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Review: Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

November 17th, 2011

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 12 year old 1999, 49%, $50

Rather bold (especially with the spice notes), with dark fruit (black raspberry jam, plum), citrus glaze, vibrant spice (vanilla, cinnamon, clove), a dusting of cocoa powder, polished leather, and pencil shavings, all on a bed of caramel. Long, spicy finish.  A nice way to finish a rich, hearty meal, perhaps?

Advanced Whisky Advocate magazine rating: 88

14 Responses to “Review: Old Forester Birthday Bourbon”

  1. Wade says:

    I tried this the other night and thought is was very good; the best OFBB in past 5-6 years.

  2. lawschooldrunk says:

    Never had any rendition of this bourbon. Sounds good, though.

  3. Vince says:

    I agree with your review John, especially about the spice (which I think is not as balanced as I would like). I also disagree that it is one of the best over the last 5 years. I think the 2010 is superior. Just my opinion.
    LawSchoolDrunk, if you can ever find one buy it, you will enjoy it!

  4. Bob Siddoway says:

    I’m pretty sad I have yet to see this one locally yet… Probably won’t have a bottle in time for a “rich, hearty meal” like you said, John.
    I will have to find something else suitable for a belly full of turkey and pie…

  5. Scribe says:

    OK, this may be rather trite on a blog like this…but I’ll make the point anyway: I tried last year’s and really liked it…however…the bottle, by design, simply took up too much room in my limited liquor cabinet…and I get in trouble with my better half if bottles start spilling out onto the bar counter space! I just wish they had a “slimmed down” version, packaging-wise! 🙂

    • Jason Beatty says:

      This packaging is what sets it apart and makes a difference when it has that price tag. Take for example, the Willet bottle, it takes up a great deal of space but looks VERY interesting on the back shelf.

      To Bob: check the bourbons at The Party Source (in KY outside of Cincinatti) and ask Jay if you have any questions because I bet he can ship you some bottles at a low cost, and Jay has some ryes that will pair really well or even the 4 Roses Single Barrel regular edition, which I find it just about as good as the 2012 special edition single barrel.

  6. John Parker says:

    What’s everyone drinking for Turkey day, I will be Thank full drinking Pappy Van Winkle 15 and 20 year, William Larue Weller 09, 10 & 11–so watch out family :-)…

    • Jason Beatty says:

      I think I am going to save the Pappy bottles for another time. I just bought a 17 year Jefferson’s Presidential at the liquor store down the street and the woman looked at me like I was crazy to pay $90 for it. On Thanksgiving I will drink the Angel’s Envy, which I know I can replace.

  7. joseph maritato says:

    Cant be to many bottles of the Jefferson 17yr presidential left.Not a bad price at $90.I pay 70 for it and i own a Whiskey Bar.Its my favorite bourbon of all time.(that ive tasted).Havnt tasted the Old Forester Bday yet.Hopefully this week.Really like the Angels Envy.The Antique collection did not disappoint.Tried them all even though i only recieved 1 bottle of each.The Pappys are next.The allocations have gotton so small.I used to get cases of the Pappy 12yr.It would fly out of the bar.I agree with John the 15yr is the best bang for the buck.I also like the 13yr family rye.(hard to get).Love this site John.This is were i start my research.

  8. Red_Arremer says:

    I’d love to try this sometime, but this is just a test post as there’s a glitch occuring when I try to post on the Masterson’s Rye review. All I get is a little message that says “sorry no posts matched your criteria”

    • Red_Arremer says:

      Just tried posting to the Masterson’s review again and its still not working (though this thread apparently is). Oh well…

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