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Review: Grand Traverse “Ole George” Rye Whiskey

May 12th, 2010

Looking for a respectable, young, rye whiskey from one of the new Artisan distillers? Here’s one that’s just out. Two years old, and I can enjoy it neat! Only three casks (for now). They’ll have another dozen next year. And only available at the distillery. But maybe you had the chance to taste it at WhiskyFest Chicago a couple weeks ago?

Grand Traverse “Ole George”, 46.5%, $48
Sweet (caramel, butterscotch), botanical, liqueur-ish, with honeyed fruit and a peppering of spice throughout (cinnamon, pine needles, anise). Very clean too! But what impresses me most is its maturity for its age. It’s pretty mellow for a two year old 100% straight rye whiskey.

Advance Malt Advocate magazine rating: 80

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  1. Dutch says:

    Traverse City is a three hour drive for me, looks like I’m going to have to make a road trip!

  2. Tadas says:

    I visited the distillery las fall. I tasted some of their aging 100% rye whiskey. I really liked it. It was a lot smoother and balanced than I tought it would be.

    They also sell white dog and small barrels so you can age your own whiskey . How cool is that =)

  3. tim d says:

    I’m aging my own as we speak (albeit a 75% Rye/25% corn variation) in a nifty 2-liter, charred barrel they sell at the distillery. I’ve enoyed the white-dog, and the 1mo. version quite a bit. Still very “farmy” at this point, but it’s aging very nicely

    I really enjoyed the Ole George that I’ve tried – super stuff from a nice couple of guys doing it all from scratch – and sourcing their raw materials (as best they can) all from here in Michigan. I like it! 4 hour drive for me, but TC is a wonderful spot to visit anyhow…

  4. Sheldon L. Freilich says:

    I am looking forward to a visit to the distillery to sample this new rye. I have become an aficionado of Rye Whiskey (with several favorites).

    What other Ryes use a 100% rye mashbill?

    (I really enjoy reading Malt Advocate).


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