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Starting Monday: 10 straight days of whisky reviews

September 8th, 2010

I’m back. I hope you’ve been enjoying the guest posts.

I’ve been tasting a bunch of new whiskies over the past couple of weeks, and I wanted to let you know my thoughts on them. There are two more guest blog posts to go out this week. But starting Monday, I’ll be posting up whisky reviews for ten straight weekdays.

What’s on the agenda? Well, how about these?: Highland Park St. Magnus, Highland Park 1970 vintage, Laphroaig Triple Wood, Balvenie Caribbean Rum Cask, Balvenie Peated Cask, Springbank CV, the two new Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection whiskeys, the new Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, Canadian Mist Black Diamond, Glenmorangie Finealta, and maybe even Redbreast 15 yr. old that’s coming to the U.S.  and some more oak-aged beers.

Stay tuned…

22 Responses to “Starting Monday: 10 straight days of whisky reviews”

  1. Richard says:

    John, you’re such a tease. 😉

  2. Sam S. says:

    Welcome back!
    I’m looking forward to your thoughts on a few of those.

  3. Tanguy says:

    Welcome back, hope you enjoyed the tastings, I also enjoyed the Guest posts while you were gone.
    As the Kentucky Bourbon Festival approaches rapidly, I would like to see more review on American whiskeys. It is important to drum up the crowd all the way to the Gala evening!

  4. Mr Claw says:

    Very intrigued by the Finealta – although maybe I’ve just been suckered-in to LVMH’s merciless marketing…

  5. Dutch says:

    Waiting impatiently for the RB 15yo to come to Michigan, do you have a time frame for it to hit the US shores?

  6. Luke says:

    Welcome back John!

    Re Redbreast 15YO, keep a close eye on the price! Irish Distillers (Pernod Ricard) has dropped the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) in Ireland from €110.00 to €75.00 per 700ml bottle (46% ABV).

    Rumours abound on this side of the Pond that Jameson Vintage Reserve is due for a significant drop in price as well.

    Once again, welcome back!

  7. Andre Girard says:

    Highland Park Earl Magnus is on my “best whisky of the year listing” for 2010… Great great stuff !
    Can’t wait to read your comments on the Balvenie Peated. Hard to imagine how a peated Balvenie could taste like ?!

    Anyway, welcome back, always a pleasure to read our reviews !

  8. Andre Girard says:

    BTW HP just sent their press release for the second Magnus bottle of their trilogy. SINT MAGNUS bottled at 55% alcool.

  9. Texas says:

    Don’t think I can get the Springbank CV, but looking forward to the review.

  10. Jason Pyle says:

    John, looking forward to it. Welcome back as well.

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