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Guest Review: World Whisky – South Africa

November 10th, 2010

Bain’s Cape Mountain (Grain whisky), 46%, $22
South Africa may be home to an increasingly impressive wine industry — and a noted brandy producer — but the country is also home to two whisky distilleries. Drayman’s in Pretoria is run by brewer Moritz Kallmeyer, while the James Sedgwick distillery in Wellington is home to Three Ships and Bain’s Cape Mountain Grain. Bain’s was created by distiller Andy Watts as a way to attract the new, female drinker. Sweet and succulent, this is like an alcohol ice cream sundae — fudge chunks, toffee, and butterscotch syrup, not to mention the ice cream, You pile on the pounds just smelling it. A lush beauty. (Dave Broom)

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 85

3 Responses to “Guest Review: World Whisky – South Africa”

  1. If anyone is interested in this whisky let me know and we can arrange a sample swap. I can also offer the Drayman’s that is mentioned as well as the Three Ships blended 5yo whisky and bourbon cask finish.

    Hope you don’t mind John, but great opportunity to get South African whiskies some further exposure.

    • joe hyman says:

      hey marc,
      is this available in the usa?
      i’d gladly swap samples…i got a bottle recently from a local winery just outside of boston. 5 yr old, very pleasant. Noshoba Valley Winery (they do mostly apple wines i think, they have orchards, and some eau de vie), single malt, aged in their own wine barrels, it’s called ‘stimulus’, 42%.

  2. Hi Joe.
    Sorry only saw this now! If you are still interested please go to my blog and send me a message via the Contact Me page.

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