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Shit whisky geeks say

December 5th, 2012

One of the new people following me yesterday on Twitter was someone called “ShitWhiskeyGeeksSay” (@WhiskeyGeeks). Great idea!! I checked them out and, as of this writing, they only have three Tweets:

“…it’s only 90 proof??”

“That liquor store looks really ghetto…Can we pull over and go in?”

“Happy Repeal Day”

So, let’s help them out. In the spirit of the holidays and not getting to serious here, let’s have fun with this. Surely, if anyone can come up with some “shit,” we can, right? Let me get things started.

“I know that’s what Julian Van Winkle says is in Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, but I heard from someone, who heard from someone else,  who attended a bourbon tasting somewhere that Harlan Wheatley said something else is in Pappy Van Winkle. So, you call up Harlan right now and prove it!”

“Poor you. I bunkered cases of Pappy Van Winkle back in the 1990s when it was cheaper than water. Ha!”

I bought A. H. Hirsch 16 year old by the case back when Binny’s in Chicago was clearing them out for $39.99 a bottle. Now I’m flipping my spares them at Bonhams for $600 a bottle.”

“I troll the TTB’s website every day for new labels.”

“I have David Driscoll and Brett Pontoni on speed dial.”

“I flew to Heathrow, Terminal 4, just to buy the new Travel Retail-only  release of Balvenie 1958 Vintage. And then I flew back home.”

“I don’t dream of Jeannie. I dream of being a Malt Maniac. And Port Ellen opening back up.”

Is that sulphur I detect in that new Arran whisky?

“I’ve created an Excel Spreadsheet with all the Arbeg bottle codes.”

Okay, that’s what I came up with in five minutes after a couple of beers. Now it’s your turn, because I need to go take pictures of all my rare whiskies and put them up on Facebook for all of you to drool over. 🙂



237 Responses to “Shit whisky geeks say”

  1. Andrew Ferguson says:

    “Andrew, you can never have too much of ‘blank’! – Immortal words of a customer of mine during a blind tasting which included a Bowmore.

    “And now to round off our ‘Battle of the Bens’ Tasting, we will conclude with ‘Benfarclas’!

  2. Terry Lozoff says:

    “Ice? Really?”

    “I drink my George T. Stagg neat, don’t you?”

  3. Kevin Meng says:

    “Why is this only 86 proof?”

    “It’s been a while since I’ve been dusty hunting”

    “eBay is ruining whiskey”

    “I just got $500 for my Pappy 20yr on eBay”

  4. jeff Nelson says:

    Yes but have YOU had sushi dinner with Elmer T Lee, Julian Van Winkle and George Grant.. oh wait thats just what I say!

  5. “More peaty than smoky, really.”

  6. Andrew says:

    The TTB troll would be sku, no doubt.

  7. “It tastes like Band-aids, but in a good way.”

  8. the layman says:

    I usually mix my whiskey with a glass.

  9. “I got a raise! Hey kids, we’re going to Dufftown!”

  10. Jason Moran says:

    “Ya, but its pronounced awww-thrusk.”
    “Aww man, why would you ruin it with that ice?!”
    “There’s no way this a full ounce…”

  11. Kevin Meng says:

    “I’m detecting gentle hints of marzipan”

    “When is Diageo going to unshutter Stizel-Weller?”

  12. Jason Moran says:

    Oh one last one:

    “That new Whisly Advocate format is too big.”

  13. “Cocktails on the cover? I’m cancelling my subscription!”

  14. “This tastes chill-filtered.”

  15. Jim Clarke says:

    “I’m summering on Skye this year – Islay’s gone so commercial.”

    “Which warehouse was the cask stored in? How high up?”

    “A cocktail? Sure, get me an Old-Fashioned, without any sugar or bitters. No citrus rind either. And tell him make it with single malt Scotch. No ice.”

    “I prefer copitas for nosing.”

    “Green Spot was better when you could only buy it in three shops in Dublin.”

  16. Jim Clarke says:

    Also, for absolute lost causes, the drinking game: you watch Brian Cox’s pronunciation guide from Esquire magazine and drink every time you believe he mispronounced the name of a distillery, while sneering ‘How could he get THAT wrong?’

  17. Nathan says:

    “That’s not actually heather you smell, it’s gorse.”

