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21 year old Czech single malt? Really?

August 3rd, 2010

Every once in a while, something comes out of the clear blue–like a 21 year old Czech single malt, reported today by Drinks International.

Apparently, when a company bought the distillery, they found the whisky. And it’s not a small amount that will sell out soon.

I wonder what Czech whisky, made with Czech water, barley and aged in Czech oak tastes like?

“Hammer Head” will sell for £34.99 in Travel Retail.

22 Responses to “21 year old Czech single malt? Really?”

  1. David G says:

    Well, be sure to Czech it out!

  2. Michael Shoshani says:

    I imagine it will taste pretty damned good.

    Czech beer is usually outstanding, and I think it tasted even better 20 years ago, before large commercial interests got their hands in the breweries. It seems to me that a whisky distilled in the former Czechoslovakia toward the end of the era of Communist rule would be pretty tasty stuff, considering the excellence of the beer.

    • I was going to say the same thing, Michael. Any country with a rich beer making tradition should be able to take the next step into quality distillation. I’m glad that it’s being released at an affordable price and l’m looking forward to tasting it.

      • John Hansell says:

        My only concern is that this looks like the discovery was an “accident”, so I doubt there was much cask management and maintenance over the years. I am not optimistic.

      • WhiskyNotes says:

        Here in Belgium, we still don’t succeed in making good whisky. Well, a few honourable mentions maybe, but not nearly as good as our beers. One thing does not lead to the other.

        • Andre Girard says:

          And what about the Belgian Owl whisky… My sister just moved to Brussels and i want her to get me a couple of bottles of these… Comments are usually pretty good.

  3. Martin V. says:

    Hi all, greeting from Czech Rep. This is not the only Czech single malt. Jelinek distillery located in Vizovice produced (not sure but may be still producing) whisky called Gold Cock, which was offered as a 3 year old blend or 12 year old single malt ( I have an open bottle of the 12 year old but it is IMHO nothing special. But may be this will be something much better…

    • sam k says:

      Jelinek makes an excellent 10 year old, 100 proof slivovitz (plum brandy) that is a steal here in the States if you can find it. That doesn’t mean they know whisky, however.

    • Red_Arremer says:

      “nothing special” isn’t exactly awful of course. Out of interest, what whisky would you compare it to?

      • Martin V. says:

        I would say that Gold Cock 12y is something between brandy and scotch (bit similar to Macleod’s Lowland 8 years old single malt which is supposed to be Auchentoshan aged in sherry casks). Although description on the paper box says something about peat I haven’t found any trace of it.

  4. Well I for one, will be russian to get some. For those of you stalin for a review, you never know how long stocks will hold out.

  5. Red_Arremer says:

    Stock CEO: “If it goes really, really well, we can use it for blending to prolong the life of it.”

    “If it goes really, really well…”? I can’t figure out if this comment is hopeful or not, which probably means that it’s not. Also look at the low price point. They’ve got a crazy gimmick, but they’re not selling that hard. My guess is that it’s actually just fine and nothing more and that they’re hoping for repeat customers on it.

  6. I’ve tried Printers Czech blend, my sister brought me back a bottle it was easily comparable to a low end Scottish blend, it only cost £5!

  7. Petr Hosek says:

    Hi all,
    I have the HammerHead and I am astosnished! It’s really a great stuff that enriches my flavour spectrum of the whiskies I normally drink.
    I’d put it into the same category as Balvenie 12yo DoubleWood, HammerHead being more subtle, warmer and more fruity.
    I have to admit I really like it!

    And, yes, I can confirm, any other Czech whisky is not even worth trying, btw.

    Will be keen to hear your view on HammerHead!


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