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Compass Box Whisky celebrates 10th Anniversary tomorrow

October 22nd, 2010

They’re celebrating with the a new (third) release of Flaming Heart (pictured on the right). They’re also holding a series of 1o year retrospective tastings.

Congrats to John Glaser and the rest of the crew at Compass Box Whisky. Let’s all toast to their continued success tomorrow by raising a glass of one of their fine whiskies. (Mine will be a wee dram of the new Flaming Heart which, by the way, is wonderful.)

21 Responses to “Compass Box Whisky celebrates 10th Anniversary tomorrow”

  1. Jason Pyle says:

    Congrats to John Glaser, Chris, Greg, Robin – that whole crew. They do a fantastic job and have pushed innovation over the last decade. They blend whisky and don’t apologize for it – in fact they believe it’s better (as do I many times).

  2. Louis says:

    Cogratulations, John. CBW has a permanent place in my cabinet. It’s rather chilly here in NYC, so maybe I’ll open up a bottle of Eleuthra tonight. Now maybe you could re-create that Canto Cask 46, one of the finest non-peated drams that I have ever tried.



    PS Any chance of the Eleuthra coming back as well?

    • DavidG says:

      Ditto’s on the Eleuthera – I am down to four bottles stashed away – it got me hooked on all of the Compass Box products – and its been a gateway to the smokier/saltier Islays for friends who were afraid to tread there.
      I hope to see it back, even having read its tombstone on the Compass Box website.
      I have met John at several tasting events and he has been generous with his time and knowledge, and his products are a testament to his passion.

      • Red_Arremer says:

        Eleuthera was discontinued because Diageo shut of Glaser’s flow of Clynelish 12 yo, which was one of it’s main elements. This had something to do with the production of the OB Clynelish 14. If Glaser could get his hands on some of that 12 yo, I believe he could make it again. I love the stuff as much as all of you and I’m not giving up hope.

        I hope John Glaser is reading this, because there are barrels of Clynelish out there. Why not put together new limited editions of Eleuthera now and then?

        • Henry H. says:

          Red, whatever the purpose related to the Clynelish 14 OB, it sure hasn’t done that OB much good, in my opinion. My latest bottle seems to have even more of its edge taken off (read: character removed) than many other Diageo products do. My drinking buddy calls them “rounded,” and it’s not a compliment.

          I’m sure the giant is lurking, waiting to respond to the desires of each and every discerning whisky drinker, so let me be clear: Please let Clynelish be Clynelish; and please do the same with others. If the distillery character is downplayed, what the hell is the point? Maybe bottle your masquerades for those whom you know are their customers (no doubt you know most everything in this regard), and give the rest of us something with more character.

          And yes, I look elsewhere for Clynelish. Aside from Talikser, I’ve taken to doing that with most every Diageo-owned distillery.

  3. B.J. Reed says:

    Congrats John, now get you and your new whisky to Omaha!!! 🙂

  4. Joshie says:

    I just picked up my first bottle of The Peat Monster at Binny’s last weekend, but I haven’t opened it yet. I think I found the perfect time to do so!

  5. Had a dram of Lady Luck last night (just a coincidence). I have always loved Caol Ila, but the Lady Luck takes it up a notch. I loved the oily, citrus, warming smoke flavors. One of the best Scotch I have had. And the Hedonism is one of the most unique whiskeys I have ever had.

    Good luck to John and the gang in the next 10 years.

  6. Alex Cranstoun says:

    Hedonism first release for me. And yes, bring back Eleuthera.

  7. Henry H. says:

    Yes please, Mr. Glaser, more Eleuthera! If need be (higher price for the excellent Clynelish?), I will pay a bit more for it. But it would be tremendous to have back on the market such an excellent vatted malt (go to hell, SWA) for well under $100 USD.

    By the way, if you’re in the Seattle area, the Eleuthera is still on some shelves for $53.35.

  8. Hi Everyone: in my travels across the US, I’ve also been in search of the elusive Eleuthera, the bottle that brought me to the Compass Box fan club many years ago. I found a bottle the other day in Rumson, NJ for the insane price of $43. (yes, I bought it, the last one). There is some to be found in Denver at Lucas Liquors and in Ft. Collins as well. A few places in NYC have a bottle or two left, I would suggest Chelsea Wines. There was a guy out in Queens that had more than a case left but I can’t remember who he was. Vine and Table in Indianapolis has some as well.
    For those who can’t find it, capture a bottle of the new Flaming Heart. It’s magnificent and its Glaser’s homage to our long lost friend with the crazy sounding name.

  9. Jon W. says:


    I love what Compass Box does and I hope they continue to create and innovate for the next 10 years and beyond. I think what they do, in particular with vatted malts, is ahead of its time. Single malts are great and always will be, but there is a lot more potential for creative flavor profiles and such with multi-distillery-malt-whisky.

    • Jon W. says:

      I’ll also echo everyone’s comments on Eleuthera. Probably the favorite of the CB releases I’ve tried. I’d love to see that one return.

  10. two-bit cowboy says:

    Congrats John and all the Compass Box folks.

    So, what’s the distribution on the 4,1XX bottles?

  11. Henry H. says:

    Now that I see the price on the Flaming Heart, count me in. And please keep ’em coming for another couple of decades, Mr. Glaser.

  12. Chris Maybin says:

    Thanks everyone!

    John’s taking a well earned holiday this week in, yes you’ve guessed it, Scotland. I imagine he will be continuing the 10th anniversary celebrations up to and including Gregg’s wedding next weekend (to a lovely New Jersey girl, no less).

    I know he would want me to send his heartfelt thanks to all of you for your kind comments above, and all your support over the last 10 years.

    We’re really pleased with the 10th anniversary releases: the rock’n’roll Flaming Heart and the (really limited edition) Double Single. The FH ($100-$110) should be at a retailer new you in the next couple of weeks, and the DS ($150-$165) a couple of weeks after that.

    As for Eleuthera, well we’re 100% with you on that! If we can find the right whiskies to make it as good as, or hopefully even better than, before, then who knows. Watch this space!

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    Carry on sharing and enjoying!


  13. Andre Girard says:

    Congrats to Compass Box team. They are making such a great job. Hedonism, Oak Cross and Peat Monster are such great whiskies.

    Just bougth a bottle of Spice Tree. Can’t wait to taste it !

  14. JoshK says:

    A local shop just had a tasting of the Compass Box regular lines. Great stuff. Spice Tree was great and Hedonism is so smooth. Congrats to them.

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