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Review: Glenfarclas 175th Anniversary

May 31st, 2011

Glenfarclas 175th Anniversary, 43%, £80

First things first — congratulations to the Grants of Glenfarclas on attaining their 175th anniversary. To celebrate, they have vatted together a cask from 1952 with one each from the following five decades — and released it at an exceptionally reasonable price! The nose has a lift of struck match immediately followed by cedar, pomegranate, blackberry jam, and Seville orange. There’s a thick caramel toffee sweetness to the palate alongside the classic ’Farclas depth where dried, but sweet, fruits repose. Recommended. –Dave Broom

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 91

14 Responses to “Review: Glenfarclas 175th Anniversary”

  1. George Jetson says:

    I very much like this version of Glenfarclas. Unfortunately, the limited 6000 bottles (@700ml) worldwide means it probably will not be released in the US. Even in Europe this bottling is hard to come by. As Dave Broom notes, there is a lot going on behind the typical sherried veil of a Glenfarclas. Personally, I didn’t rate it as highly, more like a mid-80s, but maybe I need to revisit it now that the bottle has been opened for several months.

  2. bj reed says:

    Have one coming in the next couple of weeks – Can’t wait!

  3. John Hansell says:

    I really like this whisky. I put a good dent in my bottle already. The price is right too. (Too bad it’s not coming to the U.S., though…)

    • B.J. Reed says:

      My supplier only had a few left when I procured a bottle in early May so demand must be high in UK and elsewhere

  4. JWC says:

    Glenfarclas consistently seems to get commendations about the pricing on great whisky. Pity they won’t ship this to the US.

  5. DCShogun says:

    I love this little company. Anyone know if this expression is available at the distillery? Im headin there (from US) in a few weeks. This is my 3rd road trip in Scotland since 2007. Oh, and anyone know of a good website that lists bottle release locations? I really dont want to be grabbin bottles in scotland i can get back here, and sometimes the distillery staff arent to familiar with the distribution…You all been asked this a million times im sure.

    • bj reed says:

      Email them or give them a call to see – Also, check with Whisky Shop and Royal Mile Whisky in Edinburgh or Loch Fyne in Inveraray to see if they might have any – Odd Bins has largely disappeared but there are a few shops still open. – If in London try Vintage House. Just a few possibilities.

  6. The Bitter Fig says:

    The sense I get is mostly that all their whiskies are priced for consumption rather than collecting. The Penderyn Single Cask in it’s fancy wooden box, Glenmorangie Pride in the giant perfume bottle, 40 YO Bowmore – all quite expensive, and marketed towards collectors. It seems like everything Glenfarclas puts out goes into bottles of a standard shape, with plain labeling, in simple cardboard and aluminum canisters. I mean, their 40 YO looks like their 12 YO with only a different number on the bottle, and in less fancy packaging than some supermarket whiskies. It’s clear they expect someone to drink the stuff, and I’ve got huge respect for that. Too bad they don’t sell any of it in my state, nor is it legal to ship into it…

    • bj reed says:

      One suggestion if you are ever across the pond is to pick up their 15 YO which also doesn’t come to the States – It is a nice dram and as with most Glenfarclas, a great price point.

      • Morgan Steele says:

        I agree about the 15. It was recommended to me at an airport shop. I’m looking to re-stock soon.

  7. Mary says:

    Glenfarclas should be the example to all the whisky perfume bottlers out there – they make excellent whisky & respect the consumer. They respect me by not trying to sell a silly pretty bottle w/overpriced whisky & I respect them by purchasing their whisky regularly & recommending it to others. Long live Glenfarclas!

  8. Jon W. says:

    Man. I love Glenfarclas. Really disappointed that this one won’t make it to the US.

    • If you are intrested in one botle of the Glenfarclas 175th anniversary .
      Wat do you want to pay for this botle let my no that by E-mail.
      I have two botles one for myself .
      gretings from holland.

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