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Twenty years of Malt Advocate, WhiskyFest & Whisky

March 16th, 2011

We are celebrating Malt Advocate magazine’s 20th Anniversary with the next issue:  20 year’s worth of whiskies, 20 years that saw a lot of change in the industry, and 20 years worth of relationships — that’s the part that’s really worth celebrating!

If you have an anecdote or memory you’d like to share in a special “Dear John” 20th anniversary letters section of Malt Advocate— about the magazine, WhiskyFest, or anything about the last 20 years in whisky — we’d love to hear from you. To avoid a self-congratulatory thread here (which is not my intention), please send your story to Melanie Gochnauer ( with “20 years” on the subject line by April 1st. We’ll print some in the magazine and on our website.

Thanks. We’re looking forward to the next 20 years!

3 Responses to “Twenty years of Malt Advocate, WhiskyFest & Whisky”

  1. Barry Jay says:

    Wow…maybe I’ll be the first to reply. John, you and your colleagues at Malt Advocate have made us all one big family. Each day, many of us gather here to share those things in the World Of Whisky that are near and dear to us. Our thanks to everyone over there in the Metropolis of Emmaus for being the catalyst that brought us all together.

  2. Carl Larson says:

    Enjoy trying to keep up with the “scotch” news, finding new scotches to taste and share.

  3. Derek says:

    Congratulations for 20 good years being a Malt Advocate! Time surely flies when you’re having fun!
    I have been following the magazine for the past 12 or so years and have become quite accustomed to
    your format and critique! Keep up the good work!

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