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Review: Angel’s Envy

January 7th, 2011

Angel’s Envy, 43.3%, $46

Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey finished in a port pipe. This is veteran master distiller Lincoln Henderson’s newest creation, and it’s a beauty. Richly textured, silky, and well-rounded, with ripe berried fruits, candied tangerine, light toffee, maple syrup, and creamy vanilla, sprinkled with spice (cinnamon, hint of mint). Smooth, silky finish, and dangerously drinkable! The port pipe notes dovetail perfectly. Lovely just the way it is, but it’s begging for a cigar. My only gripe: why not 45 or 50% ABV? But I’m splitting hairs. I really enjoy this stuff!

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 93

43 Responses to “Review: Angel’s Envy”

  1. lawschooldrunk says:

    I can’t wait to see this on shelves. Anyone see this in their local store yet?

    Angel’s Envy’s website is very basic right now and all you can do on their site is request it in your area.

    Where was this distilled, John?
    Is the style reminiscent of anything from Canada?

  2. John Hansell says:

    I think the whiskey is just now getting into circulation.

  3. Is this the same stuff they were pouring at WhiskeyFest NY? I had some of it and it tasted great. Looking forward to seeing what they produce in the future.

  4. Joshua says:

    I absolutely loved the stuff. It was my top Bourbon of 2010, easily:

    We should see these on the shelves in February.

    John, great review!

  5. Luke says:

    Ohhh, I’m jealous of you on that side of the Pond! Why can’t we get this stuff in Ireland?!

    By the way: A Happy New Year to all on this Blog!

  6. Cayman says:

    Which distillery is this distilled/barreled at?

  7. Archaeology Carl says:

    If you check out their Facebook page, they have images of a photo shoot in Chicago from December. If you look closely, the bottle shows 90 proof. Don’t know what this means, but hopefully they are considering the stronger proof.

    • Archaeology Carl says:

      Just noticed that the image provided with your review also shows 90 proof, not 86.6. Interesting.

  8. sam k says:

    We’re getting it in PA, too. Who’d have guessed? But then again, they’re dropping Wild Turkey Rye just to piss me off. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

    • Ed in PA says:

      Sam – where do you find out what’s coming to PA – and what’s being dropped?

      • sam k says:

        Ed, the best resource available is the PLCB Users Group (, which generally updates changes in the state store system weekly, but it’s behind right now, probably due to the holidays. I’m also fortunate to have a “fly on the wall” that provides me with advance notice of impending changes.

        • Ed in PA says:

          Thanks Sam. I’ll add that to my regular reading list. I’ve been looking for flies – but so far, have been unsuccessful :^)

  9. Thank you John for a wonderful review of Angel’s Envy Bourbon. I especially like the comment that it is “dangerously drinkable”, as this is what we are hearing most often. The port barrel finish has given the bourbon an amazing smoothness and texture, leading to a LONG finish, allowing the other flavors to play out for an extended time. Since Lincoln is my Dad…I may be a bit biased, but we are fortunate to have something really special as our first Expression.

    We considered bottling at 90 proof, but settled on 86.6. I know it may not seem to be a perceptible difference, but after many tastings, Lincoln felt that the increased proof began to diminish the complexity offered by the port barrel finish. Believe it or not, it did make a HUGE difference. Look for a cask strength or single barrel port finish this winter, just for fun?

    Please contact me direclty for information regarding availability. We are on allocation to the distributors, but I will do my best to make sure it gets in your hands one way or another. My email is

    There are other great things to come!

    @lawschooldrunk—-please contact me for your sample.
    @Gal—I need customs information so I can take care of you.



    • Red_Arremer says:

      How long does it spend in port barrels, Wes?

      • For this expression we are in port barrels for five months. This may vary as we recycle barrels and recondition. I suspect that there will be some variations in order maintain consistency in base profile. Forty (40) percent of the final blend has been in the port barrels with this expression.

        They great thing about what we are doing, however, is that we are embracing these subtle differences, while maintaining an overall base profile. We will keep everyone posted as the expressions evolve. It will be interesting.


  10. mark davis says:

    Do we know which stores in our area will get it ?

  11. James K says:

    If this is the same whiskey that was at Whiskyfest, I’m looking forward to it!

  12. Guy says:

    I tasted this at WhiskeyFest New York and loved it. Absolutely wonderful. I was sure to save the handout they gave so I would remember it.

    I have been looking for it ever since. Funny that I just talked to the retailer I use in New Jersey, who said he could not get it yet. Any help in locating it would be appreciated.

  13. Mr Claw says:

    Coming to the UK anytime soon…?

    We have the same probs getting bourbons & ryes as you chaps have with Scotches!

  14. Snakeman says:

    I’m interested in trying this if it ever makes it to North Central Indiana.
    I did sign up for news alerts at their web sight.

    • Snakeman,

      Lousiville will be the closest outlet to you for the time-being. Come down our way, and spend the day at the track or on the Urban Bourbon Trail!


  15. Willie Auld says:

    WES – what’s the chances of this wonderful looking and sounding Bourbon making it’s way to Scotland any time soon? I would love to get my hands on a bottle to taste at our ‘Angels Whisky Club’. Great name by the way!

  16. Susan says:

    Wes – When can we see this on store shelves in Moore, Oklahoma? We have asked every liquor store in town for it and most of them are clueless. We are anxiously awaiting Angels Envy in the Sooner state!!!! My husband rode the Bourbon trail this past May and is very excited to get a taste of this exquisite Bourbon that is sure to be a hit according to all the sample reviews we have read!!!

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  19. Scott says:

    Just curious,
    Have the laws regarding what can be called “Straight” Bourbon Whiskey changed? I thought under The Federal Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits (27 C.F.R. 5) state that “….aged for a minimum of two years, and has no added coloring, flavoring, or other spirits may (but is not required to) be called Straight Bourbon” Even though this is “finished” in a port barrel (not port added) it sounds like to me it will of coarse end up with some port in the Whiskey (through the barrel leeching, by design of coarse) which should make it a “Blended” Bourbon Whiskey. I’m sure it is a nice product as I enjoy port finished Scotch (Lasanta) however this is a bit hard for a old school Bourbon lover to stomach as it sounds like a bit of false advertising. Also after Makers Mark having to jump through hoops just to add extra charred wood into a barrel….this sounds much more “un-traditional” and not a Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

  20. Scott says:

    “…….However that all said beautiful presentation and marketed as a bourbon blend I would be eager to give it a try. Any relation to the “Rocking Angel” Bourbon?……

  21. Vincent Lynch says:

    Can’t wait to try this. Is the port barrel French or American oak?

  22. Paul says:

    I picked up a bottle in Chicago back in August. I should have picked up more than one. It is absolutely fantastic!!!! I hope that Michigan will pick it up soon. I am now rationing it for special occasions until I can get more.

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