  18. Matt says:

    “Does your store have that limited edition whiskey that was barreled in oak from Lincoln’s log cabin and then sailed around the world on a deep water Soviet submarine for four years? I know no one has tasted it yet but I must have one.”

  19. Rich Howard says:

    “when will the whisk(e)y bubble burst?”
    “a stunning dram”, in every tasting note ever…

  20. Whiskylassie says:

    If you want to try a nice peated whisky try Auchentoshan… ????

  21. NP says:

    Any sentence that contains the word ” bunker”

    “I had the 2015 release last year with Bill” ( or any sentence that aims at telling the world that one is best budy with whatever known disiller/maker. Needs at some point to include the first name of said whiskey personality to make sure everybody understands one spends all one’s wekends with the dude)

  22. Matt says:

    “Jim Murray gave it …”

    “I never drink anything less than ___ years old!”

    “Oh whisky? Yeah, I love whisky! My favourite is Macallan 18. What do mean ‘what else do I like?'”

    “I’m getting apples.”

  23. Ethan Smith says:

    Anyone who rates a whiskey by how “smooth” it is.

    “You can’t ever have too many Michter’s decanters!’- Yep, that’s me.

  24. Bob Cosby says:

    I found this bottle in my grandfather’s basement, unopened. He probably brought it back after the war and forgot that he had it. (Now I am going to open it to impress a complete stranger who I have just met. Nah, really I want to see if this guy gets sick off of it.)

  25. John Hansell says:

    Christmas is so anti-climactic. No one can get me a present nearly as cool as the whiskey I buy for myself throughout the year.

  26. John Hansell says:

    Honey, I promise. After this purchase, I’m done buying whiskey for the rest of the year. (A great one to say on December 31st.)

  27. John Hansell says:

    Seriously honey. This will be worth ten times as much in a few years. I’ll buy two bottles, sell one in a few years, and we can enjoy the whisky AND make tons of doe.

  28. Matt says:

    Actually, those others are more likely from the whisky posers.

    Whisky people:

    “You didn’t have ____ edition? Oh man, you really missed the boat.” (said with air of superiority.)

    “The stuff they made in the 60’s & 70’s was waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than this.” Usually followed by “I’d trade you a sample, but I’m holding on to my last of that for a special occasion.”

    • Matt says:

      I meant my other ones. not yours John. haha

      Bang on about the “honey I swear this is the last one this year” type. I’m so guilty of that one.

  29. John Hansell says:

    I must say guys, I’m very impressed. Keep ’em coming. Let me offer a few more:

  30. John Hansell says:

    You’ll never see ME at Feis Ile. I can get a private tour with the distillery managers any time I want. That’s the last week I would go to Islay.

  31. John Hansell says:

    Is that the 1980 Vintage of Macallan Gran Reserva you have? I have the 1979 vintage. So much better.

  32. John Hansell says:

    Pay for a WhiskyFest ticket? Are you serious?? I can get a comp VIP pass any time I want.

  33. John Hansell says:

    You don’t have a room in your house dedicated to whisky? And you call yourself a whisky enthusiast.

  34. Mark says:

    As you can see we have embraced the screw top.

    When I use water, it is only from the spring at Russell’s Cave and only that which I collect during the cool months of the year in a blue mason jar.

    What did you think of Bill’s Christmas tome? Oh, you’re not on his list, what a shame.

  35. Mark says:

    It has a strong juniper component, with an overwhelming alcohol bite and the finish is …… Wait, this is friggin gin

    When they tore down the Old Granddad warehouse outside Frankfort in 1974 this barrel was found in a dark corner and was ricked in 1901. I bought it untapped from the demolition crew for $100. I pull off a bottle every year for the holidays.

    On my first trek of self discovery through Tibet, a monk who ran the temple I studied in for 18 months gave me this bottle. He said it was a gift to the Dali Lama from Howard Hughes. A bit “peaty” for my taste, but a good story nonetheless.

  36. Ian says:

    “Wow! You can taste the ground in this Ardbeg…very earthy. It’s truly delicious”

    wife’s response:

    “Yo’ve tasted dirt before? Yuck”

  37. Mashbill says:

    “Their barrel entry proof is way too high.”

