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Review: Mackillop’s Choice “Glenlivet”, 1977 Vintage

May 28th, 2010

Sorry, no image for this one. Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone. Monday is a holiday, so I won’t be back until Tuesday. See you then!

Mackillop’s Choice (distilled at Glenlivet), 1977 Vintage, 30 year old, (Cask #19786), 43%, $180
Once again Lorne Mackillop demonstrates his talent to select whiskies with beautiful balance. This time it’s with a well-aged Glenlivet. Sure it shows many of the notes that I often find in Glenlivet (Speyside elegance, peachy vanilla, tropical fruit, floral, honeyed-malt notes), but I’m also picking up more subtle notes: dark chocolate, licorice root, dark fruit, perhaps even charcoal (especially on the finish), making the whisky a bit more complex and curiously attractive.

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 88

No Responses to “Review: Mackillop’s Choice “Glenlivet”, 1977 Vintage”

  1. DavidG says:

    Have a great weekend.
    Any idea whether this is cask strength or a lower ABV? Is it colored or chill-filtered?

  2. Elcor says:

    This damn scotch was so rough it made one of my teeth crack. I’ve never tasted a worst once of swill in my life. I prefer strong scotch but this…horrible!

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