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Bid on some great whiskies for charity

October 22nd, 2012

This Sunday, Bonhams will be conducting a whisky auction in New York City. You can find the catalog of whiskies here.

You may remember that I posted I’m auctioning my entire collection of Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintages. I have a bottle from each of the 17 vintage, many of them Barrel No. 1 and signed by (Master Distillers) Parker Beam or his son Craig Beam. I’m donating 100% of the proceeds to charity. (I’m letting my wife Amy pick the charity, since she has to put up with me and my crazy passion for whisky.) It’s Lot No. 369. Estimated range is $800-$1,000.

A fine gentleman, seeing my post about donating my Evan Williams vintages, is following suit by donating four bottles of A. H. Hirsch 16 year old bourbons from the long-gone Michter’s distillery. (Lots 388-391.) Each bottle is its own lot, with a range of $400-600.

Finally, for those with a little more pocket change than I have, you can also bid on Lot No. 84: the Bowmore 1957 Vintage, 54 year old. All the proceeds are going to charity. It’s range is set at $160,000-$190,000. Seriously, if you have a lot of disposable income, why don’t you buy this great bottle of scotch instead of the new yacht? A yacht costs a lot of money to maintain, and you need someplace big to story it. This Bowmore requires no maintenance other than a little dusting and drinking and can be stored in a liquor cabinet or display case. And it’s for charity.


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  1. Randy Perrelet says:

    You might want to notify the Catholic Church about your wife. She is probably eligible for sainthood.

    • John Hansell says:

      She’s put up with a lot. That’s an understatement. But somehow I was able to parlay it into a career, so it could be worse.

      • I’d like to second John’s comment about wonderful (and tolerant) spouses supporting our hobbies and professions. My wife Jennifer even “encourages” my endless search for interesting spirits, the frequent tastings I do with friends and colleagues and my insatiable appetite to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime about anything concerning the world of spirits.

        I’d also like to thank Joe Hyman from Bonhams for convincing the company to forgo the sellers fee so the full hammer price goes to charity. There are a lot people out there, even in our own community that can really use our help these days. Bravo Joe!

        WhiskyFest Weekend + Bonhams Events = Four Days of Whiskey Bliss!

        Looking forward to seeing everyone in NYC. Safe travels to and in the city.

  2. Joe Hyman says:

    All the charity bottles will be on display along with many more at the Bonhams Whisky Tasting Event . It will take place at the Bonhams gallery at 580 Madison Avenue (56th St), Thursday evening, October 25, from 6-8pm. Brad Jarvis will be pouring and discussing 11 selections from the lines of Douglas Laing (Old Malt Cask, Douglas of Drumlanrig, Clan Denny, Maltman). The event is free of charge and all are welcome.

  3. Rick Duff says:

    Did Bonham’s ever step up and offer to donate their fees for your auction item?

  4. NP says:

    I praise you John for offering those lovely whiskies for charity. Truly, I do.

    But the 54yr/190K half-bottle of Bowmore… I am not sure…
    I mean, ok this is a PR stunt – it works obviously – and of course I am delighted this money will be used to help those who need it but still….this means the whisky world came to a point where, if this was a 750ml, it would legitimately go for quarter million $? C’mon…

    For that kind of money it better be a 1857.

  5. sam k says:

    What a stellar addition to Whisky Week in NYC! WhiskyFest New York Friday and Saturday, then Bonham’s on Sunday. Doesn’t get any better!

  6. Bob Siddoway says:

    If the winner of the Bowmore wants to share, I’ll gladly have a dram! 🙂

    • Joe Hyman says:

      Why leave it to chance Bob? Bid on it yourself! 😉

      If you come to the auction, at least you can try an Evan Williams Single Barrel! I will be pouring the 1993 vintage which I was lucky enough to pick up today and will put it to good use! Other whiskies at the pre-auction pouring representing lots in the auction itself include Prohibition ‘medicinal’ bourbon, distilled in 1917 and bottled in 1932 by the Harry E. Wilken distillery and Haig & Haig Pinch from t 1950’s.

  7. […] Bonhams auction is over, and my donation of all 17 vintages of Evan Williams Single Barrel bottlings sold as one […]

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