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Another week, and more new whiskies!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

This time it’s two new ones from Glenrothes, two new ones from Auchentoshan, and one more from Glen Garioch. Details below from the PR companies. (Again, this is from a U.S. perspective.)

This will be the smokiest Glen Garioch ever released on the market.  The current ‘house style’ is not smoky/no peat but pre-1995 (when the distillery was closed for a bit), Glen Garioch used peat to dry it’s barley which imparted a smoky flavor.  Since this is the last vintage laid down before Glen Garioch closed, it is the smokiest you will ever taste from this Highland distillery. Ever.  Glen Garioch 1994 – approx $109.99.

A ‘valinch’ is the cellar master’s best friend. It’s the tube that goes into the cask to pull out samples for him to taste and determine if the whisky is ready for bottling.  The perfect name for this cask-strength version of Auchentoshan’s Classic expression.  Auchentoshan is the only triple-distilled malt in all of Scotland, making it smooth, smooth, smooth.  Valinch gives a kick though, because it’s cask strength.  Auchentoshan Valinch – approx $59.99.

This new expression is a rarity!  It’s not a rarity that a single malt is finished in a wine cask (that happens) but it is a rarity that a malt is 100% wine cask matured.  And this one is.  See what interesting flavors 11 years in a red wine cask imparts to this smooth, Lowland malt. Auchentoshan 1999 – approx $69.99.


The first one is a 1995 vintage release. The second one is an “Editor’s Cask” (This is a brand new limited-edition vintage, only 130 bottle for the US, coming out this winter for $250. The cask selected is Cask #9973. It’s a Spanish oak hogshead. Distilled in 1996 and bottled at 55.8% abv.)

An important note for Malt Advocate magazine subscribers

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

The fall issue of Malt Advocate will be released a couple weeks later than usual. This is intentional, and I promise it will be worth the wait. We spent the last several months re-designing the magazine, and we will relaunch it at a special event in about two weeks.

A magazine re-design is nothing new. During the 20 years of Malt Advocate, we have re-designed it several times. This one, however, is our biggest–and the one we are most proud of.

That’s all I am going to say for now. I just wanted to let our loyal subscribers know why they will be getting their issue a little later than usual. 

When it is released, I will let you know right here. Stay tuned…