinate amount of industry scrutiny that is given this space, it would make a perfect advertising venue for the discerning company that would like to appeal to an educated and enlightened whisky fan base. I don’t want to turn this into some whisky expo or anything, but I’d like this to be worth your while, as I know how much time you must devote to the content.

    Again, for the readership, though I am not an employee, I receive compensation from Malt Advocate for services rendered (as copy editor), and I’m not trying to be some sort of shill, but there’s a lot of value in this blog…much more than in most, and I’m just looking at how John might sustain the effort financially in the long run. Thoughts from you or the assembled masses?

  10. Archaeology Carl says:

    George T. Stagg…straight.

  11. sam k says:

    Fifteen minutes to post time, julep in hand, though I went with simple syrup over powdered sugar for the second one. The powdered sugar made the first too cloudy, so I opted for a little syrup and more mint in the second. Picked the mint down by the creek about an hour ago.

    Life is good!

  12. Ted says:

    I was served a Julep, a Smash, and a York all made with Maker’s Mark — and created by Brad at The Clover Club in Brooklyn. Excellent each. If you wish to know more — you can reach me.

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