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Review: BenRiach Pedro Ximinez Finish 1995 Vintage

January 13th, 2011

BenRiach Pedro Ximinez Finish, (Cask #7165), 1995 Vintage, 52.3%, $95

This is the heavily peated expression of BenRiach. (BenRiach does not differentiate their peated expressions with a different name, as Springbank does with Longrow, or Tobermory with Ledaig.) It’s also finished with the dark, lush “PX” sherry. Both influences are very evident, with the deep, heavy, earthy, smoky notes complemented by dark, fleshy, dried fruit. I think the two different influences marry very nicely here and I really enjoy drinking it. (Bottling at cask strength is a bonus!)

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 92

19 Responses to “Review: BenRiach Pedro Ximinez Finish 1995 Vintage”

  1. B.J. Reed says:

    BenRiach does a great job with these finishes – I have a 1991 Moscatel Finish and a 1991 Gaja Barolo Finish and they are both excellent – Now I see another one I may have to get a hold of!

    • Matthew Soutar says:

      I love Longrow’s Gaja Barolo bottling but wasn’t aware of BenRaich’s effort, have you compared the two? Bruichladdich 1993 Barolo French oak is also on the hit list!

  2. Gal says:

    Sounds Yumm.

    i did enjoy other peated benriachs (from the Fumusus series), i am sure i will like this one too, and at CS %!!!

  3. lawschooldrunk says:

    Benriach produces some of the best vintage casks on the market. They are a delight to drink and savor. And what a mouthfeel! So chewable.

    Thank you, Billy Walker, and all the others at Benriach and Glendronach

  4. DavidG says:

    John, have you compared this to the PLOWED peated Benriach with the PX finish? I believe that was a 23 year old.

    • John Hansell says:

      I know of this whisky, but I have not tasted it. (Sorry.)

    • George Jetson says:

      David, I have not done a h-t-h with this 1995, but Binny’s has a 1994/2006 PX cask that I *did* compare it against. John has not indicated the age of the 1995 reviewed, but you no doubt realize that the PLOWED bottling spent much longer in the cask. So, to my sensibilities the PLOWED bottling is a much more integrated and sherry-forward whisky. The 1994 Binny’s cask is peatier and drier than the PLOWED with the sherry providing some round edges and interesting dark fruit notes on the finish. I like both expressions, but for different reasons.

  5. whiskymonique says:

    These guys are incredible with the finishes and unique casks. So many different flavors, yet so consistently tasty. You can definitely tell that they take a lot of care in deciding which to release and when, as opposed to flooding the market with a bunch of confusing new things.

    I appreciate that the recent offerings have been single casks, while they are a bit harder to get your hands on, I’d rather have that than putting a bunch of casks together to form what could be a subpar product.

    We toured BenRiach with Stewart last April, and had a look around (more like a taste-around) the warehouse. I struggled to keep track of the cask numbers of my favorites and can’t wait to see how some of those turn out.

  6. Bill H. says:


    I don’t know about Tobermory and Ledaig, but to be fair, Longrow and Springbank are distilled differently, so it’s not merely a matter one being peated and one not.

    -Nit Picker

  7. two-bit cowboy says:

    Let’s see! How ’bout a compare with Lagavulin 1991 D.E.:

    This is single cask, cask strength, two years younger but your score it higher, and it’s less expensive.

    For once, John, I don’t have questions. Thanks for the review.

  8. B.J. Reed says:

    They did it was a festival bottling in 2007 I think – I have one I got at the distillery in March of 2007

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