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18th Annual Whisky Advocate Awards: daily posts beginning February 1st

January 23rd, 2012

The Whisky Advocate Awards program is the longest-running annual whisky awards program, now in its eighteenth year. The awards recognize excellence in the world of whisky.

The awards are announced annually in the spring issue, which subscribers receive in early March. But the 2011 award recipients will be announced here, first, beginning February 1st. The daily posts will also reach my Twitter feed (@JohnHansell) and the Whisky Advocate Facebook page.  (More details on the foundation of the Whisky Advocate Awards program–how they are chosen and why–will precede the awards announcements on January 31, 2012.)

Why are they announced here first? The daily announcements reach a larger audience far faster by way of social media than in print media. This blog also offers an interactive element between whisky enthusiasts, industry personnel, and press. Previous year’s postings prompted a lot of discussion and I’m certain that will continue with this year’s award announcements.

Beginning February 1st, visit this blog daily to read the award winner, the magazine write-up, and the comments that follow. The dates the award winners will be announced are as follows:

February 1st: Artisan Whisky of the Year (North America)

February 2nd: American Whisky of the Year

February 3rd: Canadian Whisky of the Year

February 4th: Irish Whiskey of the Year

February 5th: Japanese Whisky of the Year

February 6th: New World Whisky of the Year

February 7th: Blended/Blended Malt Scotch Whisky of the Year

February 8th: Speyside Single Malt of the Year

February 9th: Islay Single Malt of the Year

February 10th: Highlands Single Malt of the Year

February 11th: Lowlands/Campbeltown Single Malt of the Year

February 12th: Distillery of the Year

February 13th: Lifetime Achievement Award

No Responses to “18th Annual Whisky Advocate Awards: daily posts beginning February 1st”

  1. sku says:

    Time to call my bookie!

  2. Jason Beatty says:

    I wear a casino gaming badge and cannot place my wager. Place my bet for me on the Buffalo coming out of the 12th gate.

  3. B.J. Reed says:

    Looking forward to it.

  4. Andre Girard says:

    Can’t wait to see the results !
    Stay tuned.

  5. Matt Brown says:

    Are you not doing best buy of the year this year?

  6. Looking forward to seeing the recipients of this years awards. Just got back from the Victoria Whisky Festival and there was some outstanding whisky presented at the Canadian Whisky Awards. Will one of them make the Canadian Whisky of the Year for the annual Whisky Advocate Awards? I have my favorite.

    I have February 3rd marked on my calendar.

  7. Tadas says:

    Did you do an official tasting of Alberta Premium 30 Years Old release Canadian whisky? It was released in 2011 as a limited release.

  8. R. Reehm says:

    Being an American Whiskey drinker and not a fan of Scotch (to each their own) I would have really liked the list of awards to reflect more of the varieties that are offered in today’s American Whiskey’s from large batch to true single barrel not to mention the flavored blends that are introducing the fine taste of charcoaled barrels to a new generation.

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