  38. Brian Bradley says:

    Ardbeg 10–it’s good but the L7 295 was a bit strange. I wish they could knock it out of the park like an early L4 or the L1’s

  39. Justin says:

    “I found a DSP 16 at a liquor store about 2 hours from my house. I bought most of the bottles but left 1. PM me and I’ll tell ya the location.”

  40. LOL this made my day! I’ll be sure to bunker a few of these for later, they need time to breathe.

  41. #ShitWhiskeyGeeksSay “Sorry dude, were you asleep? I know it’s late, but… John Hansell wrote a blog post about me!!!”

  42. AdamH says:

    “It’s got a 95, two 92’s, and a 91, but none of those guys are Serge.”

    [ Bwahahaha and cheers to all the MMs 🙂 ]

  43. Andrew says:

    “You’ve got to try these whisky stones. They are definitely worth the money.”

    “I only drink whisky rated 96 or higher.”

  44. Duncan Ross says:

    I really prefer Batch 39 over Batch 42 of the A’bunadh, It’s so……

  45. Duncan Ross says:

    “I’ve got a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label that I’ve had for over 10 years, it should be tasting really great by now”

    “So when do they add the sherry to the whisky”

  46. John Hansell says:

    I love the Four Roses’ OBSV recipe, which encompasses delicate fruit, spicy and creamy characterisics. But, I blend my own Four Roses to make it even better than Master Distiller Jim Rutledge can do, by marrying it with some OBSK, OESK, and OBSV. Amazing stuff!

  47. John Hansell says:

    I use phrases like NAS, E150, DSP, BIB, and OB all the time without explaining what they mean, just to show you how much I know about whisky.

  48. John Hansell says:

    Is that FWP I detect in that dusty bottle of Bowmore?

  49. John Hansell says:

    A few good comments from people following me on Twitter:

    “I can smell smoke, can you smell smoke? There is smoke in this right…”

    “You can really taste the Kininvie in this bottle of Monkey Shoulder.”

    “I’m missing my kid’s birthday to be at WhiskyFest.”

    “@JohnHansell wrote a blog post about me!!!”

  50. Josh says:

    Speaking of malt: ” Yeah, it really has a rum taste to it, demerara rum to be exact.”

    “Babe, you won’t believe what I came across today. It’s Pappy 15 Year old! Should we open it or save it? Let’s open it. No? Yeah, you’re right, let’s put it away.”

  51. John Hansell says:

    And a few good ones from my Facebook friends:

    “The nose on this is quite astringent. But the tannins, THE TANNINS!”

    “I didn’t like that (Ardbeg) release very much so I only bought a case” (Brian, you are SO guilty.)

    “The state of Florida only got two cases–I got them both.”

  52. Josh says:

    “No, let me tell the story of this bottle….”

    “Look at the legs on this whisky. More like a syrupy feel to it, you know?”

  53. Josh says:

    “They got it and sold out the same day. Did I get a bottle? No, there’s a waiting list.”

  54. John Hansell says:

    Do you detect some rancio in that 50 year old Glen Grant? That’s definitely rancio!

  55. Josh says:

    “Oh, that’s got a bite to it. What’s the ABV on this?”

  56. Josh says:

    “Oh, I smell some wet dog in this. Not to turn you off of it or anything, this is seriously good stuff.”

  57. Bernie says:

    Comments like:
    ‘I finally broke down and bought that bottle of Bowmore 46 year old. Anybody know a good mortgage company?’
    ‘I want to sell this bottle of [fill in a rare whisky]. Anybody interested?’ I keep thinking this is the Nigerian prince that continues to email me with offers for money transfers.
    ‘Needs more Peat’ Think about the Saturday Night Live skit where Christopher Walken keeps saying ‘Needs more Cowbell’

  58. John Hansell says:

    Pappy so jumped the shark. I’m bunkering Weller 12 yr. old and Four Roses Limited Editions.

  59. John Hansell says:

    I stopped buying whiskey in 2005 when the prices started going up. I stocked up BIG TIME in the ’90s when whisky was dirt cheap, and now I have enough whisky bunkered to last me the rest of my life. I’m riding out this bubble and will consider buying again when the whisky market crashes. I feel so sorry for the rest of you.

  60. Justin Victor says:

    “This latest release of the Parker van Winkle Antique collection is like the first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan. But that’s a GOOD thing!”

  61. Josh says:

    “I know. I can’t believe they sold to Remy.”

  62. Lazer says:

    “I just got back from the liquor store and my wife is rolling her eyes again.”

  63. Sumo Goalie says:

    What the heck is a Samaroli?

  64. Jamie W says:

    Pictures of rare whiskies? Why do you want to torture us John?

  65. Louis says:

    My local liquor store has a whisky card, buy 12 bottles, and the 13th is free. No good for Black/Gold Bowmore, etc. Just like at Starbucks.

    Just finished my Laphroaig 30 year old. Filled up the bottle with 10 yo, and got some guy in Italy to reseal the it. Looking for the right auction.

    The 1972 Glen Whatever is the best year they ever bottled.

    If I mix some 12 year old Glen Whatever with a little bit of 18, 25, and some cask strength, it tastes the same as the 1972 in a blind tasting.

  66. Jack Bettridge says:

    “I will allow you to put ice in your whisky, but only if the water used to make it arises from the same source as the whisky. Got any?”

  67. “I dreamt I went dusty hunting and found bottles I had never even heard of!”

    True story.

  68. sku says:

    Now this is my kind of post. Here you go:

    “Um, are you really going to drink that out of a tumbler?”

    “When I was chatting with Harlen and Julian…”

    “I don’t trust his ratings at all, Jim Murray [John Hansell, Chuck Cowdery, Dave Broom] is totally in the pocket of the industry.”

    “Never trust that K&L blog, it’s like they’re trying to sell you something.”

    “The only expression I like is the 1995 Italian duty free bottling.”

    At the airport: “This Glenfiddich is okay, but it’s not anywhere near as good as Black Bowmore.”

    • David D says:

      From the retailer (these are all real and fresh from the sales floor)

      “Can I exchange this bottle? The box has a scratch on it.”

      “Do you guys carry the Hibiki 17? I know it’s not available in the U.S. and I usually buy it on my way back from Japan, but I just thought I’d check.”

      “How do you think the standard Ardbeg 10 compares against some of the rare Malt Maniac and SMWS bottlings?”

      “Hi, can you check through all the bottles you have to see if you carry the Aberlour A’bunadh batch 37? And can you take each bottle out of the container because sometimes the bottle label and the label on the tin are different.”

  69. Nathan says:

    I only drink independent bottlings and closed distilleries nowadays. The OBs are so mass-produced…

  70. Nathan says:

    “I know we were only supposed to bring $50 bottles to this club meeting, but I just had to show off this expression of [insert rare, old, unavailable bottle to show how connected I am].”

  71. Nathan says:

    “Oh, yes, I’ve tried all of those. I’m a whisky blogger. Here’s my card.” <– guilty!

  72. John Hansell says:

    I fondle my bottle of Ardbeg Provenance every night before I go to bed. I don’t open it. I just fondle it.

  73. JD says:

    “What’s this? You got me… whisky stones??? Gee, thanks… What a nice gift… You really shouldn’t have…”

  74. Nathan says:

    “Yes, I use a Glencairn glass… but only when my hand-blown custom Italian copita is being steam cleaned.”

  75. Lew Bryson says:

    “No, man, the big distillers just make bland crap and put it in fancy bottles. Microdistillers are making great innovative [4 month old if you’re lucky] whiskey!”

    “It’s really…distinctive.”

    “Do you smell the quince seeds on this? It smells just like crushed quince seeds!”

    “Mango. And leather.”

  76. Nathan says:

    “You can’t really judge a whisky unless you’ve tried the new make directly off the stills. Bottled White Dog? That’s cheap marketing nonsense.”

  77. Nathan says:

    “The worst thing about the FAA regulations is that I can’t bring my own scotch minis on the plane. Glenfiddich 12? Ugh.”

  78. Mo says:

    “I hear Costco is selling Lagavullin for $28 a bottle with a coupon ……………………

  79. B.J. Reed says:

    “I hear Lumsden is going to source his wood from the Nebraska National Forest”

    “Why yes, Balvanie does smell different on every man who wears it”

    “We will not allow photos to be taken in the distillery because the flash could ignite a fire” (any Diageo tour)

    “Sir, sir, Do not wander away from the group! (any Diageo tour)

    • B.J. Reed says:

      (Any Jim McEwan warehouse Tour) – “Jim, Jim, please get off of those casks, you can hurt yourself!”
      “Why, yes those legs are very narrow indeed!”
      “Which is your dominant nostril?”
      “Can you point me in the direction of the water source again please?”
      “Can I take a look at the sparge one more time?”
      “I have never seen a bung extractor that big before”

      • John Hansell says:

        Dominant nostril. That’s a good one!

      • whiskymonique says:

        You know I love the dominant nostril! And thanks for reminding me of those Diageo tours. (to the 18 year old tour guide) ” You do know that there was a DIRECT FIRE under here 30 years ago?”

      • Jack Bettridge says:

        I’m not up on the latest sex toys, but bung extractor seems a little kinkier than I’m willing to go.

  80. Gary Stratton says:

    “If you haven’t noticed I’m a bit anorak”

  81. Mr Manhattan says:

    “You put ice in that and I’ll slap you!!!”

  82. Judd says:

    I can taste the outer space in this Ardbeg. I also detect atmosphere and clouds. A winner for sure.

  83. Judd says:

    If its not in a Glencairn glass, how can you tell if its any good?
    *runs away

  84. MrTH says:

    They sold their soul when they stopped using Golden Promise.

  85. MrTH says:

    I’m boycotting Diageo. Except for Clynelish, of course.

  86. MrTH says:

    Port Ellen me no Port Ellens. If you haven’t had Malt Mill, you haven’t had crap.

  87. John Hansell says:

    I had this terrible dream last night. Talisker stopped using worm tubs and Glenfarclas switched to internal steam-heated coils for all their stills. I was up all night!!

    Terrible. Just terrible.

  88. whiskymonique says:

    My favorite scotch- McCallums! (said and printed)
    So, were the egg-sized men like, little guys that stole the scotch?
    No, no no no no, I said give me a SCOTCH that doesn’t taste like whiskey!!!

  89. S. Luke says:

    No, really, drink it any way you like.
    That’s for people who don’t like the flavor of Whiskey
    You have never tasted Kentucky Beau?
    Is that Anise?

  90. Jack Bettridge says:

    I’m not up on the latest sex toy, but bung extractor? It’s sounds like you’d want that to be quite small.

  91. Ron B says:

    Thanks for bringing over the Johnnie Red, You wanna taste some Glen Scotia 1967?

  92. Jeff says:

    “If I see you holding a whisky glass that way, I’ll kill you.”
    “They are so close to jumping the shark.”
    “You know, at three more percent, they might have something here.”
    “People who drink Macallan are snobs. Personally, I think the stuff is overrated.”

  93. Michael Dereszynski says:

    “Glenfiddich is upset that we created our own single malt Whisky using another distillery,which offers greater products”
    “People at our clubs do not ask for Glenfiddich”

  94. John Hansell says:

    Hey, I just wanted to thank @WhiskeyGeeks for being a good sport through all of this. After all, he (she? they?) was the inspiration for all of this. I just helped to facilitate it. For those of you who are on Twitter, please do visit @WhiskeyGeeks and help support them with some of your thoughts and comments. Thanks!

  95. Nelson Reynolds says:

    Hey! I smell smoke! Do you smell smoke? Do you smell smoke? Oh. Never mind.

    • Nelson Reynolds says:

      Well that didn’t come out right. Let’s try again:
      Hey! I smell smoke! (points to someone) Do you smell smoke? (points to someone else) Do you smell smoke? (sticks nose in glass) Oh. Never mind.

  96. Jeni says:

    “I don’t drink beer”

  97. Smithford says:

    Gold wax or gold foil? There’s a huge difference.

  98. Dutch says:

    No, No, No, you need to be standing on your LEFT foot and facing North when you sip…..

  99. Chuck Meidlinger says:

    Since I don’t Twitter I guess I xwill have to follow this discussion on

  100. Robert says:

    Can I get a copy of the Ardbeg 10 bottle code Excel spreadsheet? Does it have each rated. No. Really. Can i?

  101. Ben says:

    “What do you mean, ‘farty’ is crude? Would you prefer I said the nose is reminiscent of methyl mercaptan?”

    • Jim Clarke says:

      Well, duh! Next you’ll be telling me it has a creamy mouthfeel rather than a diacetylic component, you amateur!

  102. lawschooldrunk says:

    Bowmore Black is okay, but have you tried…

  103. lawschooldrunk says:

    Jack Daniels just hasn’t been the same ever since they lowered the ABV…

  104. lawschooldrunk says:

    If I hear you say christmas cake one more time…

  105. lawschooldrunk says:

    It’s not quite there yet. give it another three weeks.

  106. lawschooldrunk says:

    I know what Ralfy is going to score it 2 minutes before it happens.

  107. lawschooldrunk says:

    Serge is TOTALLY wrong: that jazz band does NOT pair well with the bruichladdich plutonium 239 release.

  108. lawschooldrunk says:

    The 28.114 is good, but I prefer the SMWS 11.22. What?! You don’t know the corresponding distilleries?

  109. lawschooldrunk says:

    I save my empty bottles to make sure they stay off ebay.

  110. lawschooldrunk says:

    What’s your favorite A’bunadh? Mine is…

  111. lawschooldrunk says:

    Didn’t anyone ever teach you to close your mouth when you chew your whisky?

  112. lawschooldrunk says:

    I’m flying to Australia for an Ardbeg dinner.

  113. lawschooldrunk says:

    Yeah; Charlie’s pop-gun didn’t scare me. I saw it a million times on Singlemalt.TV

  114. lawschooldrunk says:

    I own 115 square feet of Islay. Which reminds me: I need another shipment of laphroaig.

  115. lawschooldrunk says:

    After the split, I ONLY go to Whisky Whisky Whisky.

  116. lawschooldrunk says:

    I have my “three tips for enjoying whisky” ready for when Ralfy interviews me.

  117. lawschooldrunk says:

    Well I’VE been listening to whiskycast since episode number one.

  118. lawschooldrunk says:

    I don’t touch anything that went up in price after rebranding. It’s their loss.

  119. lawschooldrunk says:

    I only have 15 bottles open, but I have 190 closed in my closet.

  120. lawschooldrunk says:

    You’re throwing a stag do? How were you able to get your hands on one?

  121. lawschooldrunk says:

    No; I don’t work here, but how can I help you anyway?

  122. lawschooldrunk says:

    I always have either johnny walker gold or glenlivet nadurra in the freezer.

  123. lawschooldrunk says:

    I was at a blind tasting and scored 10/10. That special release Hakushu made with peat from Benriach almost threw me.

  124. Jazz Lover says:

    I have over a thousand bottles..

  125. Jazz Lover says:

    I just bought a case of Brora and Port Ellen..

  126. Jazz Lover says:

    Found three bottles of Ardbeg Provenance.
    Tasting notes? O.k.

  127. lawschooldrunk says:

    I believe you!

  128. Jazz Lover says:

    21 Bottles of Springbank 21 ”All Sealed”!

  129. John Hansell says:

    This Wednesday night, I’m having dinner with Richard Paterson in NYC, to taste the original 1907 Mackinlay’s blend. This is the last sample of it in the world, I’m told.

    We will be comparing it to the recently launched Mackinlay’s Shackelton The Journey, a second edition recreation of the original liquid found under Earnest Shackelton’s hut.

    I speak the truth, BTW. If this isn’t supreme “shit whisky geeks say,” I don’t know what is.

    • Keith Sexton says:

      John, will you be asking him if the sale to Diageo changes anything for him? Or would that be too forward?

    • EricH says:

      I believe you. Also technically you’re wrong that it’s the last of the Mackinlay since I seem to recall a few bottles are located in Antarctica.

    • Edward Willey says:

      Would love to know if the original is any good. I tried the recreated bottle at a tasting with the W&M rep in Texas and was not overwhelmed. For $150, I’m gonna get me another Glen Spey 21 special release. YUM. Blows it away.

      (Another true statement as well as a candidate for SWGS.)

  130. two-bit cowboy says:

    Yeah, I’m an Ardbeg Committee Member. I helped them pick the casks for Rollercoaster.

    I drank Laphroaig 40 year old while standing on my square foot of Islay. I put our nation’s flag there.

    Of course I’ve climbed the Paps. Haven’t you?

    I poured my own bottle of HP.

    Well, of course I’ve visited the distillery. It’s the northern-most, you know.

    Ah yes, Snow Phoenix and Prophecy. I love a whisky with a good story.

  131. Dr. J says:

    My Scottish ancestors emigrated to Kentucky and improved the recipe.

  132. This is amazing. I don’t think I have ever seen a post on John’s blog that had 184 total comments! Thanks everyone for the ideas and keep them coming! The geekier, the better!

  133. two-bit cowboy says:

    Really? You haven’t been to Scotland? Oh, my dear, you must go soon.

    Why, yes, I’ve been scores of times. Every spring and fall, you know. For decades.

    No, you really can’t appreciate whisky until you’ve been. You really must go.

    Yes, the whisky you get over there is ever so much better than what we get here..

  134. two-bit cowboy says:

    Oh, my, yes, I’ve followed the whisky trail. A dozen times, or more.

    Bladnoch? Rosebank? Why, no, can’t say I’ve had them. Must be rather insignificant, eh?

    (Perhaps not a geek, but worse … a whisky snob to be sure)

  135. tmckenzie says:

    I detect overipe sultanas.

    I am from South Alabama folks. What the hell is a sultana?

  136. Danno says:

    “…with just a whiff of cat pee (not a bad thing)”

  137. Jazz Lover says:

    You must go to the L.A.Whisky Society and read the Tasting Notes and Review
    for Bowmore 21 (circa 1996). LOL and I’m still crying.

  138. MisterMatt says:

    Whaddaya mean you don’t keep a supply of pure Spey water on hand? How am I supposed to drink this?

  139. sam k says:

    You can’t get Pappy? I’ve got a case of every release in my bunker.

    My bunker has more dusties than Greg’s!

    My Dad built a fallout shelter for the family in 1960, Now I’m using it as a REAL bunker!

    Hey baby, wanna see my bunker? It’s loaded!

  140. John Hansell says:

    I love reading whisky articles by mainstream media and finding all the mistakes.

  141. John Hansell says:

    What software are you using to inventory all your whiskies?

  142. MrTH says:

    Did a Springer vertical for the club last week. Next one will be either Laga or Lappy.

  143. PDD says:

    Yeah, my whisky cabinet was getting too crowded, so I remodeled the kitchen & dining room. (true story!)

  144. […] whiskies impressed you this past year in this post. Then we got side-tracked a little bit with my “Shit whisky geeks say” post. It was very active, with over 200 comments, so I wanted to let it run its […]

  145. Whiskyhill says:

    A classic uttered by Ulf Buxrud a number of years ago: “you’re masterbating your adjectives” 🙂

  146. George Jetson says:

    “There is no salt in whisky” – Dr. P. Wood (on MALTS-L) Must be true, I have the T-shirt.

  147. George Jetson says:

    “In space, no one can hear you wretch” – uncredited comment on the Ardbeg Galileo marketing scheme.

  148. George Jetson says:

    “The only difference between a whisky connoisseur and a drunk is the vocabulary”.

  149. OSFX says:

    A classic from some guy on a chat:

    Him- Aberlour A’bunadh is blended entirely from bourbon casks.
    Me- Have you ever tasted it?
    Him- Someone at the distillery told me.

  150. OSFX says:

    Some guy from Preiss- I invented the Local Barley.

  151. sam k says:

    “I was not impressed by the EC20, and this year’s PHC disappointed me, too. PVW15 is still above average, as is the Glenmo PX, and ORVW 10. For someone on a budget, OWA is tough to beat, along with HHBIB.

    (Shit whlsky blog commenters say…way too often!)

  152. Randy Perrelet says:

    “And on the nose, I smell lead pencil, with just a hint of road tar……..”

  153. Blue Note says:

    “I never drink anything but cask strength whisky.”

    “just enough water to bruise the whisky.”

  154. John Hansell says:

    Any tweet that ends with this: #ttbtrolling

  155. John Hansell says:

    Write something in Gaelic.

  156. Edward Willey says:

    “We were bored one day and opened a Bowmore 30 Sea Dragon bottle. It was pretty decent.”

    (Actually it was REALLY good. Loads of tropical fruit and NOT soapy.)

  157. Grant says:

    Of course I named my firstborn son “Glen!”. (as if there’s any other option)

  158. Grant says:

    Whisky… the only 18 year old that i’ll allow home alone with my wife.

  159. Eric says:

    Mmmm … this takes like chocolate mesquite!

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