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Great whiskies, great event, for a great cause.

November 26th, 2012

On Sunday, December 2nd, there will be a special whisky tasting and auction in New York City to benefit something near and dear to me and my family: those individuals affected by Hurricane Sandy. The event is being organized by Robin Robinson, U.S. Brand Ambassador for Compass Box Whisky. (Well done, Robin!)

Rather than reinvent the wheel here with all the particulars, NYCWhisky has done a great job summarizing the particulars of the event here. Have a look.

Attend if you can. Even if you can’t, consider buying a ticket anyway, just to support the cause if you feel motivated to do so. I did. I also donated a special bottle from my own stash to help with the relief efforts.

There are people who lost everything, are still homeless, and need our help.

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  1. Scribe says:

    What a great event…great cause…and great demonstration of the NYC whisky community! Well done!

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