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Review: Redemption “High Rye” Bourbon

August 11th, 2011

Redemption “High Rye” Bourbon (Batch #1), 46%, $25

Aged “over 2 years” and with over 38% rye in the mashbill (high for bourbon). It’s fresh, youthful, and brisk, with sweet corn, bright fruit, brittle mint, cinnamon, and a dusting of cocoa, leading to a slightly aggressive finish. A bit too youthful, actually, for sipping—it would benefit from a few more years aging. Save this one for your next manhattan. Its sibling, Redemption Rye (of similar age) fares better. (I rated it an 84.) — John Hansell

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 78

8 Responses to “Review: Redemption “High Rye” Bourbon”

  1. Mary says:

    So, is that 2 years & 1 month? 🙂

  2. sam k says:

    I just saw where the latest edition of The Tasting Panel gave this a…are you ready?…whopping 93 points!!

    John, what could you possibly have missed on this one? :>D

  3. thomas mckenzie says:

    I had a bottle and really liked it. They do a good job at ldi I think. Sam, be careful what you read.

  4. John Hansell says:

    Sam, it tastes like a high rye bourbon that’s barely over two years old. One of the informal criteria use to rate something an 80 is “would I enjoy drinking this neat?” My answer: no. It’s just too young. With all due respect, Thomas and I come from two different perspectives when it comes from very young whiskeys given that he makes and sells whiskeys younger than this one.

    • Red_Arremer says:

      Thanks for the heads up on this one. Having enjoyed their rye, I was coming close to taking the plunge on the bourbon.

    • Thomas Mckenzie says:

      I agree with your rating John. I was trying to tell Sam be careful what he reads elsewhere.

  5. Jesse Smith says:

    I liked it. But in truth it really is good only as a mixer. For the price point you can pick up Bulleit’s Rye and probably enjoy it more.

  6. […] I do agree with John Hansell that Redemption’s High-Rye Bourbon is “youthful.” Though while he suggests the bourbon would benefit from a few more years of aging, I’d like to think that one of the things I enjoy most about it is its very youthfulness. That burn, the bite: when it hits, it hits intensely and I enjoy its vibrancy, especially before sitting down to a heavy, pasta-based dinner. That said, if you’re looking for a more mature, after-dinner drink, go with something that has a little more age. […]

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