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WhiskyFest NY 2012 Seminar Program Agenda

January 13th, 2012

We’ve completed the agenda for the Saturday seminar program for our 15th Annual WhiskyFest New York, which has now been expanded to an entire weekend. (The Saturday seminars will be book-ended by grand tasting events on Friday and Saturday nights. Follow my link above for more details.) I include the agenda below.

We are still putting together the list of whiskies that will be poured and whiskymakers that will be participating as panel members for each seminar topic. Two things I know for sure already:

  • The whiskies you will be tasting during the “Whisky Auctions and Collecting” seminar in itself will be worth the price of admission.
  • We will have the “A list” of master distillers and blenders at this event (in addition to all of our main whisky writers).

Stay tuned for more details.


WhiskyFest 2012 Seminar Topics and Schedule


9:00 Opening remarks (John Hansell)

An overview of the day’s activities

9:15 Debut whisky #1 (Scotch)

9:30 Whisky collecting and auctions (Panel Moderator: Jonny McCormick)

Fueled by the global demand in whisky, whisky auctions and collecting are booming right now. We’ll take a look at current auction trends, offer tips in collecting whisky and participating in auctions, and we’ll taste some very rare whiskies often seen on the auction block.

10:15 Debut whisky #2 (Irish)                   

10:30 Trending scotch (Panel Moderator: Dave Broom)

What’s hot right now in the Scotch whisky world? We’ll take a look at the latest trends, described first-hand by the master distillers and blenders who are making them. We’ll also provide a sneak peak of upcoming new releases.

11:15 Debut whiskey #3 (Bourbon)

11:30 Understanding Irish: deciphering Single Pot Still, Single Malt, and Blended Irish Whiskey (Panel Moderator: Dominic Roskrow)

Single Pot Still whiskey is unique to Ireland. How does Single Pot Still whiskey differ from Single Malts and Blended whiskeys, which are also part of the Irish whiskey fabric? We’ll sort it out, and we’ll taste our way through the finest Ireland has to offer.

12:15 Whisky and food pairing lunch (Moderated by Gavin Smith)

1:30 Bourbon and Rye Innovations (Panel Moderator: Lew Bryson)

There’s more experimental and creative whiskey releases now than ever before. We will assemble a panel of experts from the whiskey companies that are conducting this research to gain insight on what’s working, what isn’t working, and what’s to come.

2:15 A tasting of select Whisky Advocate award winning and other highly-rated whiskies

Moderated by John Hansell, but includes the entire Whisky Advocate review team (Lew Bryson, Dave Broom, Gavin Smith, and Dominic Roskrow)

3:00 Closing remarks (John Hansell)

No Responses to “WhiskyFest NY 2012 Seminar Program Agenda”

  1. John Hansell says:

    Just a few additional comments about this weekend. As you can see, many whiskies will be making their debut at this event, which will also make the event exciting.

    If you are interested attending, you can pick and chose whether to just go to the evening grand tasting (with or without VIP ticket option) or to get a combo ticket for one of the evenings and the day of seminars. Details will be announced shortly on our website, and tickets will also be available for purchase very soon.

  2. Morgan Steele says:

    Any plans in the future to have these seminars accessible online?

  3. John – this format is very exciting! I am looking forward to purchasing a combo ticket for the seminars and grand tasting. Some questions below.

    How many people do you expect to attend the seminar day? I imagine it would be quite the undertaking to organize that many seminars, each with their own whiskies, for a group as large as that which attends the grand tasting.

    Are you limiting the number of seminar tickets to a number much lower than the grand tasting?

    Have you considered a ticket option that allows entrance to both grand tastings and the seminar day? I often regret (with happiness, of course) that I am unable to sample as many whiskies as I might like at the grand tasting. The reasons are many: too drunk (even without swallowing everything I try!), not enough time, and even getting caught up in conversation with those tending the booths. It is certainly a great problem to have! Two nights in a row might just eliminate that regret.


  4. Judd says:

    I don’t mean to ask a stupid question, LOL, but can you give us any idea as to when tickets will go on sale, other than SOON? I just want to be sure to get VIP tix for my friends 🙂
    Thanks! =)

  5. Judd, my answer to the question, “When will WhiskyFest New York tickets go on sale?,” has been, “By the end of January.” But now I can do better than that, and tell you that they will go on sale this week. The wait will soon be over!

  6. Judd says:


  7. Greg Bruen says:

    Mentally, I’ve already bought my tickets for the whole weekend! Way to up the ante and craft a unique and potentially spellbinding experience. I’ll find a way to weave in a steakhouse dinner, fine cigars, and voila–perfection.

  8. Judd says:

    The wife just said “Happy Valentines Day” and bought me the VIP weekend pass!!! Soooooo excited :):)

  9. Judd says:

    Wonder I was first? LOL!

  10. Tom D says:


    I promise to walk right past you and head for the whisky. Hopefully, a simple nod of appreciation will do.

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