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Review: Springbank 11 year old

August 18th, 2011

Springbank, 11year old, 58%, $105

Finished in a rum cask. Gently sweet (caramel, vanilla cream, kiss of honey), with balancing fruit (lime, kiwi, green grape) and spice (white pepper, brine). Youthful (but not immature). Invigorating briny finish. I don’t know what kind of rum cask was used, but it comes across more like sugar cane juice-based rhum agricole than the molasses-based rums. Very nice! (A Park Avenue Liquor exclusive.) — John Hansell

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 89

10 Responses to “Review: Springbank 11 year old”

  1. Rick H says:

    I had the pleasure to taste some Springbank in Rum cask – Cadenhead’s in Edinburgh had a few bottles store exclusive (I believe they are owned by J&A Mitchell as well) and it’s fabulous. Honestly there are no bad whiskies to come out of J&A Mitchell’s brands. These are some of my absolute favorite whiskies. The Springbank 18 and Longrow 18 were divine at the Whisky Fringe. And I bought the Springbank Rum cask bottle 😉

  2. mongo says:

    $105 for an 11yo cs? i know springbank is expensive because they don’t discount for the u.s market and it’s triple tier pricing, and that this is an exclusive, but the regular 12yo cs sells in the $60s in most u.s markets.

    • Brian B (Brian47126) says:

      Great whiskey–abysmal pricing. That’s Preiss for you. Whenever we see a Springer reviewed this is always a guaranteed comment theme.

      • mongo says:

        who’s importing the samaroli line that’s now in the u.s? those prices make even the springbank 18 look like a steal.

        • Red_Arremer says:

          I’ll bet this is a more exciting whiskey than the 18 though– I had the Springer they did the full 11 years in a madeira cask and that was some great bold stuff. Too bad I don’t live in NY I might give this one a shot…

          • mongo says:

            i have the 18 (procured from the u.k). as much as i love the full-term 11yo madeira wood, the 18 is a lot better. but even the madeira wood was available starting at $70 in many u.s markets.

            i guess this is sort of the trifecta of overpricing: springbank–preiss imports–park avenue liquor.

      • lawschooldrunk says:

        No, this has New York City rent and overhead written all over it.

  3. Morgan Steele says:

    Kudos to Park Avenue for another interesting exclusive! I’m sure I’ve never seen tasting notes of lime, kiwi and grape mixed with white pepper and brine before. At $105, this is a pass for me but I’m envious of those who snag a bottle. I’d love a taste. Tempting review, John.

  4. bj reed says:

    How does this compare with earlier Rum Cask Springbank bottlings?

  5. bj reed says:

    Guess not 🙂

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