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Review: Glen Garioch 1991

May 19th, 2011

Glen Garioch 1991, 54.7%, $100

Distilled at Glen Garioch when peated barley was still being used, this 1991 vintage is quite reticent on the nose, considering its strength. Subtle malt and fudge notes, plus a hint of wood smoke. Fresh fruits and a sherbet ‘zing’ on the palate, with a suggestion of treacle. Developing spicy smokiness. Fruitiness is emphasized when water is added. The ‘zing’ — now ginger — lasts to the end of the medium-length finish, with advancing, discreet oak. (Only 120 bottles for the U.S.) –Gavin Smith

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 89

7 Responses to “Review: Glen Garioch 1991”

  1. $100 for a bottle in that limited supply in the US. Not bad for someone looking to add to a small collection.

    • Morgan Steele says:

      Agreed. My bottle is on the way. I haven’t had anything from this distillery before so this will be a nice introduction.

  2. JD says:

    Where can i get a hold of this bottle?

    • Morgan Steele says:

      Park Avenue Liquors (who I buy from) and Binny’s have it listed on their sites.

  3. Red_Arremer says:

    I am definitely interested in this one. I’m constantly waiting for anything good to be done with this distilleries very promising and highly idiosyncratic spirit.

    Just had tried a great one from Douglas Lang. Very earthy.

  4. Glen Garioch is a particular favourite of mine for non-whisky reasons, but I’m also a fan of their liquid.
    I had a sample of this as part of the VIP Tour last year and found it very dusty, citrussy and earthily peaty. I enjoyed the very unusual take on a Highland single malt, and I’m confidant that, when I eventually come to opening my bottle of the 1990 Vintage they released in 2009, it will not disappoint.
    For a fresh, creamy and biscuity whisky, the Founder’s Reserve is worth a punt and is markedly different to the sharp and austere 12yo.

  5. mongo says:

    i have a bottle of the founders’ reserve sitting on my shelves–probably a few months from being opened. i am, however, coming to the end of a 15yo whisky galore bottling from 1988 and i really like it a lot. idiosyncratic, yes. however, i don’t think i can talk myself into rushing out to buy one of these 1991s just because there are only 120 of them in the u.s. (anyone know how many were released worldwide? or where the majority went?)

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