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The new Parker’s Heritage Collection whiskey for 2010 will be…

July 28th, 2010

…a 10 year old, non-chill filtered, cask strength wheated bourbon! (Heaven Hill whiskeys usually utilize a rye-based mashbill rather than wheat.)

This is the fourth in a series of annual releases. So far, they’ve all been pretty amazing. (Last year’s  “Golden Anniversary” was Malt Advocate’s “American Whiskey of the Year” for 2009.)

There will be two very small batch bottlings of this year’s Parker’s release. The first “dump” is being bottled at 63.9%. (I will be getting a review sample shortly.) It will ship in late August and be priced at $80.

Here’s more detailed information, for the serious bourbon enthusiasts out there. I am quoting my contact at Heaven Hill Distilleries:

Parker and all of us feel that this release is significant not only because it is of course an excellent Bourbon, but also because it marks the first release of extra-aged wheated Bourbon that we produced at our Bernheim Distillery since we acquired it and began producing the wheated Old Fitzgerald line in 1999.  (The Very Special Old Fitzgerald 12-year-old product that we inherited is of course still United Distillers whiskey, since it predates our acquisition.)  And the decision to release it at barrel proof and non-chill filtered really makes this a special bottling.  As in past releases, the new 10-year-old Wheated Bourbon edition of Parker’s Heritage Collection is being offered in very limited quantities—52 total barrels will be dumped for a national release that will only yield about 4,800 750ml bottles.

The barrels used for this release were pulled from the fourth, sixth and seventh floors of our Rickhouse A, where they have rested since the summer of 2000.  Like the previous three editions, once the 1,600 three bottle cases sell out, it’s gone forever.

I am very excited to try this! (Oh, and in case you were wondering, the second batch will be dumped and bottled in September.)

18 Responses to “The new Parker’s Heritage Collection whiskey for 2010 will be…”

  1. Nathan says:

    HH will soon be bottling their rye mash white dog as well. I had a taste at Tales of the Cocktail–it’s good stuff. Distinctly less corn flavor than with the BT white dog.

  2. Kevin says:

    Looks like they will be going 4 for 4… not a miss yet. This looks fantastic.

  3. Sku says:

    Exciting news. There will be inevitable comparisons with the Buffalo Trace Antique collection Wellers. Great to see the price on this coming back down to earth as well. After the last two, I was worried that Parker’s was going to stay at over $100 or more.

    Hmm, maybe this will be one of the great whiskeys you’ve been missing this year John.

  4. Michael says:

    I am disappointed, I have to admit. I strongly prefer older whisky/whiskey (done with NAS and young stuff).

  5. DeanSheen says:

    I’m interested in how this turned out but I’m not currently inclined to pay $80 for a 10 year old barrel proof release. This will most likely just be a curiosity for me rather than an acquisition.

  6. Ethan Smith says:

    So is this an admission that this is VERY, VERY, VERY Special Old Fitzgerald??? I highly doubt it’s 10 year old Cabin Still.

  7. JWC says:

    i am very happy to hear the news – both about the wheat and the price (although i must admit that $80 for a 10 yo is pushing it). i am looking forward to your review.

  8. vince carida says:

    So far Parker has released 3 great bourbons in his heritage collection. Here’s to hoping this is the 4th. I will definitely buy bottle of this. While I agree with some of the comments regarding the price point (a bit much for a 10 year old bourbon) it will seem reasonable if this bourbon matches the quality of the last 3.

  9. BourbonBreath says:

    Looking forward to it!

  10. Ernest says:

    I loved the last one but have to agree with some of the comments above. $80 seems high for a ten yr-old bourbon.

  11. sam k says:

    This same company makes another outstanding “extra-aged” bourbon, Elijah Craig 12 year old (using rye as the secondary grain), and the cost in PA for a 1.75 liter is currently $36. The 750, if available here, would be around $24. As much as I admire this distillery (and I do!), what’s the big deal with a wheated 10 year old at $80?

    Scotland, Diageo, Manager’s Choice, here we come!

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  13. Gary says:

    I have really enjoyed the Parker’s Heritage series and will be happy to give this one a try as well.

  14. John Parker says:

    Drinking it right now watching the divisional series, go Phillies. Very good and smooth, not as good as the 2009 Weller or my favorite Jefferson’s Presidential. But worth the eighty bucks. I will put one of these away on my shelf.

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