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Here’s where you can find Amrut Indian whisky in the U.S.

June 2nd, 2010

Some of you have been asking where you can find Amrut Indian whisky here in the U.S., now that the whisky is being imported. For now, there’s only a handful of places to find the delicious Fusion, among other offerings. You can find them here, according to the Importer’s website.

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  1. Gal says:

    just got my fusion today. TWE , FTW!

    i sure hope it’s worth it!

  2. sku says:

    It’s also available at K&L in California; Fusion is $65.

  3. Tom says:

    Morrell and Company in New York has the Fusion.

  4. David D says:

    We have plenty at K&L Wine Merchants

  5. JWC says:

    not in texas yet =(

  6. Brian mac gregor says:

    You will be able to taste the peated and the unpeated at Jardiniere Restaurant in San Francisco by this weekend, they will be added to our already extensive single malt and whiskey list as soon as they arrive.

    Brian MacGregor
    Bar Manager
    San Francisco

    • Scribe says:

      Bought a bottle of the Fusion last night at Bayway, and it truly is delicious! A worthy addition to my collection, which is mostly made up of heavily peated items. Which leads to a question: Can’t make it to San Fran for the tasting, but does anyone have experience with the peated version of the Amrut? Would be most interested in folks’ opinions here!

  7. chef! says:

    I really want to try it but cannot justify online charges. A $55 bottle quickly turns into a $75-80 bottle. I hope Total Wines will carry it so I can swing by and grab it with a printed low price match.

    • mongo says:

      i bought mine from astor in nyc. my system is to always buy a bottle of lagavulin 16 at the same time. they have a perpetual sale of the laga 16 at $48, and the savings over what it costs in my neck of the woods erases the price of shipping (not to mention you’re not charged tax online, and here in minnesota we pay almost 10% in liquor tax).

  8. Alan Straus says:

    Amrut is available at Gold Path Liquors in Monsey, NY (Rockland County) – All 5 Expressions!
    I had been pushing the owner to stock them since Whiskyfest last November. By chance, I was in the store when the salesman finally brought in bottles of all five (Fusion, Peated and Not Peated, Peated and Not Peated Cask Strength). Needless to say, the owner and I had a wonderful time tasting – and he decided to stock all five. I have a mixed case. They’ve been flying off the shelves. Both peated and not peated are excellent – with the non-peated still very flavorful. The cask strengths are in the 60s% alcohol and will really burn out the palate if you should forget the few drops of water. Those 2 were not my favorites. There are minitures available in all expressions. Ask your favorite store to order some so you can sample.

  9. Andre Girard says:

    This one is quite special and show best of both worlds: A bridge from India to Scotland. The friends i shared my bottle with were impressed by his complexity and the amplitude of what is delivered on the palete. Got my bottle at Calgary Airport Duty Free, Canada. Here’s my first impression:

    André 90 % Nose of sweet grain and butter. The mouth is fruity, with peat and burned straw that become apparent with more fervour but still remains under control. Final is medium, rather dry length. A strange and multidimensional single malt. A controlled duality between Scottish and Indian malt, A tribute to the union of these 2 countries also different regions one of the other. Pour a nice dram and you will remain hung on this one during long minutes. This one is definitely disconcerting.

    French is my first language so sorry for the mistakes.

  10. Cindy bray says:

    Sorry Texas and everyone else who can’t get Amrut yet.
    We’re working on it … it will be worth the wait!

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