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Expansion Continues at Maker’s Mark

November 24th, 2015


Demand for Maker’s Mark continues to grow strongly, and the distillery has been trying to catch up with it. A second set of stills, a new artificial lake for secure water supply, new warehouses: it’s been busy outside of Loretto for the past ten years.

It’s not slowing down. Last week, spirit started flowing from a third set of stills at Maker’s. Like the previous expansion, this set is, as much as possible, identical to the originals, a mirror image. The three stills sit side-by-side-by-side to minimize any differences from siting.

Still, still, still; no mirrors used.

Three sets of coppers and pipes; no mirrors used.

You have to wonder how much room there is for this kind of thing to go on, because Maker’s Mark, like bourbon in general, shows no sign at all of slacking off. We promise: if you keep making it, we’ll keep drinking it.

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