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Drink anything fun on Father’s Day?

June 21st, 2010

We enjoyed some great beer on tap (The Lost Abbey Carnivale), delicious wine (Shafer Relentless), and the Glenfarclas 150th Anniversary bottle that I opened up on Friday after our daughter Shannon’s High School graduation. I even finished the evening with one of my favorite cigars (an Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robusto).

How about you? What were you drinking yesterday?

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  1. Richard says:


    I went to a steak, cigar, and scotch dinner with a friend last night. We did the Macallan 12, 18, FO 15, & FO 21 with cigars and a 22 ounce rib steak. It was a very nice way to end Father’s Day.

  2. B.J. Reed says:

    I received the 18 YO Smokehead last week and it came with two bottles of the Paradox Smokehead Beer by BrewDog. So, my son and I opened it up to try it. Man, is it smoke and campfire – Almost too much but after sipping awhile it grew on both of us. He also brought me over a bottle of Belhaven Scottish Ale and that was pure joy!

    • B.J. Reed says:

      Forgot to mention we also opened up my original Ardbeg Supernova but I finished that one all by myself 🙂

    • Red_Arremer says:

      Hey, how are those paradox bottles? I’ve been interested in them, but get a lot of mixed impressions when I ask around.

  3. Alex says:

    Nice – the Shafer Relentless is excellent.

  4. Aaron says:

    I shared some Greenspot I bought from the Whiskey Exchange with my father. The whiskey was accompanied by an Ashton VSG torpedo. I needed an excuse to open the bottle since I have another in reserve.

  5. Daron says:

    Started off with a nice Genny then progressed to Dundee American Wheat – a great summer beer and ended the night after walking on beach of Lake Ontario with some Troegs Dreamweaver Wheat (part of my fathers day gift). No whisky although Rittenhouse Manhattans are quickly becoming my favorite Sat. night summer cocktail.

  6. Gary says:

    It was blisteringly hot in New England yesterday. I was cooling off with some Dogfish Head Squall IPA. It really hit the spot.

  7. bgulien says:

    I had some Blackadder Raw Cask Auchroisk 20 yo. with additional black soot from the barrel.
    Outstanding whisky

  8. Vince says:

    I had a couple of Monthy Python Holy Grail Ales and then finished the evening with a dram of Parkers 27 year Old Bourbon. Nice Fathers Day!

  9. Matthew Lichter says:

    First time to chime in here… Finished off a bottle of Hirsch Selection 13 yo Rye that I’ve been nursing. Now to replace it with some Rittenhouse.

  10. jpact says:

    I took my little girls to see Toy Story 3, but then after dinner I opened my Dewar Rattray “Painters Edition” 1989 Bowmore 18-year old that I bought at Potstill on my trip to Vienna last fall.

    John, thanks to your blog and encouragement, I had reason to “rescue” this special bottle from the basement and start enjoying it.

  11. Dubs says:

    Not a father myself (though 6 weeks away), but I share a love of scotch with my father. He likes speyside malts and recently decided he could drink them at cask strength so I gave him a bottle of Aberlour a’bunadh as a gift. We had a glass together after dinner and he loved it, though he had to add an ice cube.

  12. Gllaguno says:

    I drank Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, then on to the Buchanan’s Master Blend and finally Chivas Regal 18…. I didn’t want to open a single malt….

  13. Mark says:

    Our son returned from studying in Derry last term (followed by a jaunt ’round Europe), and he brought a bottle of Green Spot and of Writers’ Tears. Seems pretty clear that Green Spot deserves the reputation, and I was glad to have Writers’ Tears for multiple reasons.

    First tastes of those fit between a lunch of roast duck (with freshly tapped Konig pils) and an evening session at my local Irish pub (Guinness, Black Bush and Red Breast), where the players were Dean Cahill, Jimmy Keane and Maurice Lennon. What a fine day it was.

  14. Jeff says:

    I toasted to my father and myself with some Pappy Van WInkle 15 and the new Makers Mark 46.

    • DavidG says:

      Makers Mark 46 is in distribution? I know its off topic but where is it out?
      Back on topic – I really enjoyed the Glenhaven 16 year old cask strength Macallan -once my three boys finally went to sleep (they are all under 6) 😉 I picked up some sherry sweetness and found it incredibly balanced and surprisingly drinkable at nearly 60% abv, I think it was a refill sherry cask, and of course the label “helpfully” informed me that it was matured in oak

  15. Sean says:

    My son got baptized yesterday so I opened up a bottle of Glenfarclas 1974 31yo to celebrate (one of his godparents was born in 1974, so it worked out perfectly) it as well as Father’s Day

    • Ralph Biscuits says:

      Congratulations Sean. Sounds like a good day. The 1974 Glenfarclas is one of my all time favorites. I hope you enjoyed it. Great stuff!

  16. Morgan Steele says:

    Yesterday’s drinks included an Alaskan Amber Ale and a Yamazaki (12 year old) whiskey while watching the British MotoGP.

  17. Ralph Biscuits says:

    I’m not a father myself and my Dad has passed away. Still I visited his grave and drank a toast to him with some G&M 1970 Mortlach 36. Great whisky.

    Happy Father’s day to all the dads on here.

  18. Jeff H says:

    Opened up a bottle of The Glenlivet Archive 21 year. This was a very enjoyable Father’s Day dram…much more fruity and rich than the 18 year, and a fun presentation, too.

  19. Red_Arremer says:

    At the actual celebration, at my grandparents house, no one was drinking anything. But when my girlfriend and I got home we went for some whisky, ice & water drinks (it was freaking hot and muggy)– Tamdhu 10, followed by Asyla: yum!

  20. Neil Fusillo says:

    My father and I shared some of the new Ardbeg Supernova for Father’s Day. We’re both of the impression that, unwatered, one can only take SMALL sips or the alcohol overpowers just about everything (which makes sense at 60%). With water, though, it changes the entire profile, pushing the peat into the background and bringing forth some lovely, sweet toffee character. The finish, however, remains mostly unaltered with water, so you still get a nice, long briny and iodiny finish.

    I always bring my new acquisitions to share with my dad. He was the one who got me interested in whisky, so it’s only fitting.

  21. JC Skinner says:

    Recession drinking – I had a Black Bush.

  22. Texas says:

    My family took me to a nice seafood restaurant on Galveston Bay…the sea breeze made the 92F and high humidity tolerable as we enjoyed an outside table. I had two very generous pours of Baker’s bourbon (first time I had it..liked it) on the rocks. A very good summer drink.

    • Matt L says:

      Baker’s is a nice pour. I’ve lived in the Bay Area for almost 25 years. Which patio were you enjoying?

  23. Matt L says:

    Baker’s is a nice pour. Which restaurant did you visit? I’ve lived in the Bay Area for almost 25 years… I’ve enjoyed a few patios on the water.

  24. Texas says:

    Matt L..Landry’s on the Kemah Boardwalk.

    • Matt L says:

      Nice spot. My wife and I had our first “real” date on the Boardwalk – The Aquarium and the boat tour of the bay.

  25. Texas says:

    It’s amazing how quickly they rebuilt the Kemah Boardwalk area after Ike. The Boardwalk area took a heavy hit from what I saw in the pics. I like the Aquarium as place.

  26. Andre Girard says:

    The Strathisla 40 YO bottle was nice… but it is now empty…sadly.

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