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“Drinks by the Dram”: a great idea!

July 13th, 2010

I’ve been wanting to mention these guys for a while now. I have no afilliation with them. I’m just mentioning it because I think it is a great idea.

If you don’t belong to a whisky club, and you aren’t near (or can’t afford) a whisky festival, how can you sample a whisky before you buy one? It’s difficult. And the last think you want to do is get stuck paying for an entire bottle of whisky you don’t like.

That’s why I like the “Drinks by the Dram” concept by UK retailer Master of Malt.  They sell 30 ml samples of whiskies at a reasonable price. You can see the list of whiskies they have available here, along with the prices.  Have a look.

13 Responses to ““Drinks by the Dram”: a great idea!”

  1. sku says:

    Fabulous idea! I’m guessing it would not be legally possible in the US, or too complicated to make it legally possible. Lucky Brits.

  2. ps says:

    if anyone in the U.S. has used them please comment.

  3. In Belgium a well know whiskylover is also doing something like that. He’s called Luc Timmermans and his website is He’s got some fine samples like a Bowmore 1956 (which is waiting in my cupboard …)

  4. @yossiyitzak says:

    Hello Stu/PS – I am in the US (Connecticut) and I use Master of Malt all of the time and actually do have some affiliation with them. You can check out the link on my blog: which details my relationship with them and how you can get a free “Drink by the Dram”.

    Not trying to solicit here, I just think the program is great and I’ve been working with them to try and help spread the whisky, I mean love…

  5. Vegas Alex says:

    I live in Las Vegas and have purchased several of the dram samples from Master of Malt. No problems at all with shipping. The Whisky Exchange has a large miniatures collection for some of the more standard releases

  6. Piet says:

    It’s a good idea but not fully original nor very new.
    The site “RareWhiskySite” has been around for a long time and have a great professional product.
    I am not in any way connected. Just a customer.

    Piet (aka Peat) in the Zen-garden

  7. Patrrick B. says:

    and the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (Germany/The netherlands) is doing the same for their own products.

  8. Gal says:

    Mom are a great site. with great service, and their wee samples are a great idea. so far i’ve gotten 2 shipments from them (i am not affiliated with them) and all arrived just fine.
    i also got a free Glencairn glass and when it didnt arrive in the shipping , they sent me 2 others after a few days.
    service at it’s best.
    until now i’ve reviewed and opened about 5 of their dram size whiskies, all were great.

  9. smsmmns says:

    Sku, as far as I understand the laws in the USA, you are totally correct: it is illegal to repack liquor and sell it again, but Timmermans and Rarewhiskysite have been doing it for a little while and as long as it stays under the radar by not becoming a million dollar industry or shipping anthrax or mini terrorists, it will probably be able to continue.

  10. David says:

    I’ve ordered from Master of Malt a couple of times, samples and full bottles, and have received shipments via USPS in the US without a problem. Sample bottles are indeed a great idea, I’ve ordered more than a dozen so far including some rarities that I would never buy in a full bottle. Great way to expand your palate.

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