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Review: Parker’s Heritage Collection Bourbon (2010 release)

August 5th, 2010

 The fourth edition of Parker’s Heritage Collection, and the first wheated bourbon as part of the Collection. Another solid effort!

I lined up my review sample, along with samples of a few other great wheated bourbons: Jefferson’s Presidential Select 17 year old Batch #1 (which I rated a 96), and the 2009 and 2008 releases of William Larue Weller (ratings of 93 and 96, respectively). This new Parker’s is in the same league.

For more information on this whiskey, check out my previous blog post announcing this whiskey.

Parker’s Heritage Collection (2010 release), 10 year old, 63.9%, $80
Soft, sweet, and very smooth. Richly textured layers of caramel, toffee, vanilla fudge, nougat, maple syrup, and rhum agricole. Bramble, date, cinnamon, subtle cocoa and nutmeg add complexity. Clean, polished and perilously drinkable. A delicious wheated bourbon!  Not quite the complexity of the classic 2009 William Larue Weller, but getting close.

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 93

19 Responses to “Review: Parker’s Heritage Collection Bourbon (2010 release)”

  1. Yum — and glad to see the price.

  2. brian bradley (brian47126) says:

    Well John, it is good to finally see you give out a score in the 90’s. It has been quite a dry spell of mediocrity.

  3. Louis says:

    93 rating + high proof + resonable price = Real Winner

    • Rick Duff says:

      I’ll never consider $80 a reasonable price for a bourbon.
      I do understand this is a limited release and it’s really good etc.. etc…

  4. Texas says:

    $80 a bit hard to swallow for a bourbon, especially since the BTAC is around $65..or at least it was last year. Sure does sound like a great bourbon though.

  5. Texas says:

    Talk about bang for your buck..John rated the 2000 version of the EWSB (also from Heaven Hill, right?) at a’s $26!

    The two bottles of EWSB 2000 I had weren’t quite up in the category for me, but maybe my bourbon palate isn’t that good. Either way Heaven Hill seems to be doing a great job.

  6. John says:

    Regarding the price, you have to also consider the amount of ethanol in the whiskey. Truth is that a cask-strength whiskey is generally ~ 1.5-times more potent than one sold at 40%. So, a bottle that might otherwise sell for $50 could feasibly go for $75 on a booze-to-booze ratio; otherwise, the distillery could just add water themselves and produce more bottles to collect the difference. …in this instance, the consumer can dilute with water as his/her palate sees fit. Thus, a limited edition bottle with 64% ABV seems fairly reasonable at $80 (to me).

    While I’m on here, does anybody know where I might grab a bottle of this in the Greater Philadelphia region?

    • Texas says:

      ..well BTAC runs > 60% ABV and it’s $15 less. I think they are pricing mainly for the limited release and not for the ABV (certainly the higher ABV does add some). Also look at Wild Turkey..Rare Breed is 54.2%, but is $10 cheaper than Kentucky Spirit which is 50.5%.

      I am not saying $80 is outrageous, but it is a bit high for a 10 year barrel proof. It sure might make a nice Xmas present though 🙂

    • Rick Duff says:

      Good point on the cask strength, John!
      No question that raises the price.

  7. Mashbill says:

    Wine connoisseurs will easily drop $100 or more on a product that needs to be consumed fairly quickly upon opening, yet many bourbon drinkers balk at anything north of $30. This bottle may be enjoyed from your collection for months on end, and it’s limited in production. And no, I’m not made of money, but I love great whiskey, and great things cost money.

    • Red_Arremer says:

      I’d probably be a wine connoisseur myself if i could drop 300 bucks a week on drinks– But I can’t. Anyways, It’s misleading to level the values of wine and whisky like that. Then you see people saying “if a premium vodka sells for 60$, a 20 year old scotch should sell for 1000$.” And other varieties of that thinking.

    • Rick Duff says:

      I’m sure the number of bourbon drinkers balking at prices over $30 is similar to the number of wine folks that balk at over $100/bottle. I’m a wine enthusiast (as well as whisky).. however I’ve bought more bourbon over $30 than wine over $100. When you get into those ranges, it’s a very minute percentage of consumers.
      I didn’t mean to open a can of worms here.. I’m VERY excited about this bourbon..

  8. Michael says:

    I think that $80 for 10YO whiskey is quite a lot. There are excellent 18YO and 25YO bourbons or rye whiskies (even limited editions), for not much than $150 (or even less). I do appreciate that John gave it 93 points but it is not in 95-97 range.

  9. Jon W says:

    I’m looking forward to this one. Score of 93 seems like a better baromoter than 10 years, so the price doesn’t really bother me. A 90+ cask strength is probably a winner regardless of how long it’s been sitting in a barrel. (no, I don’t have complete faith in scores either, but I think they’re a better indicator of quality when they’re from a trusted source)

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  11. John Parker says:

    Drinking it right now. Growing on me more and more. Not as good as 2009 Weller but close, wish it had 5 more years on it, would maybe be in it’s own league, sorry Pappy 23. Buy it and enjoy, worth the eighty bucks and worth 160 bucks for putting one in your cabinet for enjoying at a later date.

  12. steven says:

    Have been enjoying this for a couple of weeks now. Really great bourbon, one of the very best I’ve ever had in the 10-12 year range, and I have had a few. Very rich and well balanced. Price high but worth it.

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