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Review: Ardmore Traditional Cask, 1998 vintage

August 23rd, 2011

Ardmore Traditional Cask, 1998 vintage, 46%, $50

A single cask of Ardmore aged in first-fill bourbon cask and then finished in a quarter cask. This one is more mature, with more depth, than the standard Ardmore Traditional Cask (which I rated 80 a few years back). Notes of toffee, vanilla bean, chocolate fudge, licorice stick, bourbon, tar, charcoal, and a hint of burnt raisin. Very nice! (A Julio’s Liquors Exclusive.) – John Hansell

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 87

10 Responses to “Review: Ardmore Traditional Cask, 1998 vintage”

  1. JoshK says:

    They don’t seem to do online sales, pity.

  2. Vincent Lynch says:

    It’s interesting that a period (how long I wonder) of aging in a quarter cask improved this whiskeys rating by 7 points. Perhaps this can be a way forward for the smaller bourbon producers to get a product that’s young but tastes a little more mature, rather than aging in smaller barrels?

    • PeteR says:


      Look back to the June 27th post in the Archives section. Plenty of discussion on this topic.

  3. PeteR says:


    Was the traditional cask from a few years back also finished in quarter casks?

  4. The Bitter Fig says:

    My understanding is that Ardmore Traditional is typically finished in Quarter Casks, but that this one is matured a bit longer before being put into the QC, and they picked a good cask before the QC treatment. Still, looks good and I wish Julio’s was closer to where I live.

    Or that Ardmore of any sort was available in my state…

  5. kallaskander says:

    Hi there,

    that is interesting. Ardmore is under the Beam umbrella afaik and they do not sell or promote it across the USA?

    Well perhaps you have more choice of Ardmore malts when Beam is no longer with Fortune Brands.

    I have not seen the above bottling or one of its kind in Germany yet. We have only the usual Traditional.

    Is it a bottling especially for Massachusetts or a retailer there?


  6. Gary Gillman says:

    Excellent bottling and a fine value, much better than many malts which are away more expensive. I got good peat notes, covered probably by the tar and charcoal in your notes (or vice versa!). Jackson always liked Ardmore, as usual the master was unerring.


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