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Whisky Advocate writers appearing at WhiskyFest New York 2012

January 4th, 2012

In a previous post, I shared the exciting news about what’s in store for WhiskyFest™ New York 2012. The excitement doesn’t stop there. In fact, that’s just the beginning!  I’m thrilled to announce that we will have several  Whisky Advocate writers in attendance at the Grand Tasting events the evenings of Friday, October 26th and Saturday, October 27th and moderating our seminars during the day on Saturday, October 27th.

Dave Broom, Lew Bryson, Jonny McCormick, Dominic Roskrow, and Gavin Smith will be joining us for this exceptional whisky weekend. Whether you are in the trade (retailers, brand ambassadors, distillers, restaurant owners, etc.), a whisky aficionado, or new to the world of whisky, these are personalities you do not want to miss. You can find them all in one place this entire weekend.  Read more about them here and get all the details on WhiskyFest New York 2012 weekend here.

Coming soon: details on the seminar topics during the day-long program on October 27th.

7 Responses to “Whisky Advocate writers appearing at WhiskyFest New York 2012”

  1. Steve says:

    That sounds like a good time! But how about some more info on Chicago? The whisky list isn’t even out yet and we are talking about New York already? I’m probably just a bit anxious, Chicago will be my first whisky fest!!

    • sam k says:

      Steve, WhiskyFest Chicago is without peer, at least until WFNY 2012 rears its head. Not to worry, there will be great seminars and an incredibly diverse selection of whiskeys (including crafts), perhaps encouraged by its geographically central location.

      I hope to cross paths with you there and share a moment during the festivities!

      • Steve says:

        Thanks for the info Sam. If we cross paths, the dram is on me ha ha! Looks like the whisky list is starting to come along!

  2. Vince says:

    Chicago is great!! I went last year for the first time and I am going back again this year…..and next year… and the year after… (well, you get the point)

  3. Matt MacLean says:

    I have had the chance to attend the last 2 in SF and they have been fantastic. I will, and have gone via VIP because the crowds later on in the evening get quite large. The earlier crowd often know where there going and enjoy some of the exclusive vintages only for that first hour. Both occasions have been spectacular and maybe this year for a change will check out the NY event, just for a change of venue. It’s a great night for Whisky!

  4. Steve, as you noticed, Chicago’s whisky list has been posted. Also, I wanted to let you know, even though it’s not yet updated on the web site, that we have speakers lined up from Heaven Hill, The Glenlivet, Redbreast Pot Still Whiskey, Bowmore, Yamazaki, The Classic Malts, and Highland Park. I’ll look forward to seeing you at your first WhiskyFest in March!
    WhiskyFest Events manager

  5. Jason Beatty says:

    This 2 day extravaganza makes me want to go back home! And more exciting than the Superbowl down the street.

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