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Review: Glenmorangie Pride

May 21st, 2011

Glenmorangie Pride 1981, 56.7%, $2,850 (approx.)

Glenmorangie Pride employs the use of Sauternes barriques to give a 10 year period of secondary maturation to a batch of spirit distilled in 1981. The result is a whisky with an intense, pungent, earthy nose; very complex, with polished old furniture notes, spices, oak tannins, and licorice. The palate is ‘full on’ for a Glenmorangie; waxy, with sherbet, honey, and baked apple, then orange marmalade, sultana, and a hint of smoke in the lengthy finish. Available July 1.  –Gavin Smith

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 93

19 Responses to “Review: Glenmorangie Pride”

  1. Rick Duff says:

    Do you drink this or dab it behind your ears?

  2. snakeman48 says:

    At that price, you just look at it in the Locked high end, store displays at Binny’s

  3. JWC says:

    bottle looks familiar. was it used recently for another scotch? it has the cartier trinity ring kinda look on the sides. don’t care for the top though. pretty but it doesn’t look like a whiskey bottle to me. i’m with rick, it looks like a perfume bottle. whiskey itself sounds pretty good though although i obviously will never get to taste it. i’m not opposed to some of the REALLY expensive releases like this. to those who can enjoy them (whether they are drinking them or looking at them) i say “congratulations!”.

  4. JohnM says:

    $2,850 (approx)

    You could get 20+ bottles of whisky just as good for that.

  5. Ely says:

    so how old is this supposed to be? distilled in 1981 and bottled in 2011? 30 years old?

    also, what is the 10 year period they’re talking about?

    confusing post…

    • It is officially 29 years old, for the last ten years it was re-casked into a Sauternes cask. The price of course is ridiculous considering its age, but if people are willing to spend their money on this, why not. There’s enough affordable good stuff out there, so I do not to feel left behind.

  6. Using Sauternes casks for finishing is far superior to “normal” wine cask finishes like red wine and white wine. Doing that doesn’t justify the steep price thou 🙂


  7. JWC says:

    i was hoping someone from glemorangie would post anonymously and make a positive comment and get busted by john. =)

    • Ely says:

      I’d actually love to hear how they’d justify this one!

    • Red_Arremer says:

      I’ll leave a positive comment JWC– The tasting notes make it sound great– There.

      You know, We all talk about how stupid it is so much that we’re starting to take it for granted, but the design of this bottle is really so insane. Who would want that or be impressed by that? One pictures a wealthy closed community– An enclave in which everything is trimmed with gold– standard scotch bottles feel out of place and alien. A young neo aristocrat seated in hist home office, amidst futuristic doodads from some high-end version of the sharper image, which we can’t even imagine squints at a family cask 1981 bottle of Glenfarclas, which one of his employees has given him as a birthday present–

      “What is this strange hooch in this ugly overgrown beer bottle?” he thinks. He looks up at the shelves behind his home bar, all filled with beautifully crafted crystal bottles. The Macallan Lallique Series– all in a row. That new bowmore 40 yo ( ) sitting on its stand. Some weird liqueurs in bizarre bottles…. “I can’t put this pedestrian– thing– up there for everyone to see.” He doesn’t exactly think this. It’s more of a feeling.

      He tosses the Glenfarclas 1981 Family cask in his wastepaper basked.

  8. Greg Adams says:

    Come on Guys, they have to pay for the fancy perfume bottle.

  9. Mary says:

    So a $300 scotch in a $2,550 bottle – what a deal.

  10. Dave Baxter says:

    This is something that should embarrass every male Scot, which I am. And I AM embarrassed by this bottle and it’s outrageous price. Support the Indie’s folks…..just MHO 🙂

  11. Timothy says:

    I can hardly afford to drink Scotch, let alone this. Who has this kind of money?

  12. Greg Adams says:

    Not me. This is why Glenfarclas created such a storm when they released a 40 year old in the standard bottle and package and priced it at $460.00.

  13. AaronWF says:

    “…polished old furniture notes…” ??? I’m more of a bourbon and rye guy, but I’ve got a pretty vivid imagination and all this description brings to mind is the image of gnawing on some old wooden armchair knobs, wishing they were somehow new again. Anyone help me out here?

  14. I_SPEY says:

    Hi, I was wondering why some of the reviewers are so negative, some even rather offensive towards this greatly designed Glenmorangie Pride some 30yo, with a marvellous designed bottle and I suppose, a delicious malt whisky. Is it because you cannot afford this liquid or that you’re better with 20+ bottles against this one only? I see the beauty of this design, together with the rare whisky or as you would wish, the other way around, the whisky with the beautiful designed bottle. I think this design, together with the rare liquid, creates something that is PRIDE. Hélas, some reviewers here are Prejudiced!

  15. Ely says:

    i wonder how these are selling two months into the USA launch… only 1,000 bottles for the US… anyone have any data?

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