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Another week, and more new whiskies!

September 7th, 2011

This time it’s two new ones from Glenrothes, two new ones from Auchentoshan, and one more from Glen Garioch. Details below from the PR companies. (Again, this is from a U.S. perspective.)

This will be the smokiest Glen Garioch ever released on the market.  The current ‘house style’ is not smoky/no peat but pre-1995 (when the distillery was closed for a bit), Glen Garioch used peat to dry it’s barley which imparted a smoky flavor.  Since this is the last vintage laid down before Glen Garioch closed, it is the smokiest you will ever taste from this Highland distillery. Ever.  Glen Garioch 1994 – approx $109.99.

A ‘valinch’ is the cellar master’s best friend. It’s the tube that goes into the cask to pull out samples for him to taste and determine if the whisky is ready for bottling.  The perfect name for this cask-strength version of Auchentoshan’s Classic expression.  Auchentoshan is the only triple-distilled malt in all of Scotland, making it smooth, smooth, smooth.  Valinch gives a kick though, because it’s cask strength.  Auchentoshan Valinch – approx $59.99.

This new expression is a rarity!  It’s not a rarity that a single malt is finished in a wine cask (that happens) but it is a rarity that a malt is 100% wine cask matured.  And this one is.  See what interesting flavors 11 years in a red wine cask imparts to this smooth, Lowland malt. Auchentoshan 1999 – approx $69.99.


The first one is a 1995 vintage release. The second one is an “Editor’s Cask” (This is a brand new limited-edition vintage, only 130 bottle for the US, coming out this winter for $250. The cask selected is Cask #9973. It’s a Spanish oak hogshead. Distilled in 1996 and bottled at 55.8% abv.)

19 Responses to “Another week, and more new whiskies!”

  1. lawschooldrunk says:

    Any age statement on the Auchentoshan Valinch? Age Matters!

  2. Nash Patel says:

    I love this family of Single Malts, specially the Smokier the Better ..Can’t just wait to have my hands on this one..I’ve tried the AUCHENTOSHAN Brands, but not the 1999 BORDEAUX WINE CASK , will look for it too..!!The other Glenroth”s I’ve tried are simply the best ..

  3. Rick H says:

    Tried the Valinch in Edinburgh. Wasn’t a fan.

  4. Erik Burgess says:

    Glen Moray have a couple of cracking 100% wine cask matured whiskies.

    I had their 8yo Chenin Blanc (French) at 60.7% at Whisky Live Glasgow last weekend.

    Also had a 10 yo Chardonnay at 40% at Whisky Fringe in Edinburgh.

  5. mongo says:

    isn’t springbank’s hazelburn expression triple distilled as well?

  6. Red_Arremer says:

    Auch puts out a lot of c/s whiskies, but usually the wood has a big say (often in a good way). The Classic, however, is their young NAS economy expression and it has relatively little wood impact– Really shows the lowland bare-bones of the style for you to love or hate. Putting it out at cask strength is a great way of owning the products idiosyncrasies. It’s like saying “this isn’t just a cheap funny tasting dram that we crank out for whisky novices– It’s the lowland style. We’re proud of it and want you to give it a shot.”

  7. Ron McGregor says:

    Have not tasted many Lowland malts but all Inverleven expressions are above reproach as well as the Rosebanks’ which eloquently demostrate the incredible unique spectrum of single malts!

  8. MrClaw says:

    Err – guessing this is a PR mistake.

    Hazelburn is *also* triple-distilled and Springbank itself goes through 3 ‘distillations’ (the 2nd ‘distillation’ being only 1/2 the 1st distillate; the full distillate is then distilled a ‘2nd’ time).

    Granted, the distillery is now dead, but Littlemill’s 12 is still being released and that is triple-distilled.

    Also, wasn’t Benriach’s Horizon triple-distilled? And I could swear that Benrinnes and Bruichladdich have done triple-distilled whiskies too…

    We also have the many sadly departed Lowland distilleries for which it’s still possible to pick up a bottle (often if you’re willing to mortgage a kidney…)

    I suppose what they mean is that Auchentoshan is the only *full-time* triple-distilled malt from a functioning distillery in Scotland…?

    • Danny Maguire says:

      It’s not what they said.

      • two-bit cowboy says:

        You’re right, but the distillery’s sort of “motto” says “every drop” of Auchentoshan is triple distilled, and it’s the only distillery in Scotland to make that claim..

  9. MrClaw says:

    @Mongo & Mary

    You beat me to it!

  10. MrClaw says:

    @Ron McGregor

    Depending where you are in the world, it’s still possible to get hold of some indy bottlings of St Magdalene/Linlithgow (Signatory, Douglas Laing, Berry Bros, etc).

    The entry prices in the UK tend to sit around £120-150 at the mo, but they’ve been going up reasonably quickly (they were about £70-£80 only a couple of years ago).

    Still, worth getting hold of one if you can, it’s a delightful malt.

    • Red_Arremer says:

      It is worth the effort to seek some of those old lowlands out. Auchentoshan Classic and 12 yo are their only regular releases that really get at the lowland style and they are not really among Auch’s best releases.

      The things to look for if you want to see the style at its finest are refill cask Rosebanks or St. Magdelene’s in their late teens.

      Bladnoch, which is an open distillery, also produces good lowland style whisky. I have some nice things from independent bottlers, but can’t comment on their distillery bottlings as they’re unfortunately unavailable in the US.

      • two-bit cowboy says:

        Concur on the IB Bladnochs, Red. I tried a few recent G&Ms last spring and thought they were delightful.

  11. bj reed says:

    I have a 15 YO – Pre 1995 Glen Garoich and it is quite good – Will be interesting to compare with this new vintage. I can tell you I didn’t pay $100 for it …

  12. Matt MacLean says:

    Hello John, I have tried the 95′ and happy to say I did. Wow, it reminds me of the 94′ on steroids. I just received 2 bottles from Loch Fine in Scotland. They get the order done and ship by sea so it takes a couple weeks. I recently came by the 1981 vintage in Canada. This place “” they say they came by the only bottles out there from Berry Bros. I hade to hop on a plane to get them, since Canada doesn’t allow alcohol to ship out of the country. The 81′ is also amazing. See you next week maybe at the Glenrothes booth in SF. Love the new name for the mag, Matt

  13. Matt MacLean says:

    Is this Editors cask a distillery release of Glenrothes? Interesting, Who told you about this and can you pass along any links for further research? Matt